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    • caretakerplus
      6N2 Drum Brake Overhaul - Help Me Through Please!
      A couple of points: (1) You say that you are using a trolley jack, but have you got axle stands under the car? It is never safe to work with it supported only by a jack - I see that you have placed the wheel under there, which is always good practice. (2) Many years ago, I modified a pair of pliers by simply putting a hacksaw cut in each of the gripping faces about 2mm from the top. These I use to grip the spring loaded washer that holds the shoe to the backplate. Regards  
    • NickHardcastle
      Custom intake for Gti 6c 2016
      I was speaking to Awesome GTI who work with VW Racing closely and was told none have been developed that improve from standard. Been looking at trying to do a custom open air cone filter myself and fit it right behind the front grill so it gets the air feed directly to it, then try make some some form of heat shield around it. 
    • Dean
      The Polo Social 2016 Discussion
      @Buggirl What happened to you???
    • NickHardcastle
      The Polo Social 2016 Discussion
      I think a big shout out as well is needed to everyone who organised the weekend and made it run smoothly! Can't wait for the next one and to do it properly this time instead of just for the day
    • vwspud
      My barn find fox
      cheers mate took some doing but worth it by next year hopefully have AFH in and running nicely too
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    • GT-BOB

      GT-BOB  »  kwijibo_coupe

      hey man, just wondered if you had any pics of inside the back of your mk2f van... i have a sales brochure for my mk2 van and the pics show some sort of carpeted flooring in the back that cover the boot floor and where the rear seats go but mine ca me with half rear seats fitted, i can find any other pics of the mk2s but wondered what the mk2fs look like as standard... any help apreciated cheers mate 
      · 0 replies
    • GT-BOB

      GT-BOB  »  trials27

      Hey man, i notice you used to own a mk2 van. Just wondered if you still had it. I need pics of what the boot interior is suposed to look like as mines not standard when i bought it... im wondering if they are suposed to come with sort sort of carpeted flooring so they look like a van which also covers up the recess where the back seat would sit.. any help would be greatly apreciated
      · 0 replies
    • polowmk2


      hi, i have a polo gt 1.3 multipoint injection and i need a distributor for it would anyone know where i could get one? the part number is 030905205p just in case.
      · 0 replies
    • GT-BOB

      GT-BOB  »  low bay

      hey mate, you still got the polo van?
      · 0 replies
    • Slacker

      Slacker  »  dannib89

      Hi mate do you still happen to have the Dacia steels?
      · 1 reply
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