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  • Welcome to the official Club Polo website

    Club Polo is an organisation dedicated to enthusiasts of the Volkswagen Polo from the earliest Mk1 to the latest Mk9.
    Established in 2000, Club Polo is run by a group of dedicated enthusiasts on a not-for-profit basis.

    We offer a wide range of FREE facilities, including this fantastic information-packed website and our extremely popular forum, with over 25,000 registered users!!

    • Volkswagen Polo MK1 (1975-1981)
      Volkswagen Polo MK1 (1975-1981)
    • Volkswagen Polo MK2 (1981-1990)
      Volkswagen Polo MK2 (1981-1990)
    • Volkswagen Polo MK2f (1990-1994)
      Volkswagen Polo MK2f (1990-1994)
    • Volkswagen Polo MK3 (1994-2000)
      Volkswagen Polo MK3 (1994-2000)
    • Volkswagen Polo MK3f (2000-2002)
      Volkswagen Polo MK3f (2000-2002)
    • Volkswagen Polo MK4 (2002-2005)
      Volkswagen Polo MK4 (2002-2005)
    • Volkswagen Polo MK4f (2005-2009)
      Volkswagen Polo MK4f (2005-2009)
    • Volkswagen Polo MK5 (2008-2014)
      Volkswagen Polo MK5 (2008-2014)
    • Volkswagen Polo MK5f (2014–present)
      Volkswagen Polo MK5f (2014–present)
  • FAQ, Technical Help, Guides!

    We have a range of FAQ, Technical Help and guide sections so, If you have questions or just need some advice, sign up for free, we have a wealth of information!

  • Club Polo Membership

    Paying members receive even more benefits, an impressive range of discounts from top UK companies, a limited edition sticker, membership card and access to restricted web content.

  • Project & Build Threads

    Been working on your car in the garage, want to show it off? Maybe, you want some inspiration? Then take a look at our Project & Build Threads!

  • About us, our history and what to expect

    Thank you for your interest in Club Polo. Club Polo is rapidly becoming the largest and most active club of Polo enthusiasts in the UK..

    The Club was formed by the amalgamation of the Polo GT/Coupe S Owners Club and the Polo Coupe Owners Club back in 2000.

    The club offers its members a number of things, all from a tiny membership fee. These consist of:

    Website - the web site (www.clubpolo.co.uk) is one of the most popular VW sites on the web. It is hoped that members of the club will contribute pictures and spec lists of their cars to be published in the gallery and articles on any hints, tips or modifications they have carried out. There is also a number of pages detailing the discounts and merchandise available through the club and links to other related sites.

    Forums – This is where you can obtain tips, help, advice, and generally 'chat' about Polos. This is where the main, day to day, activity of the club takes place and it is recommended that you join this although e-mail notifications on interest will be sent out.

    Shows - We hold displays at all the major shows up and down the country as well as hosting our very own Polo Show. We would all like to meet more club members and see their cars and shows offer the perfect opportunity for this. We hold our own Polo Show (now named: The Polo Social) which you’re able camp, so all members attending have a chance to get together, meet each other and see some of the other club. In addition to the nationally organised shows Club Polo has regional meetings (dependent upon regional interest) so local members can get to know one another.

    Merchandise - The club has stickers (small and large), pens, note pads, and much more, see our merchandise shop!

    Aftermarket discounts - the clubs already offer a number of discounts, there is a list of companies that we obtain support from on the web site. When you join the club you will be issued a membership number that can be used to acquire these discounts with.

    It is hoped that with the above items and the general enthusiasm and response that we have received from the Polo community we can bring VW's smallest offering 'out from the cold' and set up a thriving community!

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    • NickHardcastle
      Looking at getting a Baja Bug, just for a laugh. Might mint it up and turn it into a bit of a show car.. Drop it, new wheels, new paintwork etc.. Get all chrome looking good. Basically drive it to shows then park it up on show n shine.  What you guys reckon?
    • yorkshirevw
      PRICE LOWERED ON   gearbox mount £10
      gt loom £20
      gt beam £40
      spare spoiler £0 it's been semi smoothed
      grill £15
        btw if anyone knows how I can edit my original post let me know
    • yorkshirevw
      Yeh sure, Message me what you are thinking, Notice in the arb pic that the rings used to stop the bar moving in the mounts won't come off.
      I'm sorry, I didn't see your post and I have already had the spacer washer ground down and all the gearbox assembled except for fifth gear. All gears from first to forth and reverse appear to select as they should. I will remember the heating trick for next time though. The bit that worries me now is the clip that goes over the fifth gear selector shaft because it got broken and I welded it up. So I am hoping it will hold once everything goes back together. 
      I know Megasquirt, but I have looked over the Amethyst website and I don't know which version you have: 1: Vacuum dizzy 2: TPS 3: Boosted. If you have the vacuum version the advance in the dizzy has to be locked and the Amethyst works out how the advance curve works. The TPS has an advance curve worked out on throttle position I am guessing. I am presuming that you don't have the boosted version. If you have the TPS version does that need calibrating so the Amethyst knows the difference between 0% and 100% throttle? From your previous post I am presuming again you are using a stock ECU and injection. It is a great idea to drive with Lambda gauge. At idle it should run a little  rich simply because airflow is not that efficient. The perfect air fuel ratio for petrol is 14:7 but if you are seeing 12:1 or worse at any point in your fuel table then your plugs will foul. Hotter plugs will help but will heat your engine up a bit. One way to find out where your plugs are fouling, if you have a tachometer,  is to drive where you think the plugs are fouling, push in the clutch and switch off the ignition without locking the steering, coast to a stop and pull the plugs. I don't need to say this has to be done on quiet roads. Also can somebody plug in the laptop and watch the ignition curve while you are driving? Generally when the engine is lightly loaded it will handle more advance for instance at idle and light throttle cruising conditions. I don't know if this helps. Regards Phil
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