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ClubPolo Rolling Road Day 3rd February 2018 @ Aldon Automotive 2018


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    • kwijibo_coupe
      By kwijibo_coupe
      We have received a message from a production company asking for a 2017 Polo to feature in an advert. See message below...
      We are shooting a Spec Advert for VW on Friday 28th March in Letchworth Garden City. We have been looking for a new 2017 VW Polo with App Connect technology to feature in our advert! 
      I work for a company called 76 LTD in London, we make adverts and music videos - here is a link to our website: http://www.76ltd.com
      We have been looking everywhere and we thought that approaching a Polo Club might be a good solution. Could you perhaps post something upon your forum to ask if anybody has the 2017 Polo and would like to help us out with filming on Friday please? Of course we will treat it with great care and the owner can come down to Letchworth to see the filming if they would like!
      We would of course pay a fee to them for helping us out!"
      If anyone is interested in this please could you contact myself or one of the other staff members and we will put you in touch with the company.
    • BradPolo6N
      By BradPolo6N
      Hi I own a 1995 6n polo and was looking for good sounding exhausts that fit my car if anyone has any recommendations It would be much appreciated, it doesn't matter how much it costs 
    • G340UTT
      By G340UTT
      Okay, haven't posted in ages but have the strangest of problems and need the worlds polo brain power - 
      64 plate polo 6R - 18k miles. 
      When cycling the key ( it also does it when you reconnect the battery ) the strings 4 "chirps" come from the passenger side of the dash. Always normally 4 chirps, normally the same length but sometimes vary. Sounds like a muted buzzer. 
      No faults in VAGcom. Car starts, drives and appears to work perfectly. Whether its related or not but the interior lights have packed up. No power at the connector in the light unit. Now the manual seems to suggest the interior light fuses are shared with the left and right hand car exterior lights. All other lights on the car work fine, and it appears all the fuses are intact. 
      Ive attached a video of the noise whilst cycling the key - 
      FIRST TO GUESS THE NOISE CORRECTLY WINS A VIRTUAL CERTIFICATE " Best strange polo noise detective in UK"  
    • Shauntodd92
      By Shauntodd92
      Polo 6n 16v front bumper has scratches and chips on it comes with grills and splitter, also badboy bonnet and bonwrath grill to fit with bonnet extension also has chips on it and a crack and a 1p size rust bubble in one corner.
      Will sell separately.
    • hipeup
      By hipeup
      Where to start??? (i'll make it as short as possible)
      Noise when idling which goes away once clutch is depressed..

      After much research possibly two culprits;
      1. release bearing.
      2. input shaft bearing.
      Took gearbox out to GEARBOX SPECIALIST who gave it a external examine (spinning & listening to the moving parts)
      Advised by said specialist to change clutch as it could be just that and it may be more cost effective as, if he opens it up and finds nothing it'll cost, popped new clutch it, got gearbox on (replaced gear oil) started car, noise still there but a little quieter (a little).
      So new clutch, pressure plate, release bearing, release fork, gear oil. ***Not fixed**
      input shaft bearing guys?
      I don't wanna take the gearbox off again if it isn't that 
      So noise at idle, clutch down = no noise
      Has anyone had a similar issue?
      p.s I have a spare clutch now

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