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Club Polo Rolling road (Cancelled)

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It's time to see if all your engine mods have worked, see how much BHP/Torque you've gained or lost !!  Due to popular demand, we've moved from our traditional end of January/start of February date to Saturday 4th April (so no excuses not to come because its cold or dark 😛 )


If you've not been before? It's a great way to catch-up with members new & old. Aim to get there by 08:30 onwards with the runs starting around 9/9.30 


Your car will be secured to the rolling road and one of the Aldon staff will run it up to find the max power, you'll then get a print-out of the Max BHP & Torque, all for £ 20 for Club members & £ 25 for Non members (dependent on numbers, the more people we get the better, else it'll be £25 for members and £30 for non members if we don't get the attendence)


There is normally hot food available, bacon butties etc and when all runs are finished we retire to a local pub.


If you want to see what you've got under your right foot, put your names down below ( copy & paste )  Priority will be given to Club members with Polo's !


For a bit more information on Aldon Automotive, please click the link (they are very good at setting up carbs and if you speak nicely to the guys they'll help you tweak them (depending on how much tweaking it may incur an extra charge)






























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    • nige8021
      By nige8021
      In accordance of the latest information released by the Government, it is with great regret this event will have to be postponed, until such a time as we are permitted to have a mass gathering like this, As the information changes we will be in contact with Aldon to possibly arrange for something later in the year,
      So we are sorry, but it has been taken out of our control and too all readers, please follow any information advised and stay safe 

    • kwijibo_coupe
      By kwijibo_coupe
      After the poor turnout this weekend at the rolling road day, we are looking to get feedback on why that was the case?
      Basically we ran just 7 cars this year where as previous years have usually seen almost double that if not more. Plus those who usually turn up just to meet up with friends and chew the fat.
      So is there anything we can do to get more of you to turn up? Or is a rolling road morning/day something that people just aren't interested in any more?
      There are a few things we can do as a club to change the day up a bit.
      We could always have it later in the year for example, if most people struggled do to weather, project progress or just purely financial reasons.
      We could turn the day into more of a weekend event, maybe a sort of pre Polo Social idea where we camp over night somewhere close by.
      These are just ideas we have run amongst the staff so far. But please give us your thoughts.
      Also remember a rolling road run isn't just about peak power figures, although that's what everyone brags about. A rolling road graph is very useful for seeing how your car produces its power over the RPM range, for analysing AFR figures during a power run and seeing where improvements are needed to improve driveability not just getting more peak power. Plus the guys at Aldon Automotive are very knowledgeable, based on the run they will be able to give you advise on how they think you could improve the figures.
      Anyway, we would like to hear your feedback on the matter and try and get more of you involved for next year.
    • jonPDpolo
    • markc
      By markc
      Newbie here so apologies if this has been asked before but I couldn't find it...
      I need to replace the rear hub on a 2014 Polo which I believe is a 6R/MK5 ?? I found a service manual online that indicates a torque value of 70Nm + 30 degrees which seems very low for a hub nut? Is anybody able to confirm this for me?
    • dvderlm
      By dvderlm
      Been puzzling over my rolling road graph and why the engine did not rev nearly as high as I expected and horsepower and torque were nearly standard (I got 55.8kW/74.8bhp @ 5655rpm , 76.4lbft @ 4755rpm)
      for the GK
      http://www.carfolio.com/specifications/models/car/?car=39336.  (75bhp @ 5800rpm, 77lbft @ 3600rpm).
      But the good news is I re-found the daiPipes engine calculator...
      it's archived here https://web.archive.org/web/20120626081319/http://dairally.net/daihard/chas/MiscCalculators/DaiPipes.htm
      Plugging my numbers in (though valve lift is a guess and I added a 2% power multiplier for 56kW) gives a calculated max torque of 101Nm =74.5lbft within 1 rpm of what the dyno measured.
      Don't think the air correctors are too big.
      At least I've now got a lambda bung near the exhaust manifold... so I can play with the jets (based on 87bhp Nova Sport, but using Dellorto).
      Time to move from the 052109101H 229deg duration at 1mm lift camshaft?
      I've mistakenly called it a 292 before, but I think its more like 255 deg at 0.05" / 1.27mm.
      Anyone know its actual inlet and exhaust opening timings?
      polo cup had a 298deg camshaft with 12mm lift and 108 centreline
      298* camshaft measured @ .050" Polo Cup Series profile Techtonics copied and changed to 110*LSA
      Advertised Duration: 298*
      Duration @ .050": 254.99* (IN) / 255.15* (EX)
      Valve Lift: .472" (12.0050mm (IN) / 11.9959 (EX)
      Lift @ TDC: 3.942" (IN) 3.873" (EX)
      Centerlines: 107.5* / 108.3*
      Lobe Center: 107.9*
      Valve Timing: 19.97/55.02 - 55.92/19.23
      Valve Overlap: 39.2*
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