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  1. Yesterday
  2. yeah i was gunna buy from these first but ended up going with ks3, they have some youtube videos lol looked more professional outfit than j&s j&s looked like he made it diy ks3 looks like a fancy piece of kit but these two are popular
  3. Easy then. I also found this intriguing ignition system http://www.jandssafeguard.com/NewUniversal/UniversalVersion.html but the one review I found was not impressed at the knock detection safety factor.
  4. no megasquirt is better, think megajolt doesnt do it. not sure on that. the ks3 comes with a bosch sensor. you attach it to back of the afh block, think its behind cylinder number 2
  5. Yep, and fit sensor where it picks up knock best .. Wonder if Megajolt can use knock sensor like megasqurt? http://www.megamanual.com/ms2/knock.htm has some location recommendations too.
  6. ah man, thats brill, thanks so much for that, so a case of setting it to that and using the gain to amplfy if needs be.
  7. 7.5kHz I corrected my typo. https://www.phormula.com/KnockCalculator.aspx
  8. i bet they use the same chip in all of them. and sell unit for £400, thats how much it cost . i got it around 2 years ago
  9. 900/(Pi *cyl radius in mm) is the knock resonance in kiloHertz according to the TI data sheet and the backshed article.
  10. i got the ks3 phormula, will plug it in n check it out. tryna find peeps with it so can check whats lowest hz frequency setting i can put it on. never used a knock sensor before
  11. Nope not looked at phormula. Was going look into DIY with a TI part http://www.ti.com/product/TPIC8101# or http://www.thebackshed.com/Forum/printer_friendly_posts.asp?TID=6016
  12. nige8021

    Help needed with 6n door lock please

    Have a look at this https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/topic/167689-how-to-fix-non-workingstiff-door-locks/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-2638832 I posted a how to guide on replacing the lock paddles
  13. no its not as bad as that lol. mine sounds like a car, not a tractor by the way you ever used the ks3 phormula knock sensor
  14. Get a 4 gas analyser reading. If the HC is high that will likely be ignition not advanced enough. If the deep sound is smooth not raucous It'll be good. There's a Mustang 5 litre near me whose startup sound is adjustable in software... think one of the settings is 'love your neighbours'. https://social.ford.com/en_US/story/vehicle-type/performance/new-mustang-gt-v8-quiet-start-tames-the-growl.html
  15. CBR600 F4 1999 - from new I have done 8000 miles on them. I will stick with this idle as it warms up it gets to 15.5 AFR I know when it is too lean, you can hear a popping noise in exhaust. Happens at around 16.5-17.0 AFR Yeah I will have a look at my map n see what the advance is for light load. good thread by the way that you posted earlier. btw going doing 1. 6 conversion with race cams makes noise alot louder, sounds like a race car, i assume thats normal. on idle sounds like a race car, deep sound
  16. Yes, very likely. Everything interacts. There's a timing map for a Hillman Imp engine Clan Crusader that goes for much more advance at light loads. Get the timing right, then experiment with mixture, and repeat. You might need bigger idle as it extends from idle to 3500 ish revs on most carbs, so you may be running on main jets too early. Which carb.
  17. i will read that thread as i got schrickcams - i aint to fussed about lean idle. so it looks like my timing needs sorting for light throttle - lower loads. my problem is light throttle - i used to be able to get 14.7-15.5 with the same set of carbs. but ive im using a different default map so it must have affected light throttle
  18. If this was a carb, for max power / climbing steep hills / overtaking you want 12.6 to 13.2:1 AFR (unless turboed). For going up a hill at steady speed mid 13s is fine. Richer than 12.2 loses power usually. Cruising at light throttle 15 to 16 is good economy. Idle is whatever gives best vacuum (less a fraction). 13.9 to 14.2:1 is usually carb happy zone, but 14.7:1 idle is what to aim for with injection and cat. It produces most CO2, but cat does conversion . The more you can advance ignition without knock, the leaner you can run. Watch out for large overlap cam distorting the readings
  19. My 93 Polo Coupe's back box is a right mess and I'm looking to change it, I've been looking at a Cherry Bomb Back Box but I'm wondering if anyone has any better ideas. I can only really go as far as £50 as I'll need the rest for labour charges. cheers.
  20. idle is okay - bit lean at 16-17 - need bigger idle jets 1/2 - 3/4 throttle perfect 13.8- 14:7 - you can feel car feels right - feels easy, power but very light throttle, feathering , seems boggy afr is around 11.5 , so going up hill 11.3 ish, so then i give it more throttle 50-70% throttle -afr shoots up even up hill up to 13.5 and feels like it is right again. is it supposed to be like that. all these readings are when everything is super warm. thats when i noticed it the most. using TPS load on megajolt
  21. My 93 Polo Coupe has UV damage where "FOX" side decals used to be, I'd quite like to cover up the damage with new "FOX" side decals but can't find a pair anywhere. I've found a German parts website but they only seem to do a left side decal but not the right side. Does anyone know where I could get a left & right side decal? cheers.
  22. Time Left: 1 month and 28 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Polo 1.4 petrol, Automatic gearbox 5 door, 83,000 genuine mileage, service history with it, stamped up in the original vw service book, that came with the car from new, including original vw folder and 2 keys, starts and drives spot on, no knocks, rattles drives very smooth, engine and gearbox are working perfectly, no smoke from exhaust. BODYWORK - looks all original with no signs of the car being repainted, paintwork is all original as it came from factory, rust free example, NOT even any rust underneath!!! Very hard to find in this condition. Power steering, electric front windows, cd player /cassette.... Will mot it in a few days, so will have a 12 month mot when sold. Open to close offers.... This is the rare 5 door, Automatic one. Tel:07828 600279


    Hanley , Staffordshire

  23. Trickyricky

    New member, heres my rolling project. Engine swap to come soon.

    Cheers guys 🙂 just got back off holiday and ready to get a decent thread going. Il try the flickr approach too. Many thanks 👍
  24. Last week
  25. dvderlm

    fuel tank neck repair

    Took carbs off and apart. This is the pump chamber. scraped it out and this is the carb in the ultrasonic cleaner. before adding the fluid to heat up and buzz the dirt away.
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