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  2. dvderlm

    Breadvan engine leak

    That looks a Ducellier style rotor arm. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333500318564 What engine
  3. Eviljohn

    Breadvan engine leak

    Well that was either easier than i thought it would be or i've fudged it somewhere. Got dizzy off, lots of pics, went crazy with a sharpie, marked casing and dizzy with hacksaw blade. Not so bad inside so cleaned out okay. The first pic is of the old and new rotor arms. Larger one on left is the old/og, unbranded, not even a part number on it, right is new, Beru part. Openings on the back are exactly the same. Am i okay to use the Beru one or do i need all those little gubbins that are on the old one? Other thing, the green O ring is the new one. Is it meant to go where i've placed it in the picture, if so, it's too dang big. There's one under it, but it's kind of a flat one and a little smaller. Hoping to get the flange off the side of the engine tomorrow and check the seal.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Ashraff

    6n polo

    Time Left: 1 month and 30 days

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    Im in the market for a 6n polo id prefer a poor example beacuse i dont want to pay much Must be petrol, 3 door, not black or green in colour


    Leeds, England - GB

  6. Eviljohn

    Breadvan engine leak

    Evening all. Hope you're well. I believe i have everything i need to sort my distributor out now. New cap and rotor arm, O ring and stuff to make a new seal. Either gasket paper and blue hylomar, or wynn's black gasket maker. I have marked the dizzy and engine, made two lines using a hacksaw blade. Do i need to turn the engine to turn the rotor arm or not? Would it make the job any easier or can i just whip it all off and line up the marks i have made when i refit? Thanks peeps.
  7. Willysmiles

    Willysmiles build thread

    http://www.coolexperts.co.uk/product/vw-polo-derived-westfield-aluminium-race-radiator/ It’s a coolex radiator, I managed to get it second hand for £60 from Facebook. Coolex can supply the fan also. Don’t worry about the fan switch as the original fits this radiator. Brackets will have to be made to fit it but there not hard as it’s all accessible.
  8. Is a Febi 02365 not compatible then? https://www.pkwteile.de/febi-bilstein/1866821 Screw holes look to be same orientation and spacing as a none obtainable 052 129 765 B eg SWAG 30 12 0003
  9. feeblington

    Help....it goes clunk

    Thanks for your replies. As bad weather ive neither had time to use or check the car. Hopefully i will this weekend.
  10. Last week
  11. Saint Jimi

    Willysmiles build thread

    Looks great, same colour as the one I'm working on at the moment. Any chance you've got a link to where you got the radiator and fan from?
  12. dvderlm

    idle rpm

    True, but I don't expect the fan to come on in February and it did. Queue was not that awful and I turned engine off a few times before when at red lights.
  13. MartinB

    MK4 Polo (6n) 16v - Black, Blue Or Red in a 3-Door

    You don't want much, do you? 😁
  14. Pete1

    idle rpm

    If you're only talking about those AFR's at idle, not across the range, then I don't think NOx or hot running will be an issue, as there's not enough fuel getting burned to cause high temperatures.
  15. dvderlm

    idle rpm

    So I think 10% more air flows through at 1050rpm versus 950rpm and carries more fuel despite being leaner mixture.. At !5.1 AFR there's hardly any CO but some NO2. At 14.2 there's 2% CO I think. At 15 it'll be quite hot-running too. Wonder if I can get to a happy midpoint? It's eluded me so far twiddling mixture and speed. Perhaps one more idle bypass valve needs opening as well? Slowest smooth idle and high vacuum is my usual goal.
  16. Guest.56789


    Well it's been a few years since anyone replied so idk if it's worth me posting but I have the 6n 1.4 16v which I believe is the car your talking about
  17. Time Left: 1 month and 28 days

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    I'm on the look out for a Volkswagen Polo 6N 16v for a little project to have on the side Must have: MOT and it to be valid, also a running engine and gearbox. (No engine transplant, I want the original engine) Be a 3 door version (personal preference, but may consider a 5 door) Be on a V PLATE (OR, one of the last one made ideally as they sometimes put on extras from the factory before the facelift) this would be a '98 or '99 model. Rear Disks Air Con Front working fog lights (Ideally factory option) Less than 100,000 miles and full service history, or at least a good chunk to back up any work that's be been done over the years Ideally not rusted and no major work need doing, I really don't wanted rusted sills either... I don't mind it being slightly modified but nothing stupid. Either in the midnight blue, red or black (preference would be RED) Not Interested in, open-air variants or ones without air-con and rear disks, or the GLX, CL or the standard 1.4L or 1.6L.


    - GB

  18. i had my engine rebuilt last year and some goon made a right mess putting it back in.it will not run properly and runs like a turd. it will not time up and i’m trying to time it up with the blue temp sender unplugged but nothing happens like it’s supposed to.does anyone have any idea what the problem could be.ive spent well over 6 months on this spent lots of money replacing sensors rewiring things and still no difference if anyone can help i will be very greatful thank you as always matt
  19. dvderlm

    idle jet holders

    Rebalanced. Number 1 cylinder was a bit less vacuum than 2,3 and 4. Gave barrel 2 some idle bypass. Much better idle far smoother and no 18:1. Can reduce idle speed a bit but it then idles a little richer. Not yet sure why. Less air around throttle plate versus fuel via idle mixture hole screw? For the middle and top end with ethanol upped max advance to 32 on the 5 static which gives 37 BTDC max. Not yet upped the "centrifugal" applied from 3500rpm.
  20. Willysmiles

    Willysmiles build thread

    Cheers buddy, I’ll upload some more pictures when I sort the brackets out
  21. Jim1500

    Willysmiles build thread

    That looks well smart!
  22. dvderlm

    idle rpm

    Is it better to idle at 1050 rpm with 15:1 AFR or 950rpm with 14.2:1 AFR ?
  23. Eviljohn

    Breadvan engine leak

    Okay cool. I'll try again to find the proper seal. Someone else has suggested searching for a set of gaskets so will try that. Good to know i can knock one up if need be though. Gunk it is. Got a fair amount of the crud off already. Need to get in the nooks. Thanks dude.
  24. dvderlm

    Breadvan engine leak

    Any degreaser will do. I've used Gunk before. Brake cleaner on the other hand is a bit aggressive.
  25. dvderlm

    Breadvan engine leak

    Yes, gasket paper + hylomar will do the job. The o-ring around the dizzy's nose is also a leak suspect.
  26. Eviljohn

    Breadvan engine leak

    Okay. I looked on 7zap. So long as i have the correct info, i think i need another seal for the actual mating faces between the dizzy and the engine. Checked out the part number but they all say not available. I do have some gasket paper that i got for another job. Would that, along with some blue hylomar be okay to use if i can't find the seal i need?
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