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  2. Saint Jimi

    The Saga Continues

    For those who were disappointed with their GT cam upgrades I can say for me at least that increasing the size of the jets has completely transformed the car. It really feels like it's had a significant performance increase now. I've gone from what was basically the standard jetting for a 1.3 polo to raising the size of each jet by a few sizes and definitely don't regret it. When I fitted the carb years ago and had a local company set it up the carb was the only upgrade. Since then I have opened up the inlet manifold, fitted a performance stainless steel exhaust, k&n filter, and GT cam. The standard jetting just wasn't cutting it. I have a terrible memory so can't remember what jets I went for but each was basically a few sizes up from standard jetting. Thanks for everyone's help and advice with this along the way.
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  4. Humphriesryan

    Polo 9n gt egr help

    Brilliant thanks I have brought the correct parts and have installed, once done I removed codes but when I turn off and then back on the car they come back which is still pinging up my eml
  5. Saloon bob

    Mk2f parts needed

    In need of a couple of bits close to Birmingham 1. Passenger window mech 2. Passenger insider door handle 3. Carburetor mount 4. One of the oil sensors 5. Rear fog switch 6. Large blank that goes by the fog switch
  6. Yesterday
  7. well it's all very strange then. there's nothing I could have disconnected because there is nothing to disconnect - the coil packs plug into their respective connectors which then in-turn go off somewhere, somewhere that I can't disconnect as I could never trace where they went. It's like all 4 coil packs are dead, which cant be so, as I took them right off for the test. I never pulled any fuses for the test. I never messed with the injectors. so it's all a mystery - unless it's something like a flat battery. i will try again tomorrow with a fully charged battery. thank your very much for the help.
  8. nige8021

    1 spark plug no spark

    Ideally yes you would remove the fuse for the fuel pump to stop the injectors from squirting but that isn't going to stop it from starting
  9. well that's good to hear I guess, I was worried that a blew the ECU or something. I have read elsewhere you should disconnect fuel pump/ignition before performing this test - but in my rush to do the test I never bother to check how to do the test safely. but im still stuck with the fact it's not starting. I will have to try again with a fully charged battery as it's a bit drained from trying to start it.
  10. nige8021

    1 spark plug no spark

    Yeah via the main engine disconnect plugs down by the thermostat housing
  11. the leads that plug into the individual coil pack - where do they go back to? to the ECU? or is there another box of tricks?
  12. nige8021

    1 spark plug no spark

    If it was running before you did that, it must be something you have done to stop it from running, as I said just spinning it over won't of done anything to stop it from running
  13. nothing. the big square filter thing was already off. unclipped all coils and removed took out all sparkplugs tested with compressor tester thing spinning for only about 3sec each time. put everything back would not start. sounded like no spark (you could not hear any sputtering). waited hours tried to start again, the same thing. Think I will go charge the battery and try tomorrow Any other ideas?
  14. nige8021

    1 spark plug no spark

    No just spinning it over for the test won't of done any damage to the ECU, backtrack over what you did, any other plugs you disconnected etc ?
  15. Thank for the reply nige8021. There are fuses on the driver side when you open the door - I checked all of them. They seemed fine. The battery lid also had fuses I checked all of them, all seem fine. Any more? For each test I only ran the starter for about 3 seconds. Has the ECU somehow been damaged? What else can stop everything from sparking? It used to start with no problems. edit - not only did I remove all the spark plugs at the same time, I disconnected all the coil packs - does that give any clues at to why it's not sparking now?
  16. nige8021

    1 spark plug no spark

    Just by removing the sparkplugs and spinning it over for the compression test shouldn't of done anything to stop it from running, Doing a "Cold engine comression test" is not a bad thing as it tests the engine at it's worst condition, as a warm engine the components expand making it look beter than it really is. Have you checked for any blown fuses ?
  17. Im really stuck nige8021 - The car refuses to start at all. I dont think im getting any spark. I must have done something wrong with the compression test and now it refuses to start. I was hoping you could tell me what i've probably blown up! I think I need to get the car starting again before I test again.
  18. It's normally the otherway around, the 16v in plentiful supply but not the 8v ones
  19. nige8021

    1 spark plug no spark

    #3 is just on the lower limit, try putting some oil down the sparkplug hole and see if the compression changes
  20. the 16v are very hard to find. these 8v ones i bought for 35 quid for both new. but were wrong ones. theres not much to it to adapt them to fit.
  21. By the sounds of it you have some 8V foglights, now they are getting rare to find
  22. MK2Fcloud

    Mk2-2F Suspension

    Time Left: 1 month and 28 days

    • WANTED
    • USED

    In need of either a shock absorber from the front of a ta tecknix coilover, or a a full set of front suspension legs with decent condition bearings and shocks! Cheers!


    Canton - GB

  23. i just fabricated some brackets , n some tie wraps and its all good now lol. i got the fog lights that have thier fixing points further back as the ones for the 16v bumper have the mounts right at the front.
  24. Finally got the carb on and the car drives much better but still cant get the carb to richen up plugs are still white no matter how much I adjust the mixture screw which is leading me to think either I'm mistaken the screw for the mixture screw ( can anyone confirm where it would be on a Weber 32tlm?) Or the larger air correction jet from the fiesta is letting too much air in? I've sprayed around with brake and parts cleaner and revs didn't change so I dont think its sucking air in from anywhere and the carb is NOS so shouldn't have any blockages although I haven't had the carb apart to check I've also checked the timing and set it to 5 degrees does anyone have any suggestions? Like I said the car starts fine and drives better than with the solex I just worry about the plugs being white incase a lean mixture damages anything
  25. Hello all. The shelf under my glovebox was removed and hasn't been refitted correctly. It's missing at least 3 screws and it appears to be held up by luck. What is the best way to remove and re-fit? Is it: 1. Remove gear stick gaitor. 2. Remove centre console (how many screws?). Does it just slide back? 3. Undo 5 screws holding up shelf? 4. Remove shelf - how do i do this without breaking the plastic peg at the back? When refitting: How do you get the shelf plastic peg back in the hole? Does the centre console just slide back into place? If someone could help me that would be ace.
  26. oh and I forgot to warm up the car first! Doh!
  27. No they’re different if you want the round ones you’lll need the ones from a 6n 8v (split bumper) as far as I can remember, someone will correct me if I’m wrong.
  28. I have done the test what do the results mean? 170/190/150/180 So I had a quick look on you tube on how to do a compression test - it's was a real quick look and all I saw was take off all spark plugs and do the test. I put the spark plugs back and coil packs - now the car does not start at all - lol. What have I done now? Flooded? Oh dear from further reading I might have done something bad to the car - I actually took off all the coil packs completely when I did the test. So what's broken now?
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