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  2. dvderlm

    Lamba sensor?

    If the temp sender is at nearside of engine ( on my ancient mk2 it is in a metal thermostat housing on nearside ) then air bubble would rise more to that side. Squeezing pipes to and from radiator may help, but there's a bleed screw on the car heater matrix which needs set to full heat and to be level with or higher than coolant reservoir. You drained and refilled coolant to change the headgasket.
  3. Today
  4. Try your local council, as they have independent garages that do their taxi testing, and they just do the tests no repairs so they are unlikely to fail it on some obscure problem just to generate some extra work for a quiet workshop
  5. Hi there I need help. Can anyone recommend a good honest VW polo specialist in London. Problem my daughter's 2004 Polo 1.2 55 bhp had the engine warning light come on. I took it to my regular mechanic and his diagnostic tool showed cylinder 2 was misfiring. We check compression and it was low. So took the head off, changed the valves, skimmed the head, changed the timing belt , gaskets etc.. Now the diagnostic tool is showing misfire in cylinder 3. He has also had the ECU checked and that came back with no faults. Even he suggested a VW main dealer, but the nearest ones to me Citygate have awful reviews. I really need an honest trustworthy specialist who can diagnose what is wrong and estimate the cost of repair so I can decide the fate of the little Polo. Thank you
  6. Yeah, if this isn't cleared up by the Gov. by next year I'll most likely go to the VW dealership just to be safe. Thanks again for your help. 🙂
  7. Awesome yeah water pump was always on the cards and I’ll do the aux belt while I’m at it
  8. MonsterL35YFP

    Lamba sensor?

    When it's up on the nearside, I haven't checked to see if it does it on the offside
  9. prankstar2003

    Lots of Polo Parts

    Let me have a look at the weekend
  10. Hi,Could someone send me a photo of the wiring that plugs in to the sender unit under the back seat.They have broken off out of the plug! Thanks
  11. Chip20

    Hi from Bolton

    Thanks,I will puts some pics up when I have got it running and cleaned it up
  12. dvderlm

    Lamba sensor?

    Good luck. If that does n't…. hm, Might there be an air bubble in the coolant ? My crazy new theory is that makes the sender report lower temp, ECU enriches, engine and pump spins faster, coolant moves air bubble, sender sees proper temp, fuel air mix is reduced, engine slows, bubble forms at temp sender repeat wild guess. it is worse with engine angled if car on kerb.... nearside (left) higher? Is it better with (right) offside higher?
  13. Yesterday
  14. MonsterL35YFP

    Lamba sensor?

    I didn't actually use anything but I'm going to give it go tomorrow with some brake cleaner around the base of the spi unit it's the only gaskets I haven't changed but it used to rev on its own before I replaced the head gasket and now it seems to have got worse now as for the blue temperature sender I did replace it with a VW heritage one but made no difference so changed it back to the old one which I'd imagine is a cheap one anyway so if not I'll have to get a proper VW part.
  15. dvderlm

    rubber carb mount

    Try to find Weber spare part 99901139 and gasket 99901163. see http://www.webcononline.co.uk/library/wcimg/FittingInstructions/FL0234.pdf
  16. dvderlm

    Lamba sensor?

    Did you use spray or foam? It only needs a tiny leak to cause upset. Is there a genuine vw temperature sender fitted? People often change blue temp sender on G40 injection and have running / idle issues crap ebay senders.. If signal is not good I could imagine ECU thinking it's mid-winter/tropical and richening by increasing injection pulse length. Pure guess for SPI.
  17. M6? if they do round out try smacking a torx bit in, while you have it apart, replace the water pump as sods law i f you don't 6 months later it will fail and you'll have to do the whole job again
  18. Cheers @nige8021 any idea how I can find the size of the key without lowering the engine first?
  19. The only thing that can be a problem are the 4 allen headed bolts on the crankshaft pulley, so make sure you have a good Allen key, and when you've got it all back together, turn the engine over by hand at least twice to make sure the timing marks are still aligned
  20. If you set up the timing wrong then it could be a big problem. Down to you it’s a personal thing with me as I would rather pay someone as it’s too much hassle.
  21. @Elijah I’m not a complete beginner done suspension and throttle bodies, gearbox seals and various other horrible broken things. Is it really that much of a hassle as I definitely can not afford £200 odd for a garage to do it anytime soon cheerz
  22. Personally unless your confident with your tools I would not be doing your timing belt yourself. It’s a pain and you’ve got to know what your doing. i recently went to see a car and the owner was advertising as it having a recen timing belt but had no receipt therefore I had to assume that it needed doing. They need doing every 6 years or 60k on older vws. i bought a 6n a few years back with full history, mega low miles and on the original belt and that was like and old rag when it was removed.
  23. Dean

    Hi from Bolton

    Welcome aboard!
  24. MonsterL35YFP

    Lamba sensor?

    Bit of an update, I changed the oil and changed the idle control unit and no difference, wiggeled the inlet while running didn't seem to make a difference. I can't think of anything else it could be so my only other option is take the inlet to pieces and change the gaskets.
  25. @nige8021 god bless you my friend Will try and get my head round that once I’ve found some cash to throw at gsf
  26. @steveo3002 since I saw the post I've been searching through my old hard drives to find the info Or if you want it in PDF file 6N1 AEX & 8V Cambelt.pdf
  27. steveo3002

    How shagged is my timing belt?

    forum member nige8021 might so kind to help with the diagram/info if you ask nice
  28. Cheers mate thought so, guess I’m going to be cycling to work til payday! Will I need a camshaft locking tool for the AEX engine? Everything I’ve found has been pretty unclear
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