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  2. kwijibo_coupe

    Retrotub's mk2 loon on a budget

    Decided to film a little drive out in this.
  3. Just been looking and there seems to be two versions of the grill ? the first version appears to be a stick on and its the it’s the second one that needs the grill removed
  4. Eviljohn

    H&R cup on bready

    I see. Good shout if you use your car for road and track.
  5. POlliffe22

    H&R cup on bready

    You can just set them up for ride height and assuming they have sensible spring and damping rate they will drive the same as springs and shocks. However you CAN cornerweight the car to improve load balance on the 4 tyres which can help when really pushing hard.
  6. bugger! thanks for the reply - although I was really hoping it would be less of a faff good job I didn't catch the f***er in the act
  7. According to the dealers manual, the whole grill does need to come off, two screws on the top and it pulls out, the badge is held in by a screw from the rear
  8. Noticed on Saturday evening that some toe rag has picked the silver G & T off my 2016 GTI front grill badge! Have ordered a replacement but in the meantime wondering how straightforward replacing the badge will be? Is this a simple job or does the whole grill have to come out first? Any tips to avoid snapping anything greatly appreciated!
  9. Eviljohn

    H&R cup on bready

    Am i right in thinking that it's a lot of effort to set up coilovers properly? Get each corner balanced correctly and all that jazz? Are coilovers more suited for track cars?
  10. kwijibo_coupe

    H&R cup on bready

    The H&R kit is easily the best budget kit for these cars. Young kids these days will easily spend £500 just to get the cheapest height adjustable coilovers to be scene. Trying to get across to them that you can save £200 and buy a fixed height kit that is better in every way is hard work.
  11. Eviljohn

    H&R cup on bready

    I did an hour on the motorway day after i fitted them. Only issue were my seats. But they look like they've been fingered by Wolverine. I have noticed MUCH less roll. Already had arb blocks in place. Even over speed bumps. The only rattles are from rear speaker surrounds. Previous owner over tightened the screws that hold them in place. Broke the plastic around the screws so little rattle over lumps and bumps. Really pleased with this kit. Will be recommending it to anyone who will listen.
  12. POlliffe22

    H&R cup on bready

    got this kit on mine and love it. front springs do get coil bound and can hear clattering at low speed (i am led to believe this is because they use progressive springs) but car apparently corners almost dead flat (my mates tell me when following) with 165/60/14 nankang as1 when going through the brecon beacons at speeds that pc plod would have something to say about.I also find them very comfy on the motorway even all day hundreds of miles.
  13. Eviljohn

    H&R cup on bready

    Massive difference! Actually fun to drive again! Wish i'd done this a long time ago. Left the spacers on when we fitted the rears. Thought i may have clearance issues otherwise. Very happy with it though.
  14. Yesterday
  15. You could fit the cylinder head/camshafts and ECU from the BBZ 100bhp engine, but the biggest thing that's sapping the power is the Autobox
  16. Hey all . And anyone who can help . I have my Bby engine 1.4 16v Auto. She doesn't pull too well and I'm looking to try and get more out of her. So far I've rebuilt everything stock. Other than some tacky arch extensions and stickers I've done nothing to modify. Rather just rebuild. My question is what can be done to the BBY engine . Could I get more power out of this engine ? Or should I be looking into swapping for another engine if so would I have any luck with a golf gti engine and box. I know its probably a done and dusted subject and probably boring . But other than finding engine swaps I can't find anything about performance parts or upgrades . Any advice would be great because she's a bit like driving a wind up toy most days
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  18. Quick update. Short story: Success at removing dodgy nut! Longer story: Nut splitters are hefty kit. Thankfully they fitted in on the dodgy nut. I played around with them a bit. Went at the nut till I was through enough that the squeeze mashed the nut off the thread a little at about 90 degrees round from where the chisel of the splitter was going in. So I decided not to go through all the way with the splitter cos it was on a bit wonky and didn't wanna touch the thread. Now the thread was broken I put on the PlusGas overnight. Next day put on the Irwin Bolt Grips and the mangled nut came free with a small amount of force and no damage to the stud!! So next step. Get the flex pipe welded in. Gonna get some advice from a fabricator rather than a garage. Probably chop out the old flex, prep and mark the new one up with parts on car before taking it back to the fabricators. New flex is stiffer so need to get this right. Think it's stiffer cos outer braid is totally off the old one. Will update further. Thanks again to everyone so far.
  19. Time Left: 1 month and 27 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    First up, here is a link to the build thread for far more pictures. For sale is a solid rolling shell with some parts still attached. These include: New brake lines and fuel lines. GT/G40 inline pump, Mk3/Mk2f fuel tank and lift pump. Mk2 Golf 16v Master Cylinder 256mm front disc conversion 219mm rear discs conversion New handbrake lines - No fitted. Later Polo handbrake tunnel section still to be welded in. Weitec 60/40 Springs with 10mm caps on the front on SPAX shocks GT/G40 rear axle with ARB and polybushed GT/G40 steering rack with new arms New TCA New wheel bearings 5 speed ARB and shifter New Genuine VW front panel Also seats, couple of sets of door cards, dash, carpet etc. Front lights, grill, bumpers are here. Only negative is the battery tray will need to be repaired. The car is perfect for any GT/G40, AFH/AVY conversion. I have a lot of pieces for the AFH/AVY conversions but that can be dealt with when viewing the shell but these parts are in another garage so you need to do a couple of trips. You would be best bringing your own 14" wheels are mine are in another garage. The main reason for selling this is I have run out of room so once the shell has gone I can start emptying another and selling my other Polo parts that have stacked up over the last 10+ years. If you spot parts in the thread like the PPS subframe that is not for sale right now so no PM's regarding that.


    , Gloucestershire - GB

  20. BigJayAl

    2010 Volkswagen Polo S

    Time Left: 1 month and 27 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    2010 Volkswagen Polo S Perfect First car ( Cheap Insurance) Immaculate condition inside and out Customised 17 inch Calibre Alloy Wheels Customised Brake Calipers Customised Car mats Heko wind deflectrors Carbon fibre anti kick welcome plates Car door and boot edge scratch protectors Car door lock protective covers White interior lining on dash and doors 4x Brand new low profile tyres Brand new RAC battery 5 year warranty CD Player/Radio/Aux Port Full Service History 3 Previous owners (Was my first car, had it just over a year, will be sorry to see it go, only selling due to being given a company car) Due a service Needs 2nd gear syncro hexagon bolt replacing (Cheap minor repair needed)


    Dunstable, Bedfordshire - GB

  21. 1vw2many

    Polo gt weekend spit and polish

    Yeah doesn't stay like that for long 😔
  22. kiran_182

    Legal question : salvage after write-off

    The auction house were in reciept of stolen goods, have they agreed a sum to settle the matter?
  23. wavepacer

    Custom kids car

    Great work! Your child must be very pleased with it.
  24. wavepacer

    Polo gt weekend spit and polish

    It looks shiny and new.
  25. mike1708

    change odometer

    hyy i have a little problem i change my cluster instruments to my polo i want to change the odometer with the old one.. i have a vcds kkl and i dont know how to do. i try the variant from rostech web site but dosen.t work. can u help me.. ty.
  26. The car disappeared off the auction site pretty soon after we told the insurers and the salvage company that we knew what they were doing was illegal. The saga continues...
  27. Last week
  28. That's a good shout, but the speakers aren't in front of me. Looking about the spade terminals all seem to be 2.8, 4.8 or 6.3mm sized. It's the skinny one so im hoping 2.8mm is the correct on. It's worth a risk for 3quid 🙂
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