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  2. dvderlm

    AFH engine and transmission

    20valve. Is 5 cylinders, no? Is the bolt pattern and coolant/oil channels layout the same for AGG and KR? Try to find head gaskets for both and compare. If you want high rpm why not fit a big camshaft to an AGG 8v head http://www.catcams.com/products/camshafts/datasheet.aspx?ENGINE_id=272&CAMSETUP_id=1366&Language=english converted to mechanical lifters? As for boost on stock internals. Polo G40 1.3 will take about 1.4bar of boost with just sodium filled exhaust valves. Only one way to find out. If changing pistons, forged pi
  3. Bonnie97

    What oil?

    Hi, what’s the best oil to use for my 2000 1.0 6n2 which has 191k on the clock? thank you
  4. With most Autoboxes, if the oil level is too low you will get all sorts of problems and these can also have an effect on the engine performance as well, so I would start by draining the gearbox and replace the filter pack inside the gearbox, then refill with the correct grade and quantity of ATF fluid
  5. I'm afraid I haven't had heaps of experience with automatic transmissions having only owned a Volvo 240 with one years ago but I have to say that 'thump' when you put it into D seems rather violent! Again, no experience with polo auto units but that seems to me like the torque converter is to blame. Worth checking the engine and transmission mounts as well - it looks like something is moving with enough force to visibly make the car lurch. The noise could be the transmission whacking against its mounts perhaps? My hunch would be a knackered torque converter not allowing a smooth enough transmi
  6. SiSu_PT

    AFH engine and transmission

    Thank you for the answer, so I should get either the ABF or KR head if I want 16v? I like high rpm engines, 8v is not for me... From what I can tell the 1.8t 20v head should be compatible since its also 83mm bore (from what I can tell). PS: About putting 2 bar boost? Should the stock internals take it (excluding the pistons which must be compatible with the head?)
  7. dvderlm

    AFH engine and transmission

    AGG is a two liter Golf GTI. http://vag-codes.info/files/engines/vw-engines.pdf AFH is 1.4 which is 77mm bore from memory. I very much doubt the pistons are same bore or spacing. No, sorry. Vw golf mark iv 2.0 Cylinder bore 83mm https://www.autodoc.co.uk/car-parts/piston-10629/vw/golf/golf-iv-1j1/11779-2-0
  8. Last week
  9. Hello. I currently have an AFH engine laying around. I want to know if the head is compatible with the AGG engine block. Plus I wish to know if the AGG block can be hooked up onto a longitudinal trans from an audi a4 (without any conversion plate). PS: Planning to put one ebay gt45 onto this beauty (Can it take 2bar with stock internals?).
  10. Update: I lifted the front part of the car and there is a lot of grease/oil under the car, what do you think about it? Also you can reply with any of your theories, it would help a lot.
  11. Matimcfetridge

    Polo related Youtube channel

    Evening all, I have recently started a Youtube channel and thought I would post it here incase any of you need a laugh or want to watch something VW related.. This will cure your boredom and mean you don't have to waste any more time watching things you aren't interested in on TV. I have always had VWs and there will be many featured on this channel so grab a cold beer and give the channel some love! all subscriptions, like and comments are appreciated and will help the channel grow so please get involved! https://www.youtube.com/user/matimcfetridge?sub_confir
  12. Sorry that't what I meant. Couldn't remember the exact word for them! Thanks!
  13. brake shoes inside drums on the back. Unless you have a rear disc brake conversion. Good luckwith MOT
  14. Hey there again. Info: -6n2 Polo -AHW Engine (1.4L 16v) -Automatic transmission Problems: -Very slowly accelerates towards 1500rpm. -Everytime I press or release the brake it goes to 2200+ rpm. -Everytime I change gears (R or D) the car kinda "hits". Story/What I have done: Part 1. Ok so at home there is this 6n2 Polo since 2002. Everything was fine until 10+ years ago when it started to show a problem: the transmission would hit hard every time you changed gears (as seen in this video: https://youtu.be/Xvj2W9wDnS4). We called a mechanic but he didn't s
  15. Look again at my first photo, and particularly the red/white arrow pointing at a small rectangular hole in the lid of the PCV valve. Practice reaching it without your arm touching the auxiliary belt with engine off. Start the engine and let it warm up for a while. Then carefully reach around to that hole and block it with a finger. See what happens to the idle.
  16. Thanks for the advice there. I can't remember about the fuel if I filled it up when I took it out of "storage" or not but I didn't think of that and that's the first thing I should have done so thanks for reminding me. A carb rebuild might be worth looking into since it's hasn't been done since new! I'll look into that once the brake pads on the rear brakes are changed so it can pass MOT!
  17. Ryan Binks

    Early 1.3 hk engine pistons

    Cheers for the reply mate, bores are all clear, cleaned the piston up and seem okay, it ran well before and had compression so it should be the same when I put the head back on I’ll be doing it this weekend so I shall report back
  18. Update, I have had time to really look at the car, checked for leaks and hose breaks, didn't see anything. The car as I mentioned earlier is running great but very poor on idle. Don't know if I missed leaks somewhere or the ECU is just failing to adjust after the blockage ordeal. I will continue monitoring the situation to see if it get better. My research lead me to EGR, but m too tired to deal with that right now.
  19. dvderlm

    Early 1.3 hk engine pistons

    Sorry, that' ipsa piston s out of stock. I'm sure it showed as available last night.
  20. dvderlm

    Early 1.3 hk engine pistons

    That crown would probably clean up, but you'd need to keep any crud out of the bore. What about the rings or skirt of the piston? Double check the part number on 7zap, but I think this fits https://www.buycarparts.co.uk/ipsa/11877053 - comes with rings too. You could use AAV block and swap crank pulley for HK square tooth pulley. AAV has stronger oil pump than Hk. Do you know its history?
  21. dvderlm

    2021 Calendar Entries

    Great pix Christian. Where the streets have no name
  22. Hey polo boffins!!! Hope you can help, I have a 1981 mk2 polo with a1.3 hk engine in, recently took the head off as suspected head gasket had gone and it had! Well it’s off to get the head skimmed but in the mean time I found piston4 to have some damage so set about looking for a piston but have been struggling to find one. however I have bought a 1.3 aav engine and was hoping to either use that whole bottom end or remove a piston to put in my HK bottom end, now is this an option? Or am I wasting my time with the aav engine? ive attached a couple photos of the suspect pist
  23. Christian6N

    2021 Calendar Entries

    OK, here is what i could offer from 2019th vacation straight after the polosocial. And i can also do coast-pics. My favorites are these seven, choose one 😋 UK/Northern Ireland/Ballycastle, Sunset beside Rathlin Island Ireland/Tonragee/R319 Ireland/Achill Island/R319/Achill Ireland/Achill Island/Street without Name Ireland/Achill Island/Street without Name Ireland/Achill Island/Street without Name Ireland/Achill Island/Street without Name/White Cliffs of Ashle
  24. sleag40

    Vauxhall Cavalier

    Unexpectedly got an afternoon in the shed today. The offside front wing had all its exterior paint removed. It had two thick layers of red on top of the factory paint, and was certainly a bit of a faff to remove, but the trusty poly abrasive discs got the job done. A wire wheel attachment on a drill sorted the tricky bits that couldn't be done with the disc. After a good cleaning, the epoxy primer went on. It got a good thick coating, and can now be put to one side until I start the filling, blocking and priming necessary to enable some colour to be splashed ar
  25. sleag40

    Vauxhall Cavalier

    Not updated for a while - N/S/F door was stripped back to the metal. Then epoxy primed. Didn't get back on it for a while due to the daily wheels needing some jobs doing on it.
  26. Willysmiles

    Willysmiles build thread

    Purchased the H&R cup kit 60/40. Instructions state 40mm to be removed off the front bump stops, that’s a little tricky when there only 45mm long. Chopped them by 30mm and left the rears standard. Going to be running the 15mm spring spacers on the rear so the car will sit slightly higher than full drop.
  27. I think your last sentence may be exactly right.
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