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  2. sleag40

    Vauxhall Cavalier

    Not had any time for this until this afternoon. The core plug that sits behind the starter motor looked a little suspect after I took the wire brush drill attachment to it. It was rust pitted much worse than the others, so it was ousted. A full set was procured from ebay And the dodgy one was replaced. Hopefully I'll get this painted at the weekend.
  3. GatisGirdenis

    Idle issues

    Hello, I have an issue with the idle, i've got a 1.6 single point injection swap in my polo and the idle drops so low the whole dash rattles, but it isnt steady, it fluctuates, like it is trying to keep it up. When I hold my foot on the gas pedal lightly, there are no fluctuations in the engine rpm, drives and runs fine for what it is. Was thinking the 1.05-1.3liter SPI are pretty much the same engines, and maybe someone has encountered this issue. Could it be a vacuum leak?
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  6. Dean

    Alex Grant's Pearl Grey Mk3 G40

    Only just caught up again with the thread yesterday. Nice to see an update.
  7. Time Left: 1 month and 28 days

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    Thinking about selling as something else has caught my eye? 1999 VW polo 6n 1.4cl -lowered on coilovers -full stainless steel power flow exhaust -rear tints -15" fondmetal alloys (very rare) -plasma dashboard -team hecko wind deflectors -not long after a full service -new gear box -new luke clutch about 2000 mile ago -will come with an airhorn (I just haven't bothered fitting it) -lots of other things that I have probs missed ? I have put my heart into the we car (can show photos of it when it was brought out of England) washed every few days and Hoovered inside weekly (well kept motor) the only bad thing I can think a rear wheel bearing has went (I have the bearing there just haven't got the time to put it in) Will come on the old English plate as the plate in photos is a personal plate ? The price is 1000 but sensible offers will be listened to. Don't like the price don't comment.


    Londonderry, Northern Ireland - GB

  8. Dewey1996

    I need roofbars

    Hello all, I’ve been struggling to find some roofbars for my 2000 mk3 polo estate... I see numerous people have them fitted and am looking for some assistance
  9. Alex

    Alex Grant's Pearl Grey Mk3 G40

    So it turns out I'm crap at updating forum threads these days. Needless to say the car is still lurking. Hopefully you'll have caught my updates in Performance VW - and if not, why not? Ironically, having ended my last post saying tyres would come next, push came to shove. My car managed to collect a screw in its front passenger side Toyo just after its MOT last year and, recognising that I live in Wales, I decided to get myself a set of Uniroyal Rainsport 3s for it. Annoyingly this all happened around the time I ditched my full time editorship and went freelance (a year last weekend) which delayed things. But I made good use of my first week as my own boss, got my new rubber fitted and... err.. broke them in. That was fun. IMG_7720 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr Some of that breaking-in mileage involved my first trip to Caffeine and Machine, and a two-birds-with-one-stone job getting my car's alignment done at the same time. It's been cornerweighted and had a bit more camber dialled in at the front (there isn't much adjustment available) but I came away with some fresh ideas for how to go a step further and plans to do so during the summer once I'd got my money's worth out of my latest investment. IMG_8140 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr The car had other ideas. It doesn't drop oil usually so, when it did, I got worried. Turns out the head gasket had let go and, while it wasn't letting anything into the cylinders, it was pissing oil while I was driving. And I'd done a lot of miles last winter as you can see. This has never been a fair weather car. Polo_rear_dirt by alexgrantuk, on Flickr It took a while to get it into the workshop (I get the long-term build slot and a rather tasty R5 Turbo was taking that space), so Jenson and I made it shiny while it waited. IMG_1659 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr AutoGlym HD wax, if you're wondering: IMG_4378 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr In the meantime I got to play with some pretty unlikely stablemates for a 28-year-old Polo. Including all £335,000 of Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge pictured here doing the school run - yes, you can get three kids and two buggies into one. No it isn't easy. IMG_9437 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr The car went into the workshop in April and, luckily, the head gasket swap didn't uncover anything anything unexpected: IMG_9725 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr And that's about it really - it's the noisy idiot on the driveway next to the silent Outlander PHEV I've been running for a few months, and our own really rather brilliant family bus (C4 SpaceTourer). IMG_4184 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr BA787266-4220-407C-9A4A-26E835AAE57E by alexgrantuk, on Flickr Pictured here at a Volkswagen UK driving event - I got to show a couple of the guys from the press office around the car while it was there: B988493F-0557-4628-9A44-A685B16E6E08 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr Back at Caffeine and Machine... as you'll have seen in another thread: 93D507C3-4482-46D0-882D-FC1456B15BF1 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr And here shot against the glamour of Leigh Delamere Services. I think it's ageing rather nicely... and you know what they say, if you don't look back at it when you've parked it, you've got the wrong car. 9C80AF2D-0AD8-40ED-B1E8-8F3377752BA6 by alexgrantuk, on Flickr On it ticks. Nothing major left for it other than sticking around and putting a silly grin on my face.
  10. Last week
  11. nige8021

    Engine plastic cover

    It is listed as a seal #3 in the picture As you can see there are a few options all dependant on what engine code you have
  12. Mihai

    Engine plastic cover

    Hi Nige, Unfortunately the link that you sent is not working. Do you know how the seal is called? Many thanks
  13. steveo3002

    Polo 2f coupe gas boot struts

    whats wrong with the dozens on ebay /autodoc
  14. schneil

    Polo 2f coupe gas boot struts

    I've just rang them. They can't supply new as the fixing on the car end is unique to VW. The only way they can make me a set is by taking the fixings off my existing struts and using them on the new set. This brings the price up to £60 and I then have no struts till they make the new set. It's gonna be a lot easier to get a fully new set.
  15. nige8021

    Engine plastic cover

    First Welcome to the forum. Have a look at this https://7zap.com/en/catalog/cars/Volkswagen/brand/20/0/Polo%2FDerby%2FVento-IND/PO select what engine code you have ? (first three letters of the engine serial number on the V5 logbook) then look in the engine section
  16. The only reason it says to 2003 is that after that most use the CANbus system, it will work on later models by using the slower "K"line diagnostic, I hadn't noticed they have stopped doing the HEX-CAN lead which would be the better option for your car, so might pay search eBay for a used one, or take a risk with a Chinese cracked copy of the full function lead, I have a cracked version 11.1 and it worked fine, it just meant you couldn't update the software to the latest version
  17. Hi all, I have a Polo 1.2 from 2004. I want to replace a part and I cannot find it anywhere. Inside the engine plastic cover, there is a rubber gasket, that is at the connection with the throttle body. Basically this gasket sits on the top of the throttle body. Could you please help to find this part? I looked everywhere, but I couldn't find it. Thanks
  18. Thanks for the links. I looked at the VADUSB cable but the website says its only compatible for vehicles up to 2003. Is that correct?
  19. kiran_182

    Mk2f polo GT breaking

    Fuel loom, im refering to the internal loom from dash to pumps
  20. Thank you for the help! I'll start with the fuel filter
  21. Most problems are down to broken wires in the flexy rubber tube between the door and body. With VCDS you can get a lead from here https://www.gendan.co.uk/product_VAGUSB.html there are Chinese copies on eBay but I would buy from a reputable source, then you can for free download the VCDS Lite with that you can do quite a lot of things but not as many as the full version https://www.gendan.co.uk/category_145.html I think your correct in that the previous postings was about a window problem, but if you get that lead and do a scan it might throw up some better idea as to what is going on
  22. Hi nige8021, Thanks for the 'welcome' and taking the time to respond to this issue. I have read the post, I think you are referring to and it was that discussion that made me question if my problem was the same, however if I remember correctly, that was just a electric window problem. However if the central locking and window operation is linked for security reasons, it might explain my problem. I also remember reading another post somewhere, with a similar problem and that was eventually traced to the black wire from the drivers door window motor, which was broken where looped in the harness. On the subject of VCDS, can you recommend an inexpensive (as in not for dealer use) way to access the system? I already use the IDS SDD Jaguar software and mongoose cable for my X Type. I take it that a connection lead and software on a laptop is possible? Steve
  23. prankstar2003

    Mk2f polo GT breaking

    Never mind then. Thanks anyway
  24. First Welcome to the forum. The drivers door is the master unit so that controls the other door units. There was a post in this section relating to similar problems with a 9N3 something to do with capacitors in the control unit The single opening or all doors opening is something that can be set using VCDS and it might pay to get the car scanned to see if that throws up fault codes, you will need a VW based reader like VCDS as a generic reader probably will not read the other units other than the engine
  25. Wiring diagram for the drivers door now downloaded, so I will have a few hours continuity testing over the next few days. Also I am not sure the problem is related to opening and closing the door as yesterday, I managed to get the windows and central locking to work again after a quick 'unplug/re-plug of the window motor connectors. I then locked it up with the key and came back to it this morning to find, once again, only the drivers door unlocked from that side! It makes me wonder if it could be a circuit-board component somewhere.
  26. Yeti

    lost my only key, DOH!

    That's not bad at all. Ask them how much for two though eh? 😁
  27. Dean

    lost my only key, DOH!

    Glad you got it all sorted out!
  28. cassiewoofer

    lost my only key, DOH!

    OK, thanks everyone for the info.... just had a quote from 3D autokeys for £120 incl. VAT (visit and reprogram incl)...... not too bad I thought!
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