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    • Dean

      Changes to our for sale sections.   21/12/16

      We have another great feature for our site. We're changing how the forum handles sales, this is to better protect us and yourselves when selling.   You no longer are required to make a forum post to sell your car, car parts, and misc items. From the 22nd Dec 2016, we have a full classifieds system in place now which will make selling your items a breeze.   For the mean time, we will keep the forum topics open for current sales but you will not be able to create new topics, only replies. This is to ensure a smooth transition over to the classifieds.
      Creating adverts is a very simple process - Here are a few example screenshots:

      The form to fill out
        Classifieds Layout   Advert Layout
        We hope you enjoy this fresh layout. Making adverts and keeping on top of them has never been so easy!

      ....More features to come soon!   Disclaimer
      Club Polo cannot be held responsible for any losses while trading. We provide the area for you to trade and its down to your own discretion whether you send someone money or not.  
    • Dean

      IMPORTANT: Please Read - Live Transactions Between Members For Classifieds   22/12/16

      As we've switched on our new classifieds system, I need to make members aware of how the system (can possibly) work regarding buying from each other.

      Firstly I must say that LIVE TRANSACTION between members is completely optional. We can either have this ON or OFF.

      So? How does live transactions work (from now on called; CREDIT).

      If TRANSACTIONS is disabled, things has to be done manually: 'You' the member needs to contact the advertiser/seller in ways he wants (he chooses when posting the advert) ie, PM or Email etc, make the deal, then the advertiser will set the advert as PENDING DEAL. After the payment/deal is done, advertiser sets the advert as COMPLETED.

      If TRANSACTIONS is enabled the advertiser receives the amount paid via account credit. Basically what this mean is that the seller pays CLUBPOLO directly. Once buyer pays CLUBPOLO through PayPal, we'll credit your account to the value that was sold on your item. You then need to REQUEST the credit from your account to which our system will pay you directly into your paypal account.
      *We're basically acting as a middle man 'holding money' until you request it.

      We're aware that members potentially may not like this idea and henceforth the feature is currently DISABLED.

      If our members of the community of ClubPolo are happy with buying directly from one another and with us temporarily holding the funds until you request it, then we will enable the feature.

      I hope this is clear and you understand, we're bring ClubPolo into the 21st century and always looking for ways to improve our site and making as user friendly as possible.

      For feedback, suggestions our help with using our Classifieds system please see the link below.

Engine, Transmission and Exhaust

Engine, Exhaust, ECU, Fuel system, Clutch, Gearbox, and Driveshafts.


Could all members please mark their questions as ANSWERED (by pressing the tick) once they've got the answer they need. Thank you.
Please be careful when answering peoples technical questions that you do not misguide them into taking inappropriate action.
Not only is this annoying, but it can also be costly and could even be dangerous if the wrong information is given.
This is why we ask that only first-hand and factual information is posted in reply to peoples queries.
If you are not 100% certain of your reply, be sure to point out your uncertainty.


  1. FAQ

    Contains Frequently Asked Questions relating to Engines, Transmission and Exhausts.

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