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Garmin Street Pilot i3 for Dummies

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1) First make & name a new folder calling it Garmin Streetpilot I3 or similar.

2) Download Garmin Streepilot I3 Firmware 2.7 to the above named folder.


3) Download Garmin POI Loader to the above named folder.


4) Download Garmin USB Drivers to the above named folder. (This is not always required). http://www.garmin.com/support/collection.j...ct=010-00434-00

5) Download POI Edit to the above named folder.


6) Next make & name a folder on your computer calling it Garmin I3 POI’s & Safety Camera Data or similar.

7) Download the latest POI’s to this folder.


8) Download the latest Safety Camera Data to the same folder.


9) Connect your 13 to your computer using the provided USB cable.

10) Next make & name a folder Firmware 2.60 or similar then unzip the I3 Firmware 2.60 to this folder.

11) Open the above folder then on Updater.exe & it will automatically download this file to your I3.

12) Disconnect your I3 from your computer.

13) Install GARMIN POI LOADER to your computer.

14) Connect your I3 to your computer using the provided USB cable.

15) Your I3 should automatically open the GARMIN POI LOADER but if not open manually & then select NEXT & it will search & find your I3.

16) Now select NEXT again then on BROWSE to find the folder you made & named earlier where you downloaded your latest POI’s & Safety Camera Data to and then on OK.

17) You can now change the distance & speed to feet and mph if required.

18) Either leave at Express which downloads your POI’s & Safety Camera Data automatically or change to Manual where you can choose to alter the proximity alerts to suite your individual needs.

19) Now select NEXT & it will now download to your I3 if you chose Express, or you can alter the proximity alerts of each POI as you keep on selecting NEXT, if you chose Manual.

20) Once downloaded disconnect your I3 from your computer.

21) For future Firmware updates follow instructions 2, 9, 11 & 12 only

22) For future POI’s & or Safety Camera Data follow instructions 14, 15, 18, 19 & 20 only.

23) Place I3 in car, switch it on, choose your destination & drive away.

24) Finally keep coming back to POCKET GPS WORLD FORUM to read up on anything new in the world of the GARMIN STREETPILOT I3. http://www.pocketgps.co.uk/modules.php?nam...=viewforum&f=96

if you cant follow that, you should REALLY hurt yourself..

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My unit has started flashing up an 'out of date map' message every time I switch it on. Slightly annoying seen as though their website does not tell you how you go about putting a new map on it!

Anyway I emailed Garmin and got the following response:

We do not have a definite date yet but we hope the updated mapping software

(version 9) will be released at the end of this year/beginning of next.

This will come on a DVD which you can load onto a PC and then on to your

unit. We have not yet been given any pricing information as of yet.

So basically, it isn't out of date anyway 'cos there are no more maps available! Just thought I'd let others know.


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