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malaga red

How to: Make and fit simple tweeter pods

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malaga red

I have been doing my ICE install in my MK3 coupe recently, and came across the problem of where to mount the tweeters. The problem was the tweeters were to deep to mount straight to the doorcards in a suitable place, so i needed to space them off. I was so pleased with the idea i came up with i thought i would create a guide, in case anyone else has the same problem. The guide is written as if you will be mounting in MK3 Polo door cards, but you can adapt the basic idea for use in other vechicles and locations.

Heres my guide on how to make these simple tweeter pods,

Step 1

Head to your local DIY chain store, mines is Wickes. Go to the plumbing departement, and pick up two pieces of mini downpipe bend, which should look something like this:


Take your tweeter with you, to make sure that the outer edge of it sits on the pipe edge. Doesnt matter if its loose, that can be dealt with later. Note the step where the pipe reduces, this step will locate the finished pod in its mounting hole.

Step 2

Remove your door cards, taking care not to damage any clips. Decide where you will be mounting your tweeters, and make sure the pods will not interfere with the window winders or other pieces of trim.

Step 3

Take one of your pieces of pipe, then mark a line with masking tape, marker pen etc.


Then cut off the excess pipe with a hacksaw, leaving you with this, your first pod:


Repeat this step with the second pipe and you should end up with two identical pods.

Step 4

File the edges of your cuts smooth, and if there are any letters or numbers on the pipe, file those off too. Then sand down the pods in preparation for paint, with fine grade wet or dry. When you are happy, degrease the pods and spary in your chosen colour, using primer if needed. And leave to dry. NOTE: Test the paint first on the excess pipe from when you made the pods, to see if it reacts with the plastic.

Step 5

Place masking tape on the area of the door card you will be mounting your pods. Place the pod on to the tape, and draw around the base of it (which must be the smaller diameter end). Turn the pod over and align the top (wider part), with the circle you have just drawn, then draw around that. Now remove the inner circle by cutting away the tape.

Step 6

Drill a small hole in the centre of your circle, and then using a multi tool - Wizard, Dremel etc. fitted with a cylindrical grinding bit, carefully remove the rest of the material up to the edge of the inner circle. When you are removing material, keep trying the hole for size with your pod. You want a nice tight fit, and if you remove too much, you cant put it back!

Clean up the edges and you should have something like this, a nice neat hole:


Step 7

Push your pods into the holes made for them in your door card and bond them in from the back, with your chosen adhesive. I used silicone sealent, as it was in the house already:


Step 8

Place the tweeters in your pods. If they aren't an exact fit (mine weren't), find a suitable material to pack around the tweeters. This must be sufficient to centre the tweeters in the pods without them moving, and preferably self adhesive. I was lucky, the black sticky back foam pads i had, (No idea where or what they came from) were perfect:


You may have to experiment with different materials to see what works best for you. Leave about 5mm of your chosen material overhanging the tweeter base.

Step 9

Push the tweeters, with there packing, into the pods and stick strong tape ( i used electrical tape) onto the packing material, and then to the inside of the pod, to hold the tweeter in place. If your tweeters came with mounting hardware, this can be modified by bending it to shape so it works with the pods. However if this isnt possible, the tape alone should be sufficient:


Step 10

Re-fit your door cards (not forgetting your wiring), Stand back and admire your new tweeter pods 8-) .



I hope this guide can help somebody, even if its just one person, as i took quite a bit of time to create this :-) . Thanks for reading, but if you follow this guide and screw it up, its not my fault, so dont come crying too me :lol:

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thats quality nice one. i need to make some of these at some point

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Great guide man, this is what I want a tutorials section for! Any chance you can write up a tutorial for speaker pod and door pocket combo you have there?

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malaga red
Great guide man, this is what I want a tutorials section for! Any chance you can write up a tutorial for speaker pod and door pocket combo you have there?

I didnt make the door pockets i'm afraid, so i cant help you there. They are rather flash, Audioscape pro made jobbies. Audioscape have gone bust now i believe, but they do came up second hand occasionaly (mine were). It is possible to make door pockets with speaker pods out of the standard fit door pockets on mk2 and 3 Polos tho, and there is a guide on here somewhere :-) .

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