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Ultimate Dubs 2013

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Samuel Cole
My UD13 album


looks good fella!

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rob saw yours in the car park

Least someone spotted it. :lol:

Yup! That was me: came flying up the motorway to catch B-shaw then realized it was a poor imitation and was pissed.

How wide are your rears? 8J? Looked massive!


Little harsh bshaw lol and the fronts are 8j rears are 9j :)

:lol: B-Shaw.

Thought they looked wide. Done well to fit them under the arches.

Did really like that Alpine White Coupe on Turbines in the carpark, anyone know who's it is?

Also, the Beige G40 inside.. the work on that is insane! Wish they hadn't smoothed the wings and fitted that silly steering wheel, interior colour wasn't that nice either.

Appreciate the work put into it though.

EDIT - iPhone UD Snaps.

Edited by RobWhite1992

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Jake Ellis

haha i was in the gay lupo with some bum bandits in the back, proberly looked like we were starring you out hard as you were leaving but just admiring it! ha

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Jesus Christ, that horrendous white chavvy kitted 6n2 looks like a punto from the front. Look at the arch gap!

I'd rather walk!

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