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Mk2 weight saving + panel weights

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So I saw a thread on Club Gti devoted to weight saving and thought I would get one started on here for anyone track prepping or making a mk2 racecar.

il be adding pictures of where I have managed to save weight on the shell and panels and I will be adding panel weights before and after and try to add weights of material removed from specific places to give an idea of how much was saved.

hopefully this can go in the FAQ so please don't ask questions in this thread to save spam and just add your information and pictures

so to begin I've been lightening my panels.

here are some weights to get this started will add pics in the next few days

Mk2 Door

Complete Door 18kg (with glass, seals, handle, lock, electric window kit)

Stripped Door 12kg

lightened stripped door 9kg

IMG_4327 by pjdirtjumper, on Flickr
IMG_4328 by pjdirtjumper, on Flickr
IMG_4329 by pjdirtjumper, on Flickr
IMG_4385 by pjdirtjumper, on Flickr

Breadvan Boot

Complete Boot 14.4kg (minus Wiper) (with Glass, seal, lock, catch, wiper motor, trim panel)

IMG_4361 by pjdirtjumper, on Flickr

Stripped Boot 8.5kg

IMG_4381 by pjdirtjumper, on Flickr

Lightened Stripped Boot 7.5kg so far more lightening (drilling) to do

IMG_4391 by pjdirtjumper, on Flickr
IMG_4392 by pjdirtjumper, on Flickr
IMG_4393 by pjdirtjumper, on Flickr
IMG_4395 by pjdirtjumper, on Flickr

Obviously there is also Poly Carbonate windows I think these are roughly half the weight of glass at most

there are also a lot of unneeded brackets and excess metal around inside the car too especially if you are tracking it or going full racecar

so these can be removed and il get a lot of pictures added of these

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Good idea for a thread.

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