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VW Polo Mk8 / 6R

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I've only just found this 'Project / Build' Thread, so I thought id start my own place to keep everything together.

Here is my Volkswagen Polo 6R 1.2ltr 70ps in White. Its my first ever Polo, and actually my first ever VW!

There won't be anything happening under the bonnet, i think the phrase is "you cant polish a turd".

It hasn't had a great lot done since purchasing it in June this year,

- Private Reg

- Climair Deflectors
- H&R 35mm / 55mm Springs

- Few Stickers & Whiter Bulb Changes
- The front badge has been sprayed Matt Black, with the chrome grill being sprayed GTI red (but decided to keep the original grill to keep the GTI FanBoys happy)

- The rear badge has also been sprayed Matt Black, with the black background now the same color as the body work.
- I've popped a Concept-RS front splitter on and sprayed that Gloss Black
- Sprayed Wrapped the front Fog lights a tint of yellow

- Managed to get a cheap set of private plates, but need to order some new ones to remove the GB badge

- And finally peppered the car in eBay stickers (StickerWhore!)

The above has taken from June too get too this stage, so the 'Project' will take time, and if I'm honest I'm not sure which direction I'm going...

Just having a look around this forum and seeing what tickles my pickle.
Future things will include some HID's, maybe a gloss black roof, remove the rear wiper blade and try and get a shorter ariel.

Any thoughts and opinions are VERY welcome! :)

Alloys will be coming along within the near future, when the funds are available, and when i find something that i want.

Happy Motoring people!




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Nice, very tidy and looks good

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Saw this beauty last night in Brownhills nr A5!

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