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Adams 2015 1.0 Polo MK8 6R Build (56k make a cuppa)

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Hey all and welcome to my build thread.

Car: 2015 Polo MK8 6R 1.0 BMT 5Dr in Reflex Silver (LA7W) with Parking sensors Front & Rear + Cruise Control owned the car for 1 year now had a few problems but been resolved under warranty.

ICE: All Stock, the headunit is a RDS something without Navigation.

Detailing Kit: AutoGlym Super Resin Polish, AutoGlym Shampoo Conditioner, Poorboys World Nattys Paste Carnauba Wax, Meguiar's Ultimate Quik Detailer, Meguiar's Tyre Gell, Guard-X Bird Drop Remover.

Current Mods;

LED Conversion on Sidelights, All Interior Lighting + Rear Numberplate Lamps

5pc Team Heko Polish Wind Deflectors.

K&N Panel Air Filter just been removed to sell.

Future Mods;

Lamin-X Foglamp Yellow film (Euro Look)

Pressed mental GB number plates

Window Tints

A change of alloys don't know what but have to be VAG ones.

Going to put a few stickers on but not going to go nuts 😃

Other then that is there anything you guys can suggest? ☺

Here are some pictures..

Team Heko Wind Deflectors


Team Heko Logo


Side Views..



Detailed with Meguiar's Ultimate Quik Detailer Spray keep it Slick an Shiny!



Beading Effect after Poorboys Nattys Paste Carnauba Wax + Meguiar's Ultimate Quik Detailer..


Valet Kit to make the car glow :)


I don't have any pictures of the LED Conversion but when it gets dark later on I will get some snap shots an upload them to this build thread.

My next step I think is to put clear plastic rear bumper protector on aswell as the door sills. Thinking of clear wrapping the bonnet an front bumper to protect it I have a few ideas in mind like getting Lamin-X Yellow Protective Film for the bottom DRLs ... I will post as I go along.



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