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Winter Tyres - Public Service Announcement

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It's that time of year again - temperatures are regularly into single digits, and the ground is usually colder than that.


Some areas are being hit with snow, ice, and around here huge amounts of rain!


To get the most from your car, be it daily or toy, if you plan to use it through the winter, consider some winter tyres!


The net cost if you keep the car balances out, as you're not wearing your summer tyres down through the winter - and also you're a lot less likely to ruin a tyre by sliding into a kerb.


If you're in any doubt, take a look at this:



There are many similar videos on Youtube from different tyre brands, but this shows what should be a worst case for most cars, rear wheel drive and hills with snow.


Winter tyres are not just for snow however!  They will clear more water, and grip better in cold and damp conditions due to having different compounds and tread designs which allow them to actually get up to operating temperature.  Your normal summer tyres will not be working as well as they should at the moment, you will notice more wheel-spin or traction control lights coming on as a result - this is in part due to the slippery roads, but also due to the tyres not working so well in these conditions.


Most people will get by, and manage fine, especially if there is no snow - but when the time comes to need to stop or steer round something in an emergency that's when having the right tyres will really pay dividends.


So ends my annual public service announcement - drive safe everybody!


Ben @ Rarerims

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