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Lost MK2F Polo - J676RPA Blue 1043cc Coupe

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Hi Everyone!


So I used to have a Polo - it was my first car purchased it at the tender age of 17 in June 2012 for the tidy price of £275 with a leaky fuel tank and dodgy rear brake drums. After putting on 21,000 miles on it, changing lots of parts including the timing belt & water pump -  I came to part with it in March 2015 when I fell in love with a black MK1 MX5 .... (thats another story)


Anyway I was looking to buy another cheap little runaround and would love to find the polo again... I sold it to a gentleman who bought it for his daughter but due to the lack of power steering and the Audi Alloys it had made steering somewhat heavy for her. He sold it to a VW enthusiast, who then sold it to somebody else just recently in December 2016....


I even went so far as to write a review about it online see below;




Carzana search has provided me with this information (see below); So Does anyone know where it may be!? I'd love to know and see if the current owner would consider selling it back to me.. :) Please comment if you have any info - please also excuse the hair.... I was 17 :tongue:

"This 1992 Volkswagen Polo Coupe CL on numberplate J676 RPA was first registered on Thursday 2nd of January 1992 near Guildford. At an estimated 101,587 miles, this car has done a lower than average number of miles for it's age. This car had 8 previous owners before the current keeper acquired it."


J676RPA's Cazana Timeline

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2 months ago

Registered owner changed

New owner registered

 14th December 2016

4 months ago

MOT Test | 98954 miles



Offside rear outer sill corroded

Front Brake pipe slightly corroded to rear (3.6.B.2c)

Rear tyres perishing

















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