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Hi guys do you stock a replacement one of these ? Its off my 1991 mk2f breadvan, 1.0l cat ,water pipe,looked online only ones i can find have an extra pipe further along tho. Thanks kev


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    • kevsplitty
      By kevsplitty
      Hi,i replaced the thermostat housing today on my 1991 breadvan but then discovered this pipe had a crack in it. Can anyone tell me firstly the name of this part please & who might keep these in stock if available that is. Many thanks kev

    • staleykirk
      By staleykirk
      Hey guys
      My derby is becoming a little troublesome of late, its not cooling very well and I've had a number of overheats, i cant find a coolant leak but my bottle always seems to be low, i top it up and try my best to get the air out of the system.
      for example i just topped her up, tried to get all the air out and just ran her up the road. she cooled well for about five minutes, i then got stuck at a trainline, all was well. i carried on driving then the heating in the cabin went cold and the engine started getting hot. i got the car home opened the bonnet and there was water on the bonnet, all over the bay basically but i cannot tell where it is coming from.
      any ideas on diagnosing a waterpump failure or anything of the sorts?
      also I've only been putting just plain water in the engine as its getting expensive buying lots of coolant, could that be the source of my problems?
      anyone know of any typical mk2 cooling faults?
      any input at all will be much appreciated.