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Polo 9n 1.9 TDI Sport (ATD) Breaking

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Got this car for a few parts, now selling the rest. The car is black, not sure the paint code. All parts are located outside Kirriemuir, Scotland. Things I have left:


Loads of interior trim parts - All of them £10

Full sport seats front and back - £40

ATD engine, lost the service history but got loads of other paper work like parts, MOTs etc. This includes the turbo, intake, all boost piping, everything but alternator - £100

02R gearbox - £30

Gear selector - £15

Vacuum solenoid - £10

Indicator stalks with scroll buttons for dash computer - £15

Fog lights, has one of the mounting points broken off, but will be fine with the other 2, also include plastic surroudnings - £20

Door cards - £15

Driveshafts - £40

Hubs - £30

Nearside door inc. glass - £30

Tailgate - £30

Got a brand new offside wing - £30


Just PM if there is any other parts you need, might have forgotten something. Cheers.

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Hi mate, do you still have any of this for sale?

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