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mk2 polo TDI?


hi all i've decided against the 1.8 20v


i currently drive a 2003 TDI lupo but i want more power for that so im going to do a engine swap on that (probably 1.9 pd)


just after some advice as i want to get my polo out again and it needs a new engine so i thought why dont  i just use the engine ive got and put my tdi lump in the polo


has anyone had any experience? 


any tips?



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Pretty much a none starter for all the same reasons, it's too tall being the major issue. 


I spent quite a bit of time going round a 1.4TDI with a tape measure trying to figure out getting it in a mk2, and it really wasn't going to work.  Best bet for my money would be go with something light and revvy, it suits the characteristics of the car far better. The one I keep going back to when I think what I'd do if I had the time and money is a big bike engine. 


The 1.9 PD in a lupo has been done a few times, and there's some decent builds out there, but the amount of work required is significant. 

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I'm thinking a bike engine is probably the way to go but I wanted to avoid that I'm not really sure why as it's a good idea but I wanted something different and I've fell in love with my tdi but the gains for that engine in a heavy lupo aren't great 


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