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New member from The Netherlands, my first VW!

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Hi, I'm Tim, currently living in the Netherlands, where they say the grass is greener ;). Having grown up in a Volvo family I'm now making my foray into VWs! Here is my ''new'' Polo 1.4 8V (09/2000): Sadly an automatic, but for the mileage (170k kms), MX history, condition inside+out and the price - undeniably a steal.


I'm looking at lowering it on a good+cheap (i know) spring+shock combo or coils, OEM wheels maybe from the GTI? Or mk4 Golf hubcaps... but keeping it simple and clean for now.


Looking forward to being a member of this community!





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    • heartagram
      By heartagram
      Here we have my Polo TDI. It has approx 120k on the clock. It's been a great car for the last couple of years. I had no intention of selling it other than I have been given an unmissable opportunity for another car so something has to go!
      The bodywork is in average condition. Has the odd dent and scratch, but it is a 16 year old car. Interior wise it's over all very clean. Everything works as it should. Has manual windows but electric mirrors. Has MOT till April 2018
      Good points are:
      - 12 months MOT
      - £30 a year tax
      - cheap insurance 
      - averages 600 miles to a tank (£45ish to fill, have had almost 700 miles on a gentle run!)
      - 5 door
      - Electric mirrors
      - GTI clocks with binicle (But with TDI red line and correct milage for the car etc)
      - GTI seats in very good condition (removed from car with 63k)
      - GTI upper and lower grilles
      - GTI splitter
      - GTI Xenon headlights 
      - GTI front bumper with headlight washers and 6.5L washer bottle
      - Gloss black front and rear VW badges
      - GTI 256mm front brakes with new discs and pads recently
      - Has had chassis notch in the past if you want to lower it
      - Tyres have plenty of meat on them
      Bad points
      - Anologue clock on the GTI clock isn't wired in. 
      - Window winder handle for the rear drivers side window has come off. It's still in the car and on the handle but it doesn't stay secured on, but the window works fine. 
      - Headlight washers are plumbed in with 6.5L washer bottle but electrical wiring isn't complete yet. 
      - Wheels would benefit from a paint. 
      Feel free to ask any questions.
      Car is in Newcastle Upon Tyne. 
      £750 or best offer. 
      Kam - 0738 727 3999
      So hey guys, introduction, I'm Benji and I live in a cozy little town called Ross, I've recently turned 17 on March 12th and I've got a test booked soon, been messing and slowly adding to my car (2001 6n2) affectionately dubbed (pun) eve 
      -so here she is before coilovers 
      -then a stubby Ariel 
      -then numerous coil photos, a few low and then more after I dropped her more 

    • bally6n
      By bally6n
      Wanted either 6n with the afh engine.
      Or full and conversion
      Or polo gti
      Cash waiting
    • PUGS117
      By PUGS117
      Hi some of you might remember this car, it was originally Jamie1.8tpologti's. I bought it beginning of May last year as I've always wanted a 1.8t ever since I saw this very car when Jamie had it all those years ago. The spec is BAM 1.8t engine (done by TSR), mk3 golf tdi gearbox, custom 3" turbo back exhaust system, custom drive shafts, R-tec map running 270bhp, Hi-Spec 4 pot front brakes, Bilstein coilovers, Rota Grid alloys, Porsche rep front seats and false floor rear and smoothed bumpers. This is how it looked when I bought it.           The main reason I bought it   The wheels weren't my thing at all so decided to get rid and replace them with a set of OZ superturismo's, got these off ebay for £200.     Tried them with the slicks just out of impatient-ness. Sold the slicks on and replaced them with a set of Nankang NS-2R's as the yokohama s-drives on the Rota's were just not giving enough grip.     We had a club stand at CumbriaVag so wanted to tidy up the engine. Top is before and bottom is after.    At CumbriaVag 2016   Painted the wheels black soon after CumbriaVag and that was that for 2016. Took it off the road over the winter, put it in my garage to start a on few things that had been bugging me. Like the intercooler pipe sticking out the driver's side grill, rusty wings, and a general tidy up.   So started on the intercooler pipe, stripped the front end down including the slam panel. Removed the a/c radiator and pipes etc to free up some room to move the intercooler back 20mm. Cut the cooler pipe down and re-welded which gave me the room needed to have the pipe fully behind the grill. Also removed the wings and replaced them.       Old wings   Intercooler pipe back on   One new wing on   All buttoned back up   Got a mate who runs a sign writing company and he sent me this through. I'm feeling the motorsport look and tbf the car is quick enough to pull it off. Taking inspiration form the Mercedes F1 team livery. It's not going to look exactly like this (don't really fancy a 'Brazzers' sun strip             First thing was the arches         Still got front splitter to make, sides to make and figure out rear spoiler options and give it a good clean. Back on the road 1st May.    
    • Kitestaaa
      By Kitestaaa
      Hi fellow Polo owners, currently the belt on my alternator is soon about to snap, is it a huge issue if it snaps?, will it f**k my engine up ? Cause I've been told it will please help I'm scared to drive my car. Yes I'm a rookie, insult me all you like xD can you send me links to what belt I need to buy please?