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6n2 gti engine light and running rough

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So my check engine light has come on recently and the car has started to run a bit rough and lumpy. The car was sitting for 3 weeks with a dead battery whilst Ii was on holiday, I jump started it and the engine light came on shortly after that had happened. I haven't got any means of reading the fault code without paying a garage to do it, is there anything that I can check or fiddle with to try and sort it. The o2 sensor has been changed recently and an oil change has been done as well.

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What is the mileage?

Seems like an electrical fault linked with moisture build up.

Disconnect the battery, charge it up slowly.

If you are OK with it, pull the plug leads off and dry the insides  of the leads  at both ends with a hair dryer, then spray WD40. Do this one lead at a time so you do not forget the order the leads go back on.

Reconnect the battery and see if it is running OK.

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