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New lease of life to an old derby!

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Ok guys I’m new to the forum and new to v dubs!

I acquired this car some years ago and didn’t really have much interest in it so stored it until I decided what to, at the time was well deep into the renault sport world so can only apologise for taking so long to do anything with it!

Its a 1984 mk2 polo classic (derby) I believe! Corrections if needed please as I say I’m new to this scene.

Everythjng is orginal with only 91,000 miles and being in the same family for around 20 years before I purchased it, was always dry stored and well maintained and looked after.

Here come the good bits, any advice, guidance and overall comments are greatly appreciated and welcomed and I’m happy to be involved with what looks like a friendly no funny business forum! 

Enjoy guys thanks, Mick Appleby



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Have a few plans for it at the minute so I’ll list below.

•Freshly powder coated G60 steels

•General tidy up of bodywork and suspect rust areas

•Change horrendous blue aerial to standard (waiting to be fitted)

•Coilovers (unsure which brand)


Also have some ideas as I have access to quite a lot of spare vw parts from friends, 

•G60 front brakes?

•G60 rear axle with disc brakes?

•Mk1 golf seats with fishnet headrests

•1.8 20v engine fabbed in, I have some very handy friends in engineering!


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First of all welcome to the forum.

That has to be one of the most honest looking Polos I've seen pulled out of storage in a long time. Shouldn't take much to get it looking spot on again.

Your plans seem pretty good too. However I'd advise doing a fair bit of research before diving in to the 1.8T conversion. Many have attempted it in the past and I'm yet to see one UK Polo running and driving with a 1.8T in the front. It has been done in Europe, but there must be a reason people in the UK give up.

Yoof has a great project which is well documented over on Club G40 where he is now putting a 1.8T motor into his Polo. Might be worth a read.


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That build thread looks intense, my friend has done a few mk2 golfs with pd engines in and is the go too guy up here about vag old and new. Once it all starts which is a while off yet I’ll be sure to keep things documented if all goes well! Thanks for the comment mate. Pictures do make it look well! 


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