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AFH or ABD Engine Conversion

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Hi Everyone, 

So I am working on a Mk2f polo breadvan van. I bought it as a completely stripped shell with a few parts, I've worked my way up to making it solid, fitting some suspension, steering rack, wheels, brakes.


I do have the original 1l engine, but it wasn't in the car when I got it, I haven't seen or heard it run. and then I've the original mk2f loom, which doesn't seemed to be marked very well. 


In my head I'm thinking it might be easier to drop a AFH or ABD engine in which ill strip myself from the donor, with its entire loom and drop it into the breadvan.


Does an AFH or ABD just plop straight in?

and more importantly, if I like the loom ignition etc straight from the donor car and put it in the stripped polo will there be any issues?


Car is and will stay totally stripped, so no heating, no central locking, no anything that it doesn't need to stop and go.


Any advice, suggestions more than welcome.


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both fit straight on the mounts ..the abd looks identical so exhaust /inlet stuff mix n matches from polos 


afh is 16v so a tint bit more effort , clearance near the alt belt 


both will need the injection pumps and lines fitting - idealy from a mk2f polo /gt pump (edit i see its 2f already )


afh is the best choice at 100hp  

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In your case the ABD would be the simplest choice, your loom (assuming it is complete) will plug straight up to an ABD and if you get a complete donor car then any missing bits, or figuring out where plugs go should be childs play. In theory apart from the engine, all you'd need to swap is the ECU.


An AFH conversion is a little more complicated in regards to wiring, but it can be done if you're confident. For swapping the engine itself it is just a case of putting the mk2f mounts on and away you go. 

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