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Since i bought my 6N 1.4 8v the expansion tank has been a pretty uniform shade of pink as if G12 has dried all around it, making it impossible to tell the level. 

I've never thought much of it as the engine seems to cool pretty well (never really goes over 80/90c even on 300 mile motorway trips) and I can see some coolant  when i open the filler cap and look into the tank.


What are your thoughts on this? Any way to clean the tank? Am i in trouble? Bought a bottle of G12 for some daft price a few months ago for this purpose but has since slipped my mind.


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G12 is old hat these days, it was replaced by G12+ then G12++ then (I think) G13, This probably accounts for the 'daft' price that you paid for it.

If the coolant in the system is the same colour as your G12, it would be OK to use it.

The problem is, that you won't know the strength of the existing coolant, or how long it has been in the system. For that reason, it might be a good idea to drain down the system and refill with the latest specification coolant.

I recommend that you use a 50/50 mix of coolant in water BUT, to avoid having coolant 'left over' when the system is filled, put the 50% of neat coolant in, then top up with water, that way, all that you risk having 'left over' is water.

The simplest thing to do, is to fit a new expansion tank, but if you wish to have a go at cleaning the existing one, remove it from the car, put a couple of handful of sharp sand in it, add some water and keep shaking it until it is clean - obviously, you need to flush all of the sand out of it before putting it back on the car.


You will only be in trouble if you run out of coolant  ?



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