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Speedometer repair or replacement

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My son has mk5 (I think) year 2000 1.4L Polo. The speedometer started to work intermittently and now the needle simply sits at about the 140mph mark. After disconnecting and removing it for inspection (which told me very little) it reset itself and worked OK for a couple of days but the fault returned. I'm assuming it reset because it was effectively disconnected from the battery but I have not had the chance to repeat it yet. There are second hand instrument clusters on ebay for £20.00 but one of the adverts had this message "It will need to be coded to your vehicle using diagnostic equipment when fitting" is this true?

The air bag light is also on permanently, could this be part of the same fault?

I was hoping I could simply swap the cluster for another.

My alternative solution is to give the cluster to Cartronix in Waterlooville for a £99.00 repair.



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First Welcome to the forum.


As it's a 2000 model it's on the change over time from the 6N1 (MK4) & the 6N2 (MK5). The only coding required is the service interval and if you can do that by just resetting it with either the buttons on the speedo or with VCDS/Vagcom, the button method does vary between the MK4 & MK5 

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