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6x4s and under seat sub in a 2f

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My old setup of a pioneer head unit, CD changer, amp and subwoofer was stolen on Sunday 😞

The only items left were my JBL 6x9s in the parcel shelf (and my JBLs in the dash).


I was thinking of going back to having an audio setup which doesn't affect the boot, or the parcel shelf.


So I was considering a head unit with a decent power output, using 6x4s in the rear speaker holders, replacing the front speakers and using an under seat subwoofer.


Has anyone got a similar setup?  How do they find it?

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I use 6x4s in the shelf supports and good quality component speakers: tweeter on dashboard, mid/woofer in the front doors.

I usually have the front/rear mix biased to front,  the rears just fill in the sound really. It's okay for a long journey with back seat down carrying loads of stuff. It's better with back seat up and a parcel shelf to create 

a reverb space, but with 4x30watts from the Sony head unit it lacks that deep oomph to overcome engine, wind and tyre noise especially on concrete road sections.


I looked at various underseat active subs, but finally chose a Sinuslive Basspump III. There's no speaker cone or case. Only 1 inch high, it screws to the car floor with self tappers or bolts (you cut a hole in the carpet below driver's seat, 

and coat the pierced metal underneath with rustproofing paint and underseal).  The one I got is rated 4ohms and 50watts, and I have temporarily experimentally  wired it in series with the driver side rear shelf speaker.

If I want more boom for bassline, I can set the fader more to rear and crank up the volume. Getting the phase right helped. It reinforces rather than dominates.


I intend to run it off the sub-out with a second amp.

I've got a bridged mono aux amp that's 2ohm capable (kicker)  so I might get a second Basspump to fit below passenger seat. 


I see there's a larger 200w model nowadays.


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