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Unknown wire in stereo harness

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Hey guys,


Im in the process of installing the RCN210 head unit, and i've got the unit working aside from the switched live and the illumination.


On the quadlock there is two 12v wires, a ground, and the CAN high and low cables, but there is also a wire (red with black stripe) that on the RCD200 unit diagram is unlabelled. Anyone know what it is? It seems to be a 12v switched wire, but in my Haynes manual there is no reference to it, and can't find anything else online.


I plan on taking the illumination wire for the cig lighter/ accessory socket and splicing that for the head unit illumination. For the switched 12v can I use the 12v for that too if I shouldn't use the mysterious red and black one from the quadlock, or is there an easier to access wire I can use instead of that that doesn't involve taking the centre console out?



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Update for anyone interested:

I've connected the red/black wire to the switched wire on the RCN210 and now it will turn on when I turn the car on (can also be turned on when the car is off) and will turn off when the key is removed. From what i've found the red/black wire seems to be for s-kont, whatever that is I am unable to discover.

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First Welcome to the forum.


The OEM connections are as follows

T8 pin 4 Black/Red "S" contact supply from fuse F10 (supply any time the ignition key is int the lock in any position)

T8 pin 5 & 7 Red/Yellow Battery live supply from F51

T8 pin 3 Grey/White "K" diagnostic line

T8 pin 6 Grey Illumination supply from headlight switch

T8 pin 1White/Lilac Vehicle speed input from ABS unit

T10 pin 8 Black/Lilac Ignition ON supply from F18

T10 pin 3 Orange/Brown CANbus

T10 pin 5 Orange/Green CANbus

T10 pin 10 Black/Blue Reverse gear selected from gearbo switch

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