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MK2F DBW Throttle pedal.

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I've been looking into the 16V route on a MK2F and an engine finally surfaced for an acceptable price (and at all), which is a 1.6 16V either ARC or AVY (judging by the hump on the engine cover, as AJV doesn't have one).
I would like to run it on stock management because of convenience (and everything being sold as a set, and MAYBE cruise control on a mk2f, huh?), and as far as I can tell, the engine is DBW so the pedal needs sorting.

Could anyone who has done such thing share their findings? Is it possible to make the pedal sit right - I haven't had the opportunity to look at the OEM pedal box yet, but I need SOME info ASAP, before the engine is gone.


I'm guessing fuel pump needs changing to the higher pressure one as well (and probably more flow) because of multipoint injection?
I think generator control is different, so I probably must run a 5pk belted one.

Downpipe probably needs adjustment to sit right.

Immo delete, all that.

Am I missing something obvious?

I searched for similar things either there were no matches, or the posts were empty.

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Also, for MOT purposes, is it realistic to swap the insides to an engine block, that has less than G40's power? Perhaps the 1.4 16V 75HP one?

I've heard the alloy blocks are basically disposables.

Either I swap the block or pay 500 papers and for a trailer to get the car brake and noise tested. I just need the right code stamped on the block.

Or swap the engine every MOT as I haven't ever heard of road checks happening in our country.

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