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Rob Johnson

Polo MK2 bready won't run off choke

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Rob Johnson

I've done an engine swap in my MK2 bready, the engine "works" but I can't seem to run without the choke on (or slight acceleration). I'm running with a piersburg solex pic 7 carb on a new rubber flange with no air leaks.

Without choke it will try to run then cough and die even when the engine is warm. 

Any ideas on how to get this to idle smoothly.




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The most likely problem is that the pilot jet (slow running jet or idling jet if you like) is partially blocked.

This is not an uncommon fault, due to it having the smallest orifice of all the jets.

You can reduce the risk of this happening by fitting (or changing, if you already have one) the in-line petrol filter.


On the P.berg carb, you can access this jet by removing the air cleaner.

Use a screwdriver blade that EXACTLY fits the slot in the jet.

Hold the jet up to the light, and you may well see any obstruction.

Blow it out with compressed air or use a can of 'Air Duster'. DO NOT prod it out with wire or tools.

As this jet is so small, take care not to lose it, especially if using compressed air to blow through it.

Don't overtighten the jet when replacing it, or you may distort the orifice.

When replacing the air cleaner, either use new 'Nylock' nuts, or apply a SMALL amount of 'thread lock' solution - If any of the studs have come out of the carburettor body (rather than just the nuts coming off), apply a SMALL amount of thread lock to them also.



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Rob Johnson

Thanks for the reply, I know the carb channels where blown through with compressed air but I'm not sure about the jets. Will have a look at theses


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