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Selling a Polo 1.4 - 6n2 AFK Engine - car comes free

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     I'm selling my Polo,  I've spent a small fortune on this car and it seems a shame to just bin it, but unfortunately the cost of the repair is worth more than the car.


The engine is in great condition (about 120,000 miles) and was rebuilt (professionally) about 8 years ago, since then the cars only done 4,000 miles a year.


So, anybody looking for an AFK engine ?




1 - there's a 'revolving' 'flapping' sound coming from the clutch??  When you press the clutch in the sound goes away - but as you drive along and the road speed increases so does the 'revolving' 'flapping' sound.

     This is the reason I'm selling the car.  I'm ill and don't have the energy to work on this car any more :(  it's been sitting on my drive for 9 months now, so it's got to go.


2 - there's a small hiccup in the idle, but the car drives fine (this is a problem in the electrical loom and has been there since day 1)


3 - and the car needs a couple of quid spending on it for the MOT.

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no takers?  scrap yard it is then 🙂

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