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Head unit installation - Polo 9n3. Help!

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Hi All,


My first topic post on the forum - hope you’re all good! I’m about to buy myself a Pioneer SPH-230dab to replace the glamorous RCD200 currently installed.


To hook it up properly, I was going to splash out a fine pair of radio removal keys and this:



My understanding is that this replaces the need to mess around with any sort of converters / piggy backing off of any fuses when it comes to getting it wired. Does that sound about right?


Next related question, I found this:



This seems to think it’ll convert my current FM aerial into a DAB aerial - does that sound legit? Does anyone have any experience with one?


I’m a complete novice with all this stuff. Any wisdom about installing (I won’t need a fascia place, right?!) is gratefully received!





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typicly proper dab aerials work best , theyre a bit sketchy tho it might be a case of try one and see 


mine works alright with a screen mount , others claim theyre cra@p


yes the adaptor should make it a easy swap

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Don't think you'll need both Fakra to ISO convertors. Connects2 are good stuff, but I've not used the DAB/FM splitter.


Can you download the Pioneer instructions and check whether you need the CAN box?

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