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Cameron hearne

Wiper problem

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Cameron hearne

Hi, just wandering if anyone can help me, in my be polo coupe s 1989 1.3 I have a problem with the wipers not working but I can hear the relay clicking and working but no movement to the wipers on the front and the back, could anyone please help? 

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Welcome to the Forum.

Although you can hear the relay click, it doesn't mean to say that the contacts are actually passing a current, but it does mean that thee switch is OK and that there is current up to the relay coil.

You really need to check that you have a supply to the motors and that all connections are clean and tight.


It is possible that there are two problems, one with each motor, especially if you are not sure that the rear one has worked in recent times.

It could be a mechanical fault, rather than electrical, in the case of the front wipers, one or both of the spindles could have seized in their bushes.

With the rear wiper, it too could have a seized spindle, but in that case, it is part of the motor.


The motors are not really intended to be repaired and if the commutator is badly worn, there isn't enough metal on there to reface it, but if the problem is mechanical, or that the brushes are worn, you may well be able to extend the motors life by fitting new brushes (which you would probably have to make, or modify some from other equipment.)


It is fairly common for the rear motor to have a seized spindle due to water ingress.



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