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Head unit installation - any experts?

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Hi All,


I have a Pioneer SPH-230DAB and I am about to install it in my Polo 1.4 Bluemotion 9n3 (this car is my first one - I have absolutely no experience with cars whatsoever but want to give it a good go!)


I’ve got a bunch of questions before I install it on Wednesday. Some more silly others:


1. Before I start, is it alright to just unhook the positive (or negative?) terminal of the battery, or is it important to unhook both?


2. How do I install the DAB aerial and get the wires behind the plastic trim? (It’s the sort you stick on the windscreen)


3. I’ve bought this: VW CAN-Bus Multimedia Interface for the Integration of Car Radios and Sat Navs for VW Golf - Passat - Touran - Jetta - Polo - Tiguan - Touareg - Sharan - Scirocco - T5 - Transporter 


. I’m assuming I unhook the rcd200, and attach the can bus and wires to the existing the wires, then plug it into the head unit. Are any other cables required? I’m assuming no fascia or anything like that is required. 


4. There’s a USB extender that comes out the back of the head unit which needs to be fed through something so you can plug your phone into it - does anyone have any idea where from?


Absolutely any wisdom at all would be massively appreciated - sorry for the wall of text. Determined to make my first attempt at anything car related not end disaster!


Thanks all!

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