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Central locking and window woes

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Hello again!

So during storm dennis my polo let some water in.

Specifically into the drivers door (i pulled a dry doorcard off and it was wet behind the speaker).


My electrical problems:

My central locking only locks when i dont have the key in, but once i have ignition first click turned, both the lock and unlock buttons unlock the doors, and you cannot even force them down by hand.


2nd, the window is dead. Even holding the key in the lock only moves passenger window. I assume the motor is dead or wiring fried.


Now ive just spent near a grand getting the clutch and suspension sorted so cant afford much but really wanna try and fix this.


Ive checked all relating fuses and theyre all good (oddly)


Can i convert it to manual with no motor?


Where can i start to look in order to fix the central locking?


I will accept very botch solutions to this so please if youve read through and can share anything..its all welcome!



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Can anyone help 😭

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Take the door card off, you can unship the motor and see whether it’s that. Do you hear a clicking when you operate the switch? If so it’s likely to be a regulator problem. Cable is jammed or cordoned. 

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