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Will B

I've found a "Mk2f polo fox coupe 1993 1.0 spi loom and ecu" advertised for ~£60. The loom on my Mk2f breadvan 1.0 has had someone go at it with all manner of scissors, tape and random bits and bobs. Obviously everything was done with good intentions though the back of the radio is a plate of spaghetti and there are a couple of loose ends hanging down in the drivers footwell. The radio has the reg from a 1980 escort so is obviously a replacement, 99% sure that the fitting is what caused the spaghettification of the wiring. 

I am very much a novice with car repairs and am by no means an electrician.

A- would this even be compatible with my car, as it is a breadvan and not a coupe

B- does the loom incorporate the radio, i.e would it be the solution to the dogs dinner hiding inside the dash.


basically, the issue is that I have a radio that has been shoved in leaving the wiring a mess, will the loom from a coupe fit a breadvan?


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coupe /breavan should be the same ...would need to ask the seller if the interior loom is included


plan B , you can buy new radio connectors and some wire and repair it neatly

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