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  2. steveo3002

    Leaving it standing - Dead battery

    pretty sure even the crapiest manufacturer makes access for when theres a flat battery maybe spend the money on a breakdown service and let them deal with it?
  3. Is there no key lock even on the tailgate? If there isn’t it will make things interesting as to how you would get into the vehicle if the battery does fail completely, which is possible, especially as it’s already at the ‘won’t start’ stage. If you can’t use jump leads, then If I were you I think it’s probably wise to invest in a charger. You don’t have to pay the earth for one, but avoid cheapo ones as they can churn out unregulated voltages, which can fry electronic components, if you charge the battery with it still connected.As with anything nowadays it’s a case of
  4. SJ18

    Do I have a rare car.... ?

    Hi guys i'm 17 and currently own a mk4 tdi , but earlier on today purchased a green mk3 open air 3 door 1.0 mpi with 29,000 miles! How rare are these?
  5. Yesterday
  6. No because it's totally electronic central locking.
  7. steveo3002

    Leaving it standing - Dead battery

    can you not use the key the door lock?
  8. The only problem bringing it inside would be keeping the car doors locked. I could lock them with the battery still connected, take off the battery and bring inside but then how to I get back into the car to pop the bonnet to re-connect it ?
  9. steveo3002

    Leaving it standing - Dead battery

    no such thing as a cordless charger...yes a jump pack like my first post shows , but nothing that will charge a flat battery without mains cables all you need is a 13mm socket and 10mm spanner to remove it , keep the battery indoors until ready then its helping prevent against theft
  10. I have a loud knocking coming from the front of my golf mk5 GTI 2008. It has been sergested that it is the outer cv joints. But for the amount of noise there is no play when trying to move the drive shaft. When I turn the wheel all way to the right there is some resistance when I get near to full lock. Please help. Any sergestions ?
  11. A charger that can store power so you don't have to take the battery off the car would be good, as car is on the road and don't want a cable trailing over the pavement. Plug and charge the charger and then when fully charged, take out to car and connect.
  12. My Polo Mk3 1.0 MPI petrol from 2001 recently has acquired the habit of losing throttle response with a subsequent stall. This occurs after approx 20 minutes of driving. The car will fail to immediately restart, but will eventually do so after 5 minutes of waiting. After a while, the car will lose throttle response and stall again. The longer this waiting period is, the longer it will take before this occurs. There are no errors on the dash nor has the mechanic found any error codes in the ECU. The car idles fine for hours without any stall, which makes diagnosing the problem harder for a mech
  13. Heya, I am hoping someone can help, I went out to drive my car one evening last week and my dash/speedo, radio, heater controls & window switches are not illuminating. We have checked the fuses and no fault codes are alerting up on vagcom. I was wondering if anyone has had this happen to them before? Thanks in advance.
  14. steveo3002

    Leaving it standing - Dead battery

    batterys can fail in 3 years...especially if left sitting dead flat should be able to get a charger cheaper than a decent battery ...so id take a chance and charge it , but leave it disconected until ready to drive
  15. Can you post some close-up pictures of the fitting at the nearside end of the wiring connector? I guess you've tried just pulling horizontally towards the wing?
  16. Thanks for responding. We have a Lupo SDI i.e. as Polo 6N2 which the battery fittings are exactly as you describe and we've had a Lupo Auto before which has both engine and gearbox CPUs on the bulkhead. Youtube link: shows what we have but already disassembled. Haynes manual (bless them) for 9N non-facelift say the ECU is located on the battery tray. Unlock and disconnect the wiring plug from the ECU then undo the two retaining screws but nobody shows how to get the connector off the ECU pins without damaging them.
  17. I can't find the battery charger so I am in a conundrum to either get a new charger, or a new battery BUT this battery was only new exactly 3 years ago so no way should it be failing now. The previous battery lasted 7 years, and could have even been older as it was the battery that was already on the car when I purchased it.
  18. That looks more like the older 6n/2 setup. I don't think you need to disassemble the plastics. The rest of what I'm about to write is a bit of a guess based on that. If you open the + terminal cover, you should be able to undo the nut on the top of the clamp, that way you can part the fusebox in the cover away from the starter motor lead. The fusebox and the plastics it sits in probably just clamps to the battery with a springy steel band over the top of the battery that pinches it front and back. . You should be able to get to the point where you can lift the steel band and the fu
  19. Double check that the battery light comes on like he said though. There's two thin wires that run along the bottom of the radiator support to the alternator. These are prone to breaking, and that light is the tell tale sign. They're fairly easy to find - trace them back from the alternator, there's a multiplug under the front panel that can be the cause. No point going in serious scanning the car and playing with sensors if it's just a broken wire.
  20. Ross Mckenzie

    Kwijibo_coupe's Mk2 Polo C Breadvan

    Just reading through this great read, looking to convert my coupe s to injection don’t suppose you have an engine lying around with loom ? Mines needs rings and high mileage so may as well swap the entire engine cheers
  21. Last week
  22. Ross Mckenzie

    Polo gt

    Thank you getting used to using this again lol
  23. Ross Mckenzie

    Polo GT engine

    Time Left: 28 days and 8 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    Hi there looking for a full gt conversion Engine, box, interior and bay wiring loom intank pump would be great as well thanks for reading picture of my polo


  24. nige8021

    Polo gt

    You might be better off putting a "Wanted" advert in the classified section (its free) https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/classifieds/category/8-wanted/
  25. Looking at your picture it's totally different to how the dealers manual shows it
  26. Thanks for the advice, will get the car scanned asap.
  27. If it does, it's probably worth getting it scanned as the next stop after the alternator sense wire is normally the angle sensor, which is a bit of a idiot to do without the car on a lift.
  28. Ross Mckenzie

    Polo gt

    Hi there, looking for a full gt conversion for my coupe engine, box ,interior and bay wiring loom intank pump wood be great as well thanks for reading picture of my polo
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