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  2. nige8021

    ACR/AVY torque settings

    Lightly oil sealing lip of oil pump oil seal. ‒ Guide oil pump carefully onto crankshaft polygon cams. ‒ Align inner rotor to crankshaft polygon cams by turning slightly if necessary. ‒ Then slide oil pump carefully onto guide pins. ‒ Secure oil pump with new bolts. Tightening torque: 10 Nm
  3. I'm after the torque settings for the ACR/AVY direct drive oil pump to block bolts.
  4. Have a look at this https://7zap.com/en/catalog/cars/volkswagen/brand/20/0/Polo%2FDerby%2FVento-IND/PO/Volkswagen/VU5iS3hPV1VXczkrOEwrcXg3VkpCQURGbXZ3MEd1cG1hdnA0OGUzTWlsQ0lJbi9GNE5GQ0U4eDdSVUJTU1UvdFlQWkcrY1hlazkxVldRUEZTUjRKNnpMOHVsZ0U3ZXFJRnBnRjU3TUZ6UDJxcStZNTk3QVNnVXFXQTdWSHFmOTA=/6bbffde8b5b8077d2d0a5796da6eea3c:8cc545faedee5f020cf1429c3de470cf/manufacturer/1/103-3000
  5. sleag40

    Vauxhall Cavalier

    Procrastination took up most of the available time today. I did manage to get the alternator cleaned up though. I'll be blasting and painting the fan, pulley and tensioner arm in the week to smarten them up a bit - the main body came up well enough to leave as is. 🙂
  6. Yeti

    MK2 breadvan Formel E with SSA

    Solid looking car with a lot of potential. I had it on my watch list and was getting tempted! The rub strips are a bit of a mismash of age appropriate optional extra ones (the rounded soft rubber ones with the Polo badge) and ones off a later car (the hard plastic angular ones). A lot of the SSA's were disabled or pulled out when the cars were near new. The idea was well ahead of its time, and although it worked in principle, battery and starter motor tech wasn't ready for it at the time. I'd love to see a working setup in action.
  7. Hi all, Would anyone be able to help clarify the cylinder head part numbers for the mk1 HA engine (895cc) with water heated manifolds? Mine's a '78 with part number 052 103 373C, but I'm being offered a one with part number 052 103 373A. Is there a significant differences between these heads? I gather that most of the early heads are all the same (camshafts aside), but I'm being told the inlet valve diameter for 052 103 373A is 34mm whereas my current one is 32mm. Does anyone know if the one I'm being offered is suitable? Daniel
  8. Jim1500

    MK2 breadvan Formel E with SSA

    looks to be a great base, love the steering wheel dude! You keeping it stock looking or going for alloys etc? Going back to freshly painted steels with the black centres would be lovely on that
  9. Jim1500

    1 year anniversary gift...

    Scum! Had it done on my wifes car last year, down both doors and rear quarter.
  10. Last week
  11. sleag40

    Vauxhall Cavalier

    Black bits painted in engine enamel. Exhaust manifold was blasted yesterday, (cheers Dave!) and sprayed with high temperate paint at work this afternoon. More freshening up of filthy stuff coming soon.
  12. MartinB

    1988 F reg Mk2 Polo breadvan, 1.3 CL

    HOW MUCH?!
  13. AlanWebb

    Do I have a rare car.... ?

    Hi all, I'm new to the club but joined as I have just bought a 2001 5 door Jazz Blue Concept openair. Everything is still standard as far as I can tell. Paint is good. Mechanics less so. I will try to get some more pics uploaded soon. Alan.
  14. Don't think you'll need both Fakra to ISO convertors. Connects2 are good stuff, but I've not used the DAB/FM splitter. Can you download the Pioneer instructions and check whether you need the CAN box?
  15. Thanks for the pointer Nige, Just borrowed a Snap-on Solos-Ultra, just been playing with it and it lists my 97 Arosa 1.0 MPI, so what could possibly go wrong?
  16. Time Left: 1 month and 27 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Open to sensible offers. No modifications, as it was when it rolled out the factory. 3 owners since new, main dealer service history for majority of the 30 years. Just under 87K miles on the clock. Starts first time and runs well. Maintenance work undertaken in past year: new exhaust, new rear beam, tyres have done approx. 500 miles, new brakes, new cambelt, and undersealed for protection. Original fabric is in good condition for age, radio cassette works perfectly. Paintwork is in good condition, no evidence of rust Drives beautifully, great fun to nip around town in. Manual gearbox is smooth throughout all changes. It has won best unmodified at local VW shows. Comes with winter storm cover. New MOT. Only selling as emigrating and can't take with us.


    poole, dorset - GB

  17. Jim1500

    2020 Calendar Entries

    Whopper! Great pic lad.
  18. steveo3002

    Head unit installation - Polo 9n3. Help!

    typicly proper dab aerials work best , theyre a bit sketchy tho it might be a case of try one and see mine works alright with a screen mount , others claim theyre cra@p yes the adaptor should make it a easy swap
  19. alexyash18


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  20. PugBrothers

    Head unit installation - Polo 9n3. Help!

  21. If you have a windows laptop ? this will be your best option https://www.gendan.co.uk/product_VAGUSB.html
  22. Fuel and filter was changed. Does anyone know of a cheap code reader that will read the codes on this car. I guess its a cut down early MK3 Polo, passably with a MK2 engine? Bought a MemoScanner U281 and it wont read it, reads my Jag ok but not the Seat?
  23. Bezzo89

    MK2 breadvan Formel E with SSA

    Hello everyone, my name is Brett and I live near Southend in Essex. I have recently purchased my first Polo, a MK2 Breadvan Formel E. It is the second VW I have owned after having a MK1 golf about 10 years ago. I was looking for something retro that I could use as an almost daily alongside my family car that wasn't as big of a project as my classic mini. Here are some details on the car Model: MK2 breadvan Trim: Polo C Formel E with SSA Colour: silver Year: 1985 Registration: B832MSF Mileage: 93,000 Modifications: Weber carb and some wheel trims... Plans: to keep the car in good running order smarten up the bodywork and go to car shows in it. So far I have only got the car back into storage whilst I wait for the logbook to come through. Unfortunately it was all lost as the original owner passed away which mean there was a distinct lack of history with the car as well. It was already MOT'd when I got and after a look over it the car seemed like the ideal rolling project. After a bit more research it turned out some aspects of the car were quite rare so I decided to keep it fairly standard rather than go mad modifying it. There is one of the trims missing off the drivers door which I know most people remove however I wanted to keep it standard so I have sourced a replacement. It has the SSA system on it which I would like to get working but as it has the Weber carb it will not do it. However I have managed to find a Pierburg carb the original one for it as well from the same person that has the trim. He has been very helpful indeed with educating me on the breadvan by finding information and looking for bits in their large collection spares. The guy's name is Johnny Leach I imagine he will be on here. What a big help he has been already! He also sorted me out another matching wheel trim as I know they are not supposed to have them but I thought I would have a set. I have got my eyes on a set of Wolfsburg BBS alloy wheels for it as well. The next step is to fit the carb and the door trim and as the car has been in a garage for the last 20 odd years service it and do the cambelt, brakes etc. It has a little leak from the radiator which I have ordered and I have also got a whole load of stuff off GSF car parts with a super VIP discount code! I have added some pictures but unfortunately all I have is screenshots of the eBay listing so far! I'm sure I will have more soon! My next afternoon free of dad and husband duties is Sunday so I'm looking to carry on with the car then and will post another update after!
  24. 1980

    Gt alternator

    I have just got the car back on Monday from the garage that sourced and fitted a new gearbox, fixed a oil and coolant leak. I can't justify spending another £100 for a new one atm. This was lying in my lock up🤷‍♂️. I fitted it this afternoon, and it seems like it's working perfectly. I swapped the pulley over from the old one, so the original belt fits as standard and drilled out the top mount to match the engine mount. I will try and remember to update this post in a month or so. Hopefully no more dead battery!
  25. sleag40

    Vauxhall Cavalier

    Got a bit of time on the bead blaster today to clean up a few bits and pieces. The flywheel cover got a bit of silver engine enamel before available time ran out. I'll hopefully get the other bits painted some time this week.
  26. Jesswat

    2020 Calendar Entries

  27. Ewanj2203

    2020 Calendar Entries

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