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  2. Bayles222


    My 2018 1lt Polo has a cluth failure. 11 months old and only 6800 miles and VW say the clutch is not under warranty. The dealership want Β£700 up front to check. Is this right ????
  3. dvderlm

    Camshaft ticking

    Cambelt, tensioner and waterpump normally worth doing while you are there. - sometimes sold as a complete kit. New camshaft only if it is not straight or lobes really worn and I reckon that would be rare on a diesel, even with turbo as they don't rev high. I know of a 1.9tdi (pre-pd) with over 260,000 miles on original engine and turbo only had a new alternator and aircon condenser (and a 750,000+ mile tdi taxi). I have not done a diesel engine head, but TPS provide VW Original parts usually below dealer prices. Not had issues with INA or FAG aftermarket head stuff myself. Dead certain it is a cam follower? (I found a pulley keyway on a dead petrol Lupo was the weak point).
  4. Jim1500

    Vauxhall Cavalier

    You've some patience sir! Excellent workπŸ˜€
  5. Jim1500

    Saloon 2f Project thread

    That looks like it's too nice to break! What's wrong with it?
  6. Aaron-bluedune

    Polo dune 1.4tdi 75bhp

    Time Left: 1 month and 28 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    For sale 1.4tdi pd 3 cyclinder 75bhp 126,000 miles Service history 10 or 11 months mot left Genuine bbs wheels (could do with a refurb) Good tires all round Used daily never skipped a beat Ice cool ac for those hot days Cheap to run Like 80 miles to Β£5 cheap! Too many cars mainly vws owned by me means one has to go and here she is! Grab yourself cheap bargain! All models this age and spec are fetching Β£2k+ rare soon to be collectors item! Comes to you at Β£1800 ono!


    Northampton, England - GB

  7. kiran_182

    Saloon 2f Project thread

    Keep hold of all the screes clips and bolts as yoy strip it, always come in handy
  8. Hi all, I have a 1.9tdi estate 2001 that was purchased as a temporary car but four years later and I realize I cant let it go! Unfortunately it has a significant ticking from the top of the engine it is worse when the engine is cold but still present when up to temperature, I am guessing this due to a sticking cam follower, I have tried a couple of cans of "snake oil" and wasted my money, should have known better but I guess it was wishful thinking So my question is - do I change just the followers or would it be wise to change the camshaft at the same time, is there any other works that should be carried out at the time? There are many suppliers for parts and I would be grateful of for recommendations of suppliers or parts and makers With many thanks in anticipation.
  9. taylor

    Saloon 2f Project thread

  10. taylor

    Saloon 2f Project thread

  11. taylor

    Saloon 2f Project thread

    well I ended up buying a complete 2f for a steal for parts so I'll be cutting up shell for off cuts for mine and breaking rest of car I think it's pretty povity spec but if anybody needs anything just PM me as everything is going from it its a CL so 1.3 carb engine I'm keeping gearbox for myself as i think mine is broke Pictures to follow
  12. Managed to find a garage just now and he speaks english, he's going to try and get one in for tomorrow. Aye true - worst case we're on Corsica for a while in the same place so I'm sure we can get something sent there.
  13. why dont you google main dealers ? audi /vw/skoda can most likley help...take yours in and point at it or id rock up to any garage you pass and see if you can communicate ...they might tell you where the nearest seller is worst case i dont supose it would cripple you to have one sent out from uk on 24/48hr
  14. Sorry - few things got in the way since friday! It was a black cap yeah. I have french friend who offered to phone a few places to see if they can get a part in and no luck (few of the garages seemed open, although Fin might have just picked some duff places to call accidentally). I managed to navigate French Oscaro and order a blue one (Metzger) to be sent by 24-hour post to a carrefour on our route back, not certain it'll be delivered in time but we'll see... Tomorrow we have to Drive to Italy to continue our trip and will be on Corsica next, might be harder to find one down there, hard to tell. Half the problem has been where we are - currently up near Val Thorens which is pretty remote. Thankfully we only have to do down the mountain to get off, not much chance of overheating there. I'm struggling to locate one - does anyone know the name of any French auto part stores? I feel like there should be something we can walk in to rather than having to order. The two O-rings didn't hold air in the end - you can hear air wheezing out of the expansion tank overflow when you squeeze a hose with the cap on. Could be that the seal is fine and the check valve is shot, but either way its duff. Bought a ton of coolant and had to use some when we got up here and stopped - it spat out a few hundred mil again even after some idling with the fan cycling and the heater on full blast. I guess the thermal intertia of the head takes a while to clear. Had a real scare then as the idling was crazily lumpy and it appeared like two cylinders weren't firing... some very quick checks later (haven't had a whole heap of time to work on this on holiday!) and it seems like it was just running very rough with some fouled plugs. My theory is I tried running too high a gear going up the mountain and just coked up the plugs something rotten. Hopefully. Thanks for the help guys - really can't stress enough how good having this forum is when you're up the creek sans paddle!
  15. Last week

    Vw polo coupe s mk2 (86c)

    The gearbox end of the speedo cable is difficult to engage sometimes; the clip that holds the cable into the back of the speedo can break through old age; the needle on the speedo can get a bit "sticky" wher e the magnetic force is not enough to push the needle around. A good tap gets mine going again.
  17. sleag40

    Vauxhall Cavalier

    Made a start on the front end this afternoon, lots of surface rust mainly, just a small area needing repair where one panel overlaps another. Pretty fiddly stuff, but the end of underside strippage is in sight now. πŸ™‚
  18. dvderlm

    g40 in germany

    TS-XG 40 in Chieming on the Chiemsee, Bavaria. Lowered, black, maybe on Lenso rims.
  19. sleag40

    Vauxhall Cavalier

    Bulkhead bottom repair now done, no incremental progress pics due to leaving my phone at home! Back to the noisy, fiddly and dirty joy of stripping the front end back to the metal. πŸ™‚
  20. sleag40

    Vauxhall Cavalier

    Hydrate 80 going on Both coats on both sides done Now I can crack on with the lower bulkhead repair before stripping back the front end/engine bay. πŸ™‚
  21. That's a good summary of how I feel with my Polo at the moment - I do stop, but yeah, not confidently. Thanks for your help!
  22. Jim1500

    What grinds your gears

    I've had over 20 years of doing shows all over the place to the point where I've just gotten sick of them and a lot of the scene muppets who attend them just to snigger and pick holes in other cars. That and having 4kids now makes it harder to get away for a whole day and if the show's crap it's a day wasted! Only really attended a few small local club meets over past few years. Got to the stage I want my cars to drive and enjoy myself really 😎 (grumpy old git that I am 😁)
  23. steveo3002

    What grinds your gears

    ive driven miles to car shows /meets and theyve been total poo (not been to cpolo ones) so very wary of wasting time and money to possibly stand in a car park and watch kids skid about or redline their mums 1.0ltr car
  24. Yeti

    What grinds your gears

    It's the thing with growing up in the middle of nowhere. I class anywhere that's a 2 figure mileage as local. πŸ˜‚ Yeah, it's easier for me now I'm driving a modern car (15 year old modern car). Doing 100 miles in my mk2 when I was younger was always a complete lottery!
  25. was it a black cap? im sure they have dealers or equivalent of gsf there
  26. Managed to squeeze a fat green O-ring (came with my elring head gasket set - maybe a camshaft seal?) into the cap - it'll be sealing along its inner edge. Tightened le bouchon down with a pair of stilsons and a rag (new oring needs some squishing) and idled the engine up to temp until the fan kicked in - the tubes are nice and tight and there's no boiling. Should be a sound fix until we get a replacement. Thanks for the pointers guys
  27. Try 2 o-rings until you find a spare cap (bouchon de radiator)?
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