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  1. Yesterday
  2. was it a black cap? im sure they have dealers or equivalent of gsf there
  3. Managed to squeeze a fat green O-ring (came with my elring head gasket set - maybe a camshaft seal?) into the cap - it'll be sealing along its inner edge. Tightened le bouchon down with a pair of stilsons and a rag (new oring needs some squishing) and idled the engine up to temp until the fan kicked in - the tubes are nice and tight and there's no boiling. Should be a sound fix until we get a replacement. Thanks for the pointers guys
  4. Try 2 o-rings until you find a spare cap (bouchon de radiator)?
  5. if its the round tank then theyre common to most 90s onwards vag cars , black was the original blue was a slightly better one any car parts store or breakers should be able to help you, or main dealer might stock one
  6. Well well well. I think you might be on to something mate - just had a check and the o-ring inside the cap has snapped and was bunched up to one side - probably been like this ever since I've owned it which likely means I've had an un-pressurised cooling system! This must be the source of the boiling as pressurised fluid wouldn't boil in the same way. Pretty impressed that it survived the punishment of yesterday with floppy hoses... Now the question is where am I going to find a replacement cap? Is there anything I can do as a bogan fix in the meantime? I brought a bunch of O-rings with me and one potentially would fit but its thinner than the one that was originally in the cap - might fit and make some sort of seal
  7. I'll see if I can't find a cap - may be tricky where we're headed but you never know! Yeah - definitely flowing back through the return pipe in the header tank, had my partner rev it and it gushed out so pump is fine. Honestly the whole cooling system appears to be working as it should and nothing is out of place, i get the feeling the driving and the conditions might just be on the limit of what its capable of! When we stop at an aire later on this morning I'll idle it for a good while and use the heater as a secondary heat sink to see if it helps.
  8. Last week
  9. i just know caps can cause trouble...cheap thing to try thats all you can look see if theres flow from the small tube on the coolant tank, proves the pump is working another guess ...could the thermostat be slow to respond ? i dunno cant be too much wrong if it copes with hours of high speed use , and you say once its settled it will sit there and idle with the fan coming on/off ?
  10. sleag40

    Vauxhall Cavalier

    Only managed an hour on it this afternoon. The brake pipe tag that fell off was stuck back on, then the rusty bung hole was cut out. The repair is only just over an inch square, and somewhere that will not be seen, so not much finesse was necessary. Job jobbed!
  11. Its at 90 degrees the whole time we were driving and under 100 when we stop. The fan kicks in around 110 (on the temp gauge) and turns off around 90. I think whats happening is the head is so hot that when we stop quickly like that it doesn't have anywhere to go and the latent heat of the head boils the coolant locally. The fan only knows how hot it is in the thermostat elbow but it could be much hotter elsewhere if the pump isn't running right? And if the fan isn't running there won't be much of a convection current through the system, or at least not as pronounced? Do you feel another cap would be an idea if the system isn't getting to pressure? I'll check the hoses are all taught when its warm tomorrow.
  12. soemthing doesnt sound right , the fan should be already on if its super hot , could try another coolant cap yes pop the heater on if you feel its getting overheated
  13. Just did 8 hours of driving from Oxford to Dijon - the first leg on a 3 week tour around France in our Mk2f. I'd planned ahead meticulously and the car has probably been over-maintained before the trip as a precaution. Drove like a greased rocket out of Coquelles - car behaving perfectly and doing 130km/h for hours like a champ. However when we stopped for fuel I totally forgot about how hot the head may have gotten on l'autoroute so as soon as the pump stopped the coolant boiled over. No biggie I thought - only lost a few hundred ml and I brought a gallon of deionised water just in case. Topped it up and didn't thinka ny more of it. 4 hours later the same thing happened again, even after letting it idle for a while and let the fan kick in a couple of times before turning off. Am I just being an idiot and this is what driving in a French summer was like 26 years ago? Does anyone have any tips? Should I run the heater on full whack when we stop suddenly like that (i.e. in an aire off the autoroute) and try and bring the head temp down for a while? Was fine just stopping in Dijon now as we had to do some slow city driving before stopping. However when idling just before we turned off for the day the pump was squealing away - sounded like the old one before I replaced it in Jan and that was knackered. Could it just be dead hot? Probably should lay off sitting at 4k revs for 4 hours at a time from now on eh...!
  14. Eviljohn

    Crispy cooling toobs

    Fired off an email to that lpg hose supplier. According to them, the Alex hose will be perfect. And at that price, i can also get a bit more and maybe replace some more of the system hose while i have it apart. Thanks for that dvderlm!
  15. As it states, I am thinking about sticking Rota Grids on my 6n2, and I want this same wheel fitment/ placement or at least similar. im currently on 15x7s (I think, possible that rear are wider, not 100% sure) however I am not sure about the ET. so what I want to know is if anyone has put rota grids 7js on a 6n2, how different they will line up compared to my current rims. or is it worth looking into doing 7s on front and 8s on rear? I Looked into 8js, they sit nice but apparently effects the ride, I currently enjoy the ride on 7js despite the height and would like to continue to as this is my daily. Any input or suggestion appreciated. Cheers.
  16. kwijibo_coupe

    What grinds your gears

    Maybe my views are different because I have to travel for meets. The closest car meet venue for me would be Aberdeen which is a 70 mile round trip, but I'd also think nothing of doing double or triple that and still class it as a local meet. But I don't get those who say an hours drive or whatever is too far for a meet. We're lucky in the sense that our hobby is also our mode of transport to these meets but people don't seem to be willing to use them for their intended purpose.
  17. Does this car have a square or cylinder shaped coil? I'm needing the coil mount and bolts etc. For the square type.
  18. I'm needing a coil mounting bracket and bolt's. Still available?
  19. Eviljohn

    Crispy cooling toobs

    I have plenty of room to make the bend longer, less of an angle. Not particularly fussed about scruffy. I'll take ugly if it works. My bay is not show worthy by any means. Those ones you guys have sent seem pretty good contenders too. I have no idea what state the grommet is in. See if i can fine one just in case. Would rather have one and not need it. Thanks dudes.
  20. Eviljohn

    Crispy cooling toobs

    The bendiest bend i need to bend is this:
  21. Cameron hearne

    Vw polo coupe s mk2 (86c)

    Thankyou I will investigate
  22. steveo3002

    Vw polo coupe s mk2 (86c)

    first thing is check the cable is connected and then that its not broken
  23. Hi, I am buying a be polo mk2 coupe s 86c 1.3 and the speedo doesn’t work and I was wandering where I should start to look, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  24. ConnorS1702

    Help please!!

    They haven’t been changed in 18 years anyway so is it worth changing them all anyway? It’s a long term project anyway So I don’t mind👍🏻
  25. elaine watson

    Volkswagen Polo Bread Van Fox

    Time Left: 1 month and 26 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    A rare project van. Owned and used for the last 23 years as run around vehicle between two farms. Ran on an exemption permit. Great little runner. New timing belt. Mileage 103801 Petrol 1043cc Engine Sold as seen with no warranty. Collection in person only.For sale by auction on ebay.


    Brampton, Cumbria - GB

  26. dvderlm

    Crispy cooling toobs

    What about Lpg reducer hot water supply hose? Tends to be kink resistant and super tough - but do re-use the figure 8 gasket through firewall. Like the caretaker says it will rub otherwise.. https://www.lpgshop.co.uk/16mm-water-coolant-alex-hose-1-meter/ https://www.lpgshop.co.uk/15mm-water-coolant-thunderflex-hose-1meter/ https://www.lpgshop.co.uk/o16mm-water-coolant-parker-hose-1-meter/ I have seen convoluted hose for Lpg heat application, but not in 16mm
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