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  2. MonsterL35YFP

    AFH hybrid hall sender

    Yeah true just heard that getting the signal off the coil makes the gauge abit twitchy but if it works fine I'll just stick with that.
  3. kwijibo_coupe

    AFH hybrid hall sender

    Why would it be better? Nothing wrong with taking the feed off the coil. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
  4. MartinB

    Mk2 Golf GTi - 8v

    Thanks dude!
  5. kiran_182

    Mk2 Golf GTi - 8v

    Nice big bumper
  6. Groover14

    Mk2 Polo single picture thread

    Looks ok from 10m. 🙂
  7. So I'm running a Hybrid on AFH injection and the rev gauge feed has been put on the coil but iv heard that you're better off going off the hall sender?
  8. MartinB

    Mk2 Golf GTi - 8v

    Here's a few pics of how it stands:
  9. Thanks. It was still in the hedge when I found it. Had been there some time apparently. I'll try to get along to a meet at some point in the near future
  10. Great story. I remember getting sent a few pictures of this car when it was nose first in a hedge up in Skye. Fantastic to see it was rescued and is now being used. Be sure to try and come along the next time we have a Scottish meet.
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  13. nige8021

    Running with no thermostat

    Those self tapping screws for the cover of the thermostat are such a crap idea, at best you've got two removal/refits before there is nothing for the screws to bite into, I was going to drill the hole out and fit a rivnut, but after two complete housing failures (ECP pattern parts) the engine cooked itself and was only fit for the scrappy
  14. cavedweller

    Running with no thermostat

    Some things never change. Sounds just like the sort of friendly honest service you could expect from any garage in the 1970's. I do intend to replace the thermostat at some point before the next MOT, actually the whole plastic housing thing as the screws snapped off when I tried to remove the old thermostat and I've just temporarily bodged it back together but it's holding up just fine for now. I've already got a new housing and I'll probably do the main hoses as well when I finally get round to it. Only had to replace a couple of liters of coolant with water so I think that'll be fine for now.
  15. Dannm997

    Gearbox codes for mk2

    Nice one lads thes shed some light on things for me
  16. sleag40

    Vauxhall Cavalier

    Stopped off at the shed on the way home today, and got the lower rear quarter bottom on. Just needs to be checked for pin holes, then I can get the lower rear valance fettled up and on.
  17. Higgy

    Which Polo?

    Thank you, much appreciated Higgy
  18. kiran_182

    Which Polo?

    A g40 will appreciate better so look for a decent one with charger history Check for rust behind arch kit, battery tray, inner arch near filler neck
  19. Jim1500

    Which Polo?

    Personally I'd be going for a really mint MK3 GT coupe and still have plenty of change, you could maybe even get a nice G40! https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1111315
  20. Bertjuh

    Mk2 Polo single picture thread

    Clean 🙂
  21. Groover14

    Mk2 Polo single picture thread

    Here's mine :-)
  22. damunk

    engine struggling to turn

    ordered a bosch S5 520cca, 53A. so pretty high percentage increase on cold crank. Dimensions 207 x 175 x 175 as opposed to the one I have in which is 207 x 175 x 790
  23. will do . found: 6N0 815 471 obsolete at VW and TPS. second hands including covers on ebay. cheers
  24. meganscott

    Single 6x4 speaker

    Time Left: 1 month and 26 days

    • WANTED
    • NEW

    Hello! I’m looking to replace the (3 6x4) factory speakers in my mk2. Trying to keep cost down so before I go and by 2 sets of speakers just to have one spare, thought I’d see if anyone else has done the same first? Suppose it could be handy to have a spare if not though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ta!


  25. Higgy

    Which Polo?

    Hello there, I do sincerely apologise if you're hacked off with new members coming on to the forum and asking the same question(s). I know exactly what that's like, because I've been a member of another classic car club for about 13 years and have spent hours helping new owners. So now's my chance to turn the tables and ask for your advice :) I am looking to buy a Polo. I've got about £5,000 to spend. I'd prefer something older; in original condition; with a lovely ownership history and low mileage; than a more modern car with spaceship miles and a dubious maintenance and ownership history. Am I dreaming? Is there a model and/or engine type I should avoid? Thank you for your help in this matter. Higgy
  26. MartinB

    Mk2 Golf GTi - 8v

    With my Polo breaking down on me late last year and not really spending much time on it this year due to getting married I decided recently to down tools and see what else is out there. House purchase and wedding have dominated the last few years, so being able to take a look for a new car was something I was looking forward to! I thought i'd narrowed my choice down to a mk2 Scirocco. maybe another Corrado but was happy trawling the usual places to get some inspiration. Anyway, I came across a Golf advertised on a local website in Oxford that is very quiet these days (even quieter than Gumtree!), I checked the mileage & MOT history and was put off by the mileage so left it. A week later (last Friday) i'd seen that it had been re-advertised at a much lower price. Fast forward a couple of hours and i'd had a chat with the owner, and learnt that he has had it since 2003 and bought off his brother who had it for a few years before that. He also told me that he'd had it serviced a couple of times a year and wasn't an enthusiast etc. Took it for a drive on Saturday morning, liked what I saw and did a deal! It's very original apart from 90's era wheels (may a dealer fit?!) and some 6x9's in the (broken) parcel shelf! Despite the mileage the interior is in decent condition for its age, requiring some trim inside and a bloody good clean inside and out. The worst piece of rot I can find is on the passenger door which i'm OK with as the chassis looks good to me. Pics to follow!
  27. Biff91

    New daily

  28. Well all I can say is you can't be looking very well !!
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