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  2. Clayson9

    Project Breadvan GT

    *update* Sorry for the gap in between updates, realistically my updates will be less frequent but with more info per update over the coming months. (Ive just moved into my 1st house so pretty busy with that!) Anyway, ive managed to get a few other bits done on the car over the last month or so. One of my main issues to fix was a gearbox problem ... when driving on the motorway cruising about 60mph i lost 5th gear, it just popped out and then wouldnt stay in 5th for any longer than 20 seconds or so. After limping the car home and doing some research into what it could be, I began by draining the box to find there was barely 200ml of oil in (box should take 3.2L i believe!). Luckily there was no cr*p came out with the oil. I refilled it and had a mess around with the linkage to try get selection just right (not fun!). And since then it has been spot on. It is however still leaking oil from the box. I think its coming from the selector seal? (If anyone can shed any light on that some info would be gratefully received 🙂 ). Theres not loads of oil, maybe a few drips each time i come back to the car after a week or so. The car is now due an MOT so ill update on how that goes. But with my new house and winter fast approaching again chances are that the car wont be out that many more times this year. I have very little history with the car so I intend on getting the cambelt and waterpump changed and compression testing the engine to be sure its okay. My aim for the next month is to get it through MOT, give it a full service, sort the leaky box and hopefully get a few exterior bits done. Im in no real rush with this "project", overall the aim is to have a car for drives out on B roads, to get back to a few shows like polo social and meet more people & to learn as much as i can on fixing up a car along the way. I'll keep this thread as up to date as possible. Cheers ✌🏻
  3. steveo3002

    1.4 gt

  4. I'm about to build a 1.4 gt, would I benefit from fitting the gt cam in 1.4 engine?
  5. Last week
  6. Time Left: 1 month and 27 days

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    Less than 2000 miles taken off new gti. over £120 each on Blackcircle.


    Exeter, England - GB

  7. kiran_182

    Breaking mk2f coupe red

    Coupe and breadvan rear bumper are different, breadvan has a lip that makes up the back of the arch if i recall
  8. sleag40

    Vauxhall Cavalier

    A little time was made for more wire wheel action this afternoon - thanks to not having to do overtime today. 🙂 Nothing spectacular, just chipping away at the frontal parts of the car. More progress to come in the not too distant future. (hopefully)
  9. Having had a more thorough fiddle it appears that the 'click' originates not from the steering UJ but from the rack istelf - the steering arms have a tiny amount of play in them at the rack end. I'm going to see if tightening the adjustment on the rack a smidge won't sort it, otherwise it may be time for a new rack.
  10. taylor

    Breaking mk2f coupe red

    Yea just pm me a list what you need bud so it’s not a wasted trip but rear bumper is still there
  11. Hi all, Was wondering if I could get some advice from you. I've purchased a new head unit from a 2016 VW Polo for my 2015 car, and was wondering whether any of you have retrofitted the discover media head unit? Cheers!
  12. zob

    Breaking mk2f coupe red

    I assume the rear bumper would fit a bready? I can't quite tell but it seems to me the only different Mk2f bumper was for the notchback (with its little cutout for the exhaust)? If it'd fit I wouldn't mind the bumper off it - the bracket on mine is bung and it sags rather sadly. Happy to pop up to where you are to collect. Also after a heap of other things if they're still present / no one has asked for them when I get up to you.
  13. Time Left: 1 month and 26 days

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    Polo L 1.0L 1997 - This is a genuine 1 lady owner (my wife) car from new with just 29180 miles on the clock. Always been garaged and so totally rust free & In exceptional condition inside and out. Has MOT till 1st June 2020 comes with all MOT Certs supporting mileage. A time warp car, all tools, manual ,keys.


    Leighton Buzzard, Beds - GB

  14. dvderlm

    6n2 release bearing

    Did you get to see the damaged release bearing? Or where it clips into gearbox? Any damaged pressure plate fingers? Could the pedal box be a bit detached, that would make smooth engaging difficult, putting stress on the cable?
  15. taylor

    Breaking mk2f coupe red

  16. 1vw2many

    Breaking mk2f coupe red

    When you back from holiday price on drivers side front headlight posted please.
  17. feeblington

    6n2 release bearing

  18. Jim1500

    Mk3 Polo single picture thread

    That was a tidy car dude, the scala rims and chrome bumper stripe work really well on that! There's a cracking Mk2 Coupe S on ebay atm https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Polo-Coupe-S-Helios-Blue-1989-Genuine-57k-Miles-Awesome-Condition-for-age/143354319860?hash=item21609553f4:g:9yIAAOSwlCFdUb3x
  19. Adam Evans

    Polo 2004 1.4 Faults

    Just an update, I retook of the throttle body and give it another good clean that night, car was still idling like crap and giving the error codes. Came home from work yesterday and gave the MAP sensor a clean and turn it over, car is car idling much better, still dropping a few revs but nothing like it was before and no error codes.
  20. steveo3002

    About to rebuild my engine

    research what its going to cost then add a bit , i lightly refreshed my abd , it cost way more than i thought and there was lots of could have done that i didnt , plus you need the tools /measuring equipment etc you could get a low miles great runner much cheaper than a proper rebuild
  21. taylor

    Breaking mk2f coupe red

    Yes I’m away on holiday at the moment until the 23rd but message me then to remind me and I’ll get postage cost 👍
  22. Mclovin

    1982 Polo Modified Rolling Shell

    I spotted a pps subframe in your build thread, how much us that?
  23. dvderlm

    About to rebuild my engine

    There are 2 sump bolts at flywheel end which I guarantee will drive you nuts. Later flywheels have a recess to let a tool reach them and Vw suggest different bolts (inner hex bit I think) If you are going to port a mechy head you could get bigger inlet valves fitted (Ford Pinto or Transit exhaust valves 8mm stem 36.2mm head, ~110.6mm long) to make it worthwhile.
  24. dvderlm

    About to rebuild my engine

    Rubber engine mounts? I'd replace the alternator and starter cabling and earth straps. Maybe change from Lucas plug to 8mm stud connection style alternator..
  25. dvderlm

    About to rebuild my engine

    For 1984 gearbox oil spec API GL4 80W-90. "Duckhams hypoid 80" 3.1 litres in the 5 speed box. https://www.duckhams.com/product/duckhams-classic-hypoid-80w-90-api-gl-4/ is a stinky mineral oil. A 75w90 oil GL4+ synthetic like Castrol Syntrans is okay. Don't use GL5 https://www.bobistheoilguy.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=1231182
  26. Hello, Wonder if anybody has the 1.4 16V combustion chamber volume written down somewhere? I don't have access to one yet, but I am wondering if it would be feasible to put it on a block with a 1l (or there abouts) capactity without a too large of compression drop as some would be even good, as I would also want to put a small turbo on it, perhaps off of a 1.2/1.4TSI, if the price is right, as it seems to be a bolt-on judging by the gaskets? I want to recreate the Gol 1.0 16V Turbo to some extent (i know the bore and stroke is off)

    About to rebuild my engine

    If you have the engine apart it is worth checking the condition of the crankshaft, the condition of the main bearings, the end float of the crankshaft, crankshaft oil seals and cleanliness of the oil galleries. If the engine is high mileage, then this is all worth doing especially if you are considering performance upgrades. If you are concerned that there is a history of corrosion in the block it is worth pulling out frost plugs to see if there is a build up of corrosion in the block compromising block cooling. New frost plugs are easily available on line. A well known German manufacturer of gasket set is fine. The cam cover gasket is one that has got to be good. Your engine may be the mechanical head so it may have a different seal. It will be annoying if that leaks as well as the bolt seals on the cam cover. All the bearings and seals can be replaced in the gearboxes; the 5 speeds easier than the 4 speeds because the bearings are taper roller bearings instead. The seal at the front of the gearbox that seals the primary shaft is not a standard size. You have to have the correct one or oil ends up on the clutch. Replace the clutch if you have the gearbox off. Check that the engine breather is clear or pressure builds up in the engine and forces oil out. I use the synthetic oil grade recommended by VW. I can't remember the grade. That will be found in the owners manual. Change the water pump because you will get good access to it. A silicon grease around the water pump seal will prevent it seizing and allow it to move easily so the cam belt can be tightened. A common fault is the oil leak from the oil gallery at the front offside of the engine that leaks on to to the alternator. The quality of the head gasket and the flatness of the head and block minimises this oil leak. I put some sealant around here as well to stop this leak if possible. All my experience is with the hydraulic head. If you have a mechanical head, then there will be differences.
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