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  2. JBrown

    6N1 Front Fog Retrofit Components

    Time Left: 29 days and 3 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    I am looking for the following components: RHD Headlight Switch with indents for both front and rear fog lights. Lower Front Grille with cut outs for fog lights (The Single Piece Lower Grille). Front Fog Lights (Both left and right) for the single piece lower grille. Many thanks in advance, Jack


    Fareham, Hampshire - GB

  3. Last week
  4. ross_m

    1977 Mk1 Polo Manila

    I used to own this car in Scotland. I drove it for a year and loved it. Great to see it is finally getting the work it deserved. I didn't have the time due to other projects so I sold it to a mate who had good intentions but he also had to let it go.
  5. Hi all I removed the foglight and drained all the water out. I left in the sun with the bulb and rubber 'vents' removed for a day just to dry and air out. Then I reassembled it and put it back in the car. It seems to be stable for now (given that there's no rain or water anywhere near it) but I'm still unsure how so much water got there in the first place. Any ideas? 😕 W
  6. sleag40

    Vauxhall Cavalier

    As seems to be the case for the last few weeks, there hasn't been a right lot of time to spend on this recently. A few bits have been cleaned up something like prior to blasting. Next pile of junk for the treatment. Started stripping the steering gear down. It all seems to be cleaning up pretty well. These should be good to go back on after a bit of a buff up. Centre piece sanded clean ready to paint. Steering arms stripped ready to clean and paint. New tin of paint should be landing this week, and hopefully my rear beam and subframes will finally get blasted too - every time I've gone to drop them off, the bloke has just left!
  7. dvderlm

    Weber Woes - DMTL on Mk2

    See that 6mm Allen headed bolt on my pot. . I drilled a hole in the bulkhead near the chassis number, and attached it with that bolt and nut. Higher than the carb.
  8. bastibum

    Weber Woes - DMTL on Mk2

    Aha so those connections are the same as on my aftermarket swirl pot. Then the stock swirl pot in a MK2 polo differs from a MK2 golf's right? BTW: Did you find any neat way of mounting the pot in the engine bay?
  9. dvderlm

    Weber Woes - DMTL on Mk2

    My memory is wrong. Found my ancient swirl pot from mk2 Golf. In and return both high on side. Out to carb is on top. There is no outlet down low. I did fit a 6mm check valve in the return line to reduce flow away from carb back to tank even more than 6mm tube versus 8mm. When I switched to Huco electric pump which pumps on demand like a motorbike pump I reversed the check valve to stop all flow back to tank.
  10. fil_rite13

    PoloGT PD130 1.9 TDI

    Time Left: 28 days and 9 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    2005 Polo GT PD 130 1.9 TDI For sale is my polo, i have owned this car since 2011, i purchased it on 49k and rarely used it until a few years ago. This has been my daily driver since changing jobs back in Sept last year. It has developed a slight oil leak between the engine and gearbox. BLT engine code, 77k on the clock. EML is on as i have disconnected the EGR. Condition is used, age related car park marks and dent in the nearside door (was there when i bought the car back in 2011). Interior is in good condition. Air con unfortunately does not work. The car is currently rolling on winter steel rims and correct size tyres, same make on all four corners. Original montreal alloys, set of five, will be included with the vehicle but the tyres on these are of no use. Partial service history with the vehicle, two keys provided. MOT until 15th Jan 2021. Vehicle will be SORN'd as of 1st June 2020


    Luton - GB

  11. 2016 Polo 1.4tdi 6r I've recently had to charge the original battery on my car. The battery is a Varta AGM with these details on it 7P0915105 68ah 380a DIN 680a EV/SAEG5 . The battery below is I'm told the replacement one from Tanya. Just like someone who has more experience than me to confirm that this is the correct one before I shell out for it Thank you
  12. dvderlm

    Weber Woes - DMTL on Mk2

    Here's a coolant swirl pot. It de-aerates out of the top. Feeds in the side high up and exits out the bottom. https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/productdetails.asp?RecID=10244
  13. dvderlm

    Weber Woes - DMTL on Mk2

    Haynes Golf 1.6 carb shows swirl pot like this. That's not how I remember. I thought it went in at highest side and to carb from lowest point and return was the central top because bubbles rise in the centre, but fuel is swirled around the outside. That's certainly how the Pierburg pot is plumbed, so I suspect Haynes may be wrong for the 1.6 plumbing. Compare This is on the same page 4A-6 as previous pic, Haynes Golf and Jetta 84 to 92. And I'm fairly sure feed from pump is 7.9mm tube and return is 5.9mm so it is hard to get it wrong. But the carb well also removes bubbles, so it only matters when fuel prefers to drain back to the tank than flow into carb when it's needle valve reopens. This will happen with reduced flow from pump. Try clamping the return line partially?
  14. dvderlm

    Weber Woes - DMTL on Mk2

    Mechanical fuel pump might be giving up?
  15. dvderlm

    Weber Woes - DMTL on Mk2

    Long shot but the pump diaphragm might have split. it covers the weakening which occurs when open throttle because petrol is heavier than air so takes a while to catch up. But you see it squirt down throat when operate the accel cable lever by hand? So not pump. hm Can you blow air through from mixture screw hole into the well and hear it bubble?
  16. More to fault find than tune, but essentially highest manifold vacuum is greatest suction from the pistons descending since an engine is just an air pump. You need a take off point below throttle plate.. Try www.classiccarhub.co.uk/articles/tuning-and-fault-finding-using-a-vacuum-gauge.html or https://www.onallcylinders.com/2015/05/08/quick-tech-how-to-read-a-vacuum-gauge-to-pinpoint-engine-problems/
  17. 1vw2many

    1977 Mk1 Polo Manila

    Very good work keep going you be done soon.
  18. Sunbeamlotus

    Mk1 polo hayabusa

    Thank you ... goes well but a bit loud you after any parts I have a few bits knocking about
  19. foreststu

    Mk1 polo hayabusa

    It's awesome mate, well done
  20. Sunbeamlotus

    Mk1 polo hayabusa

    Yep ...... I changed the colour so I could find it in a carpark its been out out a few times .... even shopping in Lidl
  21. Time Left: 27 days and 1 hour

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    I have a 2004 Polo 1.2 8v for sale. Tjhis is for SPARES or REPAIR as it has a fault. MOT till September though. The car us a 3 door 3 owner car with 91300 miles from new with history and invoices to back that up. The car has developed a fault in the last few weeks during lockdown. 1) THE EPC light is on - I have checked the brake light switch and called the breakdown service out. They think its electrical and he pulled out fuel sensor and one wire looks cut. 2) Engine management light also came one - again the breakdown guy said it could be coil pack or lack of compression Hence the car is for sale as spares or repair. I could scapt it, but aside these faults its a tidy little car which has been looked after and in my view is in great condition for age. Its located in Harrow and can't be driven as its in limp mode. I was looking for £200, I have been offered £125 as scrap so far and a lot more as part exchange but I am never sure if that's a genuine deal. It would be a shame to scrap it. Any questions or if you want more pictures please let me know. Thanks


    Harrow, England - GB

  22. Hi, I'm sorry to bump this, but... How do you use a vacuum gauge to tune the carb?
  23. foreststu

    Mk1 polo hayabusa

    Saw this hayabusa Mk1 Polo at Caffeine & Machine back around New Year, you go yellow before your last post or is it a twin!
  24. foreststu

    1977 Mk1 Polo Manila

    Ok since my last post things have mostly been getting rid of the crumbly and welding the good.... ... floors, valance, rear wings... ... inner wings... ...and more... ...unsurprisingly front panel... ...NOS front panel and front wings. So after all that I needed a bling pick-me-up so got the brakes refurbed... ...and of course, especially during lockdown, I've been buying more parts! Metalwork almost done ready for the pre-body strip down, now if I could only leave the house....
  25. Qwerty

    GT Genesis

    The RSL's look great!
  26. Richiecole

    14” P Slots on a MK2 Breadvan

    Thanks Qwerty, I think this is the route I’m going to take. Appreciate the reply.
  27. Qwerty

    Will ET22 BBS fit a breadvan ?

    Tyre choice will make a big difference. However even with something like a 165/55 will probably require slight arch work.
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