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  3. dvderlm

    fuel tank neck repair

    Took carbs off and apart. This is the pump chamber. scraped it out and this is the carb in the ultrasonic cleaner. before adding the fluid to heat up and buzz the dirt away.
  4. If you have pre-booked your camping the latest arrival time is 9PM, your packs will be in the security hut at the entrance. If you are just turning up without a booking, you need to be there before 6PM and go to the office on the left hand side before the security hut, where you can pay
  5. Polo6n1600i

    Who's coming to the Social ?

    I'll be there as usual! 👍 Burgers & Pork bellies on the BBQ again! 😊
  6. I'll give it a go!! :) of the cars rolling by then
  7. kwijibo_coupe

    AFH hybrid hall sender

    The signal is taken from the coil in the mk2f anyway I believe, they only get 'twitchy' if the coil is starting to fail.
  8. sleag40

    Vauxhall Cavalier

    Valance now welded, tidied up and zinc primed. With that done, the driver's side rear door came off so I could sort out the gap between the arch repair panel and the new outer sill. I'm gonna finish off the welding on the front part of the wheel arch + top of the sill next, then hopefully get the spit assembled on Monday. I think I may have overestimated the amount of welding gas required - I've used about 15% of it so far!
  9. steveo3002

    Breadvan fuelling issue

    yeah jack handle sounds ideal...maybe loosen the tank mounting strap and see if you can pursuade it to move a bit
  10. Eviljohn

    Breadvan fuelling issue

    The new tank was fitted by a local garage in January last year. There has been a fuel smell since it was fitted. Turned out to be the large breather not connected to the filler neck. They sorted that out and went through the rest of the fuel line just to be sure. Fuel smell sorted. I took it back a couple days later as the fuel gauge wasn't working. Turned out to be the earth cable not connected properly on the inspection flap under back seat, (that's the only thing they changed anyway.) But since then, the angle of the filler neck has been adjusted to the point where the nozzle of a fuel pump will not go in properly. I've reached in behind the shell to try and pull it back down and that did make a little difference, just needs to be pulled/adjusted a tiny bit more. I have called them to tell them the issue and they've said if i can't do it, swing by and they'll do it for me. I do trust them. All the other work they've done has been fine and to be honest, fairly priced. Broomstick you say? I have one of those. I'm guessing you mean the metal/aluminium ones as opposed to wood, (splinters/general crap.) Could maybe use the handle from my trolley jack. If it comes to it anyway. Thanks for getting back to me dudes. Have a great weekend.
  11. steveo3002

    Breadvan fuelling issue

    broom handle in the filler neck to tweak it has been mentioned on forums before id agree let the garage make it right if they did the job
  12. caretakerplus

    Breadvan fuelling issue

    Are you saying that you have had a new tank fitted by the garage? If this is the case, I would recommend that you allow them to sort it out for you, as what may have happened, is that they have fitted a 'patterned' tank that is slightly out of tolerance. Regards
  13. nige8021

    Help needed with 6n door lock please

    First welcome to the forum. That's a standard TORX screw, you can buy the tools from Halfords or any motor supliers. The problem will almost certainly be the "paddle" on the end of the lock will of snapped of, plenty of repair kits available on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-POLO-DOOR-LOCK-REPAIR-KIT-FRONT-RIGHT/322545947519?fits=Model%3APolo&hash=item4b193c937f:g:hfsAAOSwyWZZUVIy
  14. Afternoon, So my drivers side lock isn't working. Key will turn but wont lock or unlock the door. I've looked into taking the handle off to get a batter look but as is a 99 6n, it requires a special tool. Has anyone on here got one or know of where to get one? or if you have any other idea about how to fix, I'm all ears. I've added a few photos of the bolt that needs removing. Thanks in advance
  15. Last week
  16. Ideal thank you so much 😀
  17. First Welcome to the forum. Yes they are valid figures for the AAV
  18. steveo3002

    Mk2f 91 GT water pump help

    just a new oring ...no sealant needed , would be wise to check the block isnt rusted /scaly where it seats , wire brush it if need be
  19. 1vw2many

    Mk2f 91 GT water pump help

    So what sealing compound do I need ?
  20. Is this torque setting for the aav engine? Thanks
  21. kiran_182

    Mk2f 91 GT water pump help

    Yeah, helps to descale the block too, get the right orentation on the pump too so you can tighten it with the notches
  22. Hi before I bolt up new febi water pump kit just checking I don't need any additional sealer on the face of the pump itself ? I assume we only use the rubber sealing ring that comes with the kit ? Many thanks.
  23. Jim1500

    Mk2 Polo single picture thread

    Excellent! Much appreciated dude, more essential items on the parts list but I'll have one of those for sure
  24. kiran_182

    Polo ownership from start to finish

    Started painting the plastics, this was before i knew of better ways. Sometime around 2011 i think
  25. kiran_182

    Polo ownership from start to finish

    It rolled around like this for a while The tracking out and I ended up with this so back on steels for a while. 195s were a shade to wide anyway This is how the engine looked when i got it This is how it looked after a few mods. This was the start of the engine work
  26. Groover14

    Mk2 Polo single picture thread

    Here you go https://www.vwheritage.com/171805903-front-lower-spoiler-for-non-gti-model-vw-spare It's not a perfect fit, but it all pulls straight when you fit it well. Can send more phot's if required. Use square hold in bottom of valance with some nuts and bolts. Just drill some extra holes in the plastic spoiler you are fitting. 15 minute job all in.
  27. Jim1500

    Mk2 Polo single picture thread

    Quality, I've to order from Heritage over next couple of weeks, think that'll be added on @ £7!! Easily enough fitted?? Had a look can't seem to find them, would you have link or part number?? Hoping not all sold out
  28. kiran_182

    Polo saloon fuel tank leak

    Go on ebay.de and buy german there are cheap tanks but the metal is thin so spend 60 -80 have it painted or sealed too Pain to get in as you need to avoid bending the neck so
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