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  1. I drive petrol tankers for a living,in a nutshell,the media is the problem,yes we have a small staff problem,but most of us are doing extra shifts to cover this,unfortunately there aren't enough tankers in the country to cover the demand we've seen today,up to now we have been coping(just),but stupid comments that were made ie sites closing,no deliveries etc causes Joe public to hit the panic button, remember the toilet roll saga last year
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  2. Hi all. Just wanted to say a public and huge thanks to Nige8021. He is really knowledgeable and super keen to help. In PMs he's provided me with loads of detail and some helpful suggestions which I will use. My girlfriend should be mobile again quite soon. Engine code AUD confirmed and plan in place! Thanks Nige.
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  3. Yep - completely agree about the media. It is just amazing how people over react. There are conspiracy theories that I find completely plausible that the haulage and oil companies were leaking stories to the media with this very reaction in mind so to pressure the Gvmt into accepting drivers from overseas. It may or may not be necessary in the short term but I believe the truth is these companies just want to screw over foreign drivers on low rates of pay and screw over UK drivers similarly using the foreign drivers to apply pressure . I am not particularly left wing but we are at a horrib
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  4. Another one of those less than pleasant jobs done this afternoon - the underside is now sporting a decent layer of wax. I masked up the lower bodywork first to avoid having to clean any overspray off it. A couple of hours was then spent unloading the cans of Dynax UB onto to the entire underside. I'll leave it to harden up a bit, then I can start putting the brake and fuel lines, tank etc. back in.
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  5. The underside tape pretty much came off in one piece, so a bit of wax application was due. I did the front footwell/lower bulkhead parts first. The rear inner arches were done next, preparing me for the misery of lying on my back getting showered in wax mist. I called it a day before doing the underside proper - I'm planning on using some old throwaway clothes when the time comes as I'll be wearing a fair amount of the wax by the time it's all covered.
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  6. golf eyebrow wont work...look how its shaped for the square cut outs in the bonnet ..a golf is straight there
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