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    The Club was formed by the amalgamation of the Polo GT/Coupe S Owners Club and the Polo Coupe Owners Club back in 2000.

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Right guys and girls, vwnw is going ahead this year, I have 10 passes for whom ever would like to attend, however you do have to purchase tickets in advance this year, the link is on the vwnw website https://www.tattonparkvwshow.com/  meeting point will be the Swan Hotel in bucklow Hill as it has been forever lol, so come one come all and let's show off those polo's that have been couped up for so long, it's time to shine. 
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Help needed for a sunroof specialist for resealing or renewing/supplying a sunroof seal to my
Please advise a specialist fitter to repair or renew a sunroof seal to my 1987 Polo Ranger hatchback 1272 c.c.  in the South London or border areas Kent and Surrey>
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2021 Calendar Entries
We are looking for entries for the 2021 Club Polo calendar.
The rules are simple, just post up a picture, the picture must be one that you have taken (or you have the permission of the photographer to use it) and you must be able to send me a high res or raw version. I'll be in contact via PM should we want a full size picture but it is not a guarantee you'll be included in the calendar.
We as always want well thought out scenic landscape photos.
Portrait photos taken in Morrison's car park with a Snapchat filter will not be considered!
There are 12 months plus a cover picture that we need to fill. If you have a specific month you'd like to see your picture if it were chosen then by all means let us know when submitting your entry.
Ideally we are looking to have all entries in by the end of November in order to have the calendars ready before Christmas.
As a slight change to previous years, we are offering a free calendar to the picture that makes it on to the front cover, so get posting and good luck!
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Last week I spoke to Billing and they are reviewing the planned events on a weekly basis with regard to the information they have been given by HMG, at present there is no reason to cancel the event, we agreed to talk again in the middle of next month. 
As I'm sure you can appreciate things are changing almost on a daily/hourly basis, so keep checking the news and stay safe, if there is anything that changes we will let you know ASAP
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Club Polo Rolling Road Day 4th April 2020 (CANCELLED)
It's time to see if all your engine mods have worked, see how much BHP/Torque you've gained or lost.
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The 2020 calendars are now available in the shop to pre-order 
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It's that time of year again, we are looking for entries for the 2020 Club Polo calendar.
The rules are simple, just post up a picture, the picture must be one that you have taken (or you have the permission of the photographer to use it) and you must be able to send me a high res or raw version. 
We as always want well thought out scenic photos. 
There are 12 months plus a cover picture that we need to fill. If you have a specific month you'd like to see your picture if it were chosen then by all means let us know when submitting your entry.
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TATTON PARK VWNW Sunday 4th August 2019
ROLL UP ROLL UP Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls of all ages, show date confirmed for SUNDAY THE 4TH OF AUGUST
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Polo Social 2019
Find out more:
More about the venue, prices, etc:
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The Polo Social - Your first time? What is it? What to Expect? How to Book!
The Polo Social, what is it?

The Polo Social is a social event held on 28 June ~ 01 July 2019 that is put on by Club Polo which is open to all VW Polo owners from any Club.
So, if you are part of a local club bring everyone down and grab a spot in the field.

What to Expect?
A relaxed event where you can catch up with other members, see their cars and meet new people from the club. Expect a big club meet which lasts the weekend with some beers and BBQs!
What’s going on?
Details are yet to be finalised but plans are for the club BBQ to return on the Saturday night, Show and Shine on the Sunday. We are looking to have some things going Saturday daytime. 
Where is it?
The event is held at Billing Aquadrome, Northampton Billing, NN3 9DA. http://www.billingaquadrome.com/ Tel: 01524 781 453 We have held the event here for a number of years before our recent departure to Kelham Hall, and it’s an excellent venue which really suits the club’s event. There is food available on site and there are also a couple of pubs and a Fish & Chips shop in walking distance. There is also the Mini-Golf, Karting and a leisure centre with a pool.
What do you need?
If you are camping then you need the general camping gear of tent, sleeping bag, etc. If you want to clean your car up for the show and shine on the Sunday there is a cold-water supply so, bring your bucket and cleaning gear. Also bring some money but there is a cash machine by the entrance to the site.
How much does it cost and how to book?
If you are camping the rate is £21/night. A pitch is for a tent for up to 4 people, if you have extra cars they may charge you extra. If you are a paid up member there is a discounted rate see this https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/topic/357805-polo-social-2019/ To book head to http://www.billingaquadrome.com/ and click book now. Then please select Shelduck 2 as this is our field. If you are camping for just the Saturday night then its £21 per pitch. You can book this online as per above but you might not be able to select Shelduck 2. Please select another field but just pitch up in the Shelduck 2 field with the rest of us when you arrive as there will be loads of room. The day rate is £10 per car.
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Who's coming to the Social ?
It's now 3 months till the Social, so it would be nice to get some idea of who is intending on coming along ?
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Booking Problems
When booking to camp, you will probably be told you can't book Shelduck 2, (the field we are having the show in) this is due to the computer system at Billing has booked the whole field as the show field, this stops any random campers from booking into the field, you will be told you have to book for Shelduck 1 or 3 Do not worry, just accept shelduck 1 and when you arrive just camp in shelduck 2
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Club Polo Rolling Road Day - Saturday 6th April 2019
It's time to see if all your engine mods have worked, see how much BHP/Torque you've gained or lost !!  Due to popular demand, we've moved from our traditional end of January/start of February date to Saturday 6th April (so no excuses not to come because its cold or dark :p )
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DashCam Giveaway from Chris Knott
We're giving away a DashCam to one lucky winner!
If you'd like to get your hands on a Dashcam you'll enjoy this latest competition from Chris Knott Insurance.
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L468 SYJ 1993 Polo
I was wondering if anyone knew the whereabouts of this dark blue Polo, my boyfriend sold it in August 2016 and regrets it - hoping to know the whereabouts or potential of buying it back. It had a 1.3 engine in it when sold but originally had a 1 litre which I believe was sold with it. 
Its MOT ran out last summer and it's currently SORNed. 
Hoping somebody might be able to help! 
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Post in 2019 Calendar Entries
Thank you for all your submissions, a good selection this year, Sorry if yours didn't make it, always next year 👍

The Calendars have been delivered this afternoon and will be posted out shortly
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Post in 2019 Calendar Entries
Now up for sale! Grab your in time for the new year!

Distributor oil leak
Just a quick question. I have oil gathering in the distributor cap and have bought the two seals to replace. Haynes says to set the engine to TDC before withdrawing the distributor body. However, when I had an issue with another distributor the RAC man just pulled it out on the roadside. If I make sure the locator doesn’t move when it comes off the engine is it fine to go ahead without the engine on TDC?
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Help with my coilovers over Christmas
Hello Club Poloers,
Long shot because I don't use CP too much anymore and I'm not sure how active people are on here, but I need some help over the Christmas period.
My Polo is on coilovers but I raised it ages ago, but would like to lower it back down. I don't really have any tools and I think it might be tricky as they're probably seized up. I was wondering if anyone in the Huddersfield area would be up for helping me lower it back down over Christmas? I'll be in Huddersfield from 22nd December to 1st January. Crate of beer in it for whoever can help me. Preferably someone with a decent garage space/ramp to do it in.
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the One and only 6N open air 1.9 tdi 154 hp
Guys, here some pics of the only Polo 6N 1.9 diesel been delivered to The Netherlands and nowadays the only 6N1 open air with an 1.9 tdi  actual setup 154 hp ... to be changed to 200 hp. 
This was the first car of my wife (bought new) and after 190.000 km we thought it should changed to a red dragon with a little bit more power.
So based on the original car with the 1.9 AEX SD we built in the AFN 1.9 tdi engine - Polo Gti interieur - front brakes from the Gti and also the original BBS from the Gti. Our car had 13" and now we are driving 15". 
The film: 205 on the GPS .... the rpm - yeah sorry for that made a failure in the electric .. took signal from the ecu instead of the generator (still need to change)
Still to do: Original coilers from ralley Sport to be installed/ axle back from the GTI to be installed/ seat heating to be installed / an original radio (searching)/ the right airbag to be exchanged .... or eliminated (original was only one).
G60 brakes and probably OZ wheels 16" ....

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Polo Green smurf
Greetings to all, my name is Oleg, I am from Russia.
 In our country, second-generation polos are not very popular due to the small number of such cars, and so I decided to look for communities outside my own country.
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2019 Calendar Entries
It's that time of year again, we are looking for entries for the 2019 Club Polo calendar.
The rules are simple, just post up a picture, the picture must be one that you have taken (or you have the permission of the photographer to use it) and you must be able to send me a high res or raw version. 
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Just want to introduce myself. My name is carlos and i have a piece of rare car in the US. Come say hello!
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Dora v2
Dora v2 - I figured the bodywork was in reasonable enough condition that I could throw it in for an MoT, but it wouldn't start. Drained the fuel tank and tried some fuel cleaner, changed the rotor arm, dizzy cap, ignition coil, spark plugs, but it still wouldn't spark. So I handed it over to the garage who ended up replacing the whole distributor, and did a little bit of welding on the offside sill - which is the bulk of the remaining rust taken care of. Then they put it in for MoT, and it passed with no advisories. Nice!
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      AFR log say 11.8 to 13.2 at +0.346psi and 10.8 at +0.305psi. Hard to know if that as throttle closed... but trend looks it goes from 13 down to 11 while accelerating hard.   Bigger air.    
    • dvderlm
      122 is good over 3000 (12.4 to 12.8) but now appears to be too rich at the top end. Sure I saw it reach 11.9 out of the corner of my eye.   So 190 or 200 airs I guess.
    • schneil
      1. Foreststu 2. Schneil 3. Gaz 4. Dave 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.  10.
    • schneil
      I'm up for it. (I'm having a bit of a nightmare with a rear arch trim, but one way or another I'll be coming).  I'll ask Steve (sleag40) if he wants to come. 
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