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Volkswagen Polo Harlequin news ft MotoringPodCasts & Rich Gooding
Catching up with previous episodes of @MotoringPodcast.
Edition 189 https://www.motoringpodcast.com/episodes/2018/7/3/episode-189- features special edition cars.
This was from a tweet by Rich Gooding.
"I still like the Polo Harlequin, made in batches of four, reputedly by hand. Do these pictures from 1996 prove it?"
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Different Location to last year
I have just been told we will not be using the same field as last years event as they do not have that field anymore, we will be in the first field as you come into the venue as shown by the DARK BLUE area on this map.
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The Polo Social 2018
The Polo Social, What is it?
The Polo Social is a social event held on 29th JUNE to 1st JULY 2018 that is put on by Club Polo which is open to all VW Polo owners from any Club. So if you are part of a local club bring everyone down and grab a spot in the field.
What to Expect?
A relaxed event where you can catch up with other members, see their cars and meet new people from the club. Expect a big club meet which lasts the weekend with some beers and BBQs!
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GDPR Compliant 25th May 2018
We've updated our privacy policy to be GDPR compliant as of the 25th May 2018. As you will see, you'll be asked to accept the new terms in order to continue using ClubPolo.co.uk.
Links: https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/privacy/ | https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/guidelines/

Any questions please contact us via the usual means
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Tatton Park VW Show 2018 - 5 August at 9:00–17:00
All right guys I have 12 spots for tatton this year they're first come first served, the date for this year's show is Sunday 5th August 2018 so get your names down as it's always a great turn out and always plenty of fun.Tatton Park is situated just off junction 19 off the M6 motorway for those of you who maybe new, we will once again meet at the swan inn Bucklow Hill Ln, Bucklow Hill, Knutsford WA16 6RD is the address for sat nav. Bring your cars down which ever model and whatever state they're in and show them off. 
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OK guys and girls, we have ten spaces again for all types at bodelwyddan castle. This year is only a 1 day event due to council cutbacks and the like, however you can bring your pooches for once. it's set to be a big show this year and more clubs have confirmed to show so let's not disappoint and bring your polos down, no matter the condition.
The meeting point for myself heading down from the north is lymm services as it's a nice central location. if you're interested in joining us then pop your name down. the show date is the 20th of may.
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Does your VW Polo have what it takes? Via: Coopertire
Does your VW Polo have what it takes? Submit your VW Polo to Coopertire and have a chance to win a photoshoot. Coopertire are looking for the coolest VW Polo! #AWESOMEPOLO
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Newbie here
See Dan's introduction and build progress of his current daily a 1997 polo 6k (classic)
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Stanford Hall VW Show 2018 Sunday 6th May
Leicestershire & Warwickshire VW Owners Club have just confirmed that we have a club stand at this years show at Stanford Hall in Leicestershire on Sunday 6th May 2018.
A pretty laid back and relaxed feeling show, there's always lots to look round and plenty of impressive VW metal from throughout the ages on display (late 40's/early 50's up to present day)
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Thank you  Polo owners
Hi Everyone
I'd like to say a massive thank you for all the help and advice you have given me since I got my Aunts 1989 Polo Mk 2, what a brilliant group you all are.
Just to say that she has now been sold and is off to Dorset next Wednesday. Quite an epic trip, I presume by a transporter, or it will take forever. I wanted to keep her but hubby didn't like driving her at all, can't see why!
Thanks again, these forums are invaluable.
Cheers Jakki   ???? x
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[FIXED] Signing in: You can now sign in via your Microsoft & Google+ accounts
As you'll see on the login pages of ClubPolo, you can sign in with these other social accounts!

Google+ You can now sign in to your ClubPolo account.
Microsoft You can now sign in to your ClubPolo account.
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Post in The Polo Social - Your first time? What is it? What to Expect? How to Book!
We have confirmed the prices with Kelham Hall and you can now book your stay via our shop!
https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/store/category/8-the-polo-social-2018/ the standard rate is £21/night, this is for 2.adults & 4 children 1 car, 1 tent/caravan/motorhome, the current rate @Kelham is £25/night so you are already getting a discount and fully paid members will receive a further discount on booking up to 10 days before the event, after this the same £21/night will apply, there are some extras that will be collected at the gate £5/night for additional adults, £5/night for additional cars & £2/night for dogs
Please do not try and book direct with Kelham as you will be charged the full £25/night and due to our PLI insurance will not be permitted to camp with the main show area, you will be in the general camping site..
This year we are accepting bookings from the Thursday night till Sunday night, but on those days there will be nothing planned in the way of entertainment and anyone staying on those nights might be asked to assist in the putting up/dismantling of the club marquee.
This year due to so many people "forgetting their passes" we will not be posting the passes out, they will be on the gate collection

15 Stages To Detailing For Beginners
15 Stages To Detailing For Beginners - We have just uploaded a new video to our youtube channel. In the video we walk you through 15 stages of detailing for beginners.
So, If you're new to the world of detailing why not head over and give it a watch to get an idea on how to detail your vehicle.
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Membership Packs
As from today 1st Jan 2018 we will be updating the membership packs, unfortunately this means there will be a delay in the posting out of the new packs until all the new items have been received, hopefully all the new items should be with me by the middle of this month and I will then work as quick as possible to catch up and resume the normal weekly postings.
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How to fix Photobucket images on ClubPolo tutorial
Here we have a fix for our threads here at ClubPolo. If you've used photobucket over the years you would be aware of their T&C's have changed, this has caused an abundant of issues for us, especially on our older topics.
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Rolling Road Day 3rd February 2018
It's time to see if all your engine mods have worked, see how much BHP/Torque you've gained or lost !!
If you've not been before? It's a great way to catch-up with members new & old. Aim to get there by 08:30 onwards with the runs starting around 10:00
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2018 Calendar Entries
Now that the show season is over and everyone will have gotten a few decent pictures of their cars, it is time to gather in entries for the 2018 Club Polo calendar. GET YOUR ENTRIES IN NOW!
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The Polo Social - 29th June - 1st July 2018
The Polo Social 2018 - Remember to RSVP!
The Polo Social is a social event held on 29th JUNE to 1st JULY 2018 that is put on by Club Polo which is open to all VW Polo owners from any Club. So if you are part of a local club bring everyone down and grab a spot in the field.
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Please if anyone has any info or seen my car since it got stolen last Friday 29/09/17 from Bromyard HR7, can you contact me or police? It was last seen dragged away by a white van 
For anyone on Facebook,  please share
Many thanks for any help, I'm a single mum of two, trying to make ends meet and this car would have helped a long way to fix my other Polo, which now needs her gearbox fixed 
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88 Coupe S , Fast Road, Restoration
88 Coupe S , Fast Road, Restoration - Read more about Retrospoke's build thread - Hey people, Here's my new project :1988 MK2 Polo Coupe S
I've been kindly given the car from my house mate who recently had taken the car off the road due to a few issues.
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Griff's Polo GTI
Griff's Polo GTI - Ordered my new Polo GTI last week, thought I may as well start a thread now that it's all confirmed!
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Black GTI
Got quite a few plans for this coming up, starting with tinting rear window later this week, custom / development exhaust at the end of the month, and maybe a bit of red vinyl to add some colour 😀
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What Car? Magazine - Video Shoot - MK3 POLO Needed
What Car? Magazine are planning to do a video celebrating 40 years of the What Car? Car of the Year award - and we hope to include every previous winner.

In 1995 they named the Volkswagen Polo as our Car of the Year, so they're trying to find a model from that year to use in their video that they'll be shooting on 1st September in Alconbury.
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M2f Genesis £25 resto
Hi just thought I share a few photos. I brought this last November 2016 came with 8 months mot for the grand some of £25 plus £70 for delivery as it was to far for me to fetch. I brought parts for it over the next few months as I wanted to replace most parts.
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Post in VWNW - Tatton Park VW Show 2017
A few pictures of the day so far, found in our Gallery section of the site.
Thanks to everyone whose turned up! We hop you enjoy the rest of the day.

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  • Posts

    • Pete1
      I'm not. HTH. 😁
    • DerekR
      I have to head to Plymouth next week so thought as I had time tonight I would fill up with fuel.  Two garages had no petrol (but they did have diesel).  This story about BP closing some forecourts has sent people into a panic.  Have my Polo brethren got full tanks?  If not .... PANIC!!!
    • caretakerplus
      I believe the link that you show there, is the one that connects to the bell-crank lever at the top, and at the lower end to the selector finger. At the point where it connects to the selector finger, there is a degree of adjustment via an elongated slot.   This adjustment may have become 'lost' if the retaining nut was lose, so it might be a good to visually inspect that slot, in order to see the marking where the link has been originally fitted, then refit it in exactly the same position. There are two alternative gear linkages (1) a system of rods (2) a cable linkage. It looks as if you have the cable model. Unfortunately, the cable system is more difficult to adjust, than is the rod system, therefore it might be better to ask a VW dealership (or, if you have them in Israel, a VW specialist, who probably wouldn't charge as much as a dealership) to adjust it for you. It is possible to make this adjustment without the special equipment, BUT there would likely be a lot of 'trial and error' - and you may still not achieve the optimum setting.   Regards  
    • DerekR
      Hi all.  Just wanted to say a public and huge thanks to Nige8021.  He is really knowledgeable and super keen to help.  In PMs he's provided me with loads of detail and some helpful suggestions which I will use.  My girlfriend should be mobile again quite soon.  Engine code AUD confirmed and plan in place!     Thanks Nige.
    • steveo3002
      no you could buy them at one point , most often seen for sale in germany , i guess theyre just not popular enough to make anymore   almost every golf /polo had these in the 90s ..very common
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