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15 Stages To Detailing For Beginners
15 Stages To Detailing For Beginners - We have just uploaded a new video to our youtube channel. In the video we walk you through 15 stages of detailing for beginners.
So, If you're new to the world of detailing why not head over and give it a watch to get an idea on how to detail your vehicle.
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Membership Packs
As from today 1st Jan 2018 we will be updating the membership packs, unfortunately this means there will be a delay in the posting out of the new packs until all the new items have been received, hopefully all the new items should be with me by the middle of this month and I will then work as quick as possible to catch up and resume the normal weekly postings.
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How to fix Photobucket images on ClubPolo tutorial
Here we have a fix for our threads here at ClubPolo. If you've used photobucket over the years you would be aware of their T&C's have changed, this has caused an abundant of issues for us, especially on our older topics.
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Rolling Road Day 3rd February 2018
It's time to see if all your engine mods have worked, see how much BHP/Torque you've gained or lost !!
If you've not been before? It's a great way to catch-up with members new & old. Aim to get there by 08:30 onwards with the runs starting around 10:00
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2018 Calendar Entries
Now that the show season is over and everyone will have gotten a few decent pictures of their cars, it is time to gather in entries for the 2018 Club Polo calendar. GET YOUR ENTRIES IN NOW!
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The Polo Social - 29th June - 1st July 2018
The Polo Social 2018 - Remember to RSVP!
The Polo Social is a social event held on 29th JUNE to 1st JULY 2018 that is put on by Club Polo which is open to all VW Polo owners from any Club. So if you are part of a local club bring everyone down and grab a spot in the field.
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Please if anyone has any info or seen my car since it got stolen last Friday 29/09/17 from Bromyard HR7, can you contact me or police? It was last seen dragged away by a white van 
For anyone on Facebook,  please share
Many thanks for any help, I'm a single mum of two, trying to make ends meet and this car would have helped a long way to fix my other Polo, which now needs her gearbox fixed 
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88 Coupe S , Fast Road, Restoration
88 Coupe S , Fast Road, Restoration - Read more about Retrospoke's build thread - Hey people, Here's my new project :1988 MK2 Polo Coupe S
I've been kindly given the car from my house mate who recently had taken the car off the road due to a few issues.
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Griff's Polo GTI
Griff's Polo GTI - Ordered my new Polo GTI last week, thought I may as well start a thread now that it's all confirmed!
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Black GTI
Got quite a few plans for this coming up, starting with tinting rear window later this week, custom / development exhaust at the end of the month, and maybe a bit of red vinyl to add some colour 😀
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What Car? Magazine - Video Shoot - MK3 POLO Needed
What Car? Magazine are planning to do a video celebrating 40 years of the What Car? Car of the Year award - and we hope to include every previous winner.

In 1995 they named the Volkswagen Polo as our Car of the Year, so they're trying to find a model from that year to use in their video that they'll be shooting on 1st September in Alconbury.
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M2f Genesis £25 resto
Hi just thought I share a few photos. I brought this last November 2016 came with 8 months mot for the grand some of £25 plus £70 for delivery as it was to far for me to fetch. I brought parts for it over the next few months as I wanted to replace most parts.
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Post in VWNW - Tatton Park VW Show 2017
A few pictures of the day so far, found in our Gallery section of the site.
Thanks to everyone whose turned up! We hop you enjoy the rest of the day.

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VWNW - Tatton Park VW Show 2017
Right guys vwnw is booked for ten spots and we fill them every year with more squashed on lol so as always it's at tatton park and the meeting point will be the bucklow Hill Swan Inn the show this year takes place on the 6th of August.
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New: Fluid Forum View
Fluid forum view allows you to get right to the meat of our community; the topics.
It is easy to change the topic list by changing the selected forums. This view replaces the traditional list of categories and forums.
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1991 Breadvan GT
I spontaneously bought another Polo this week... I recently had a mk2 that I sold in June due to buying  our first house (once it's built later this year!) and needing space, funds etc 

I came across this lovely little Breadvan GT advertised on the forum and got in touch a few times with the owner, Ben. I finally caved in and made an offer and the rest is history!
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My GTI in Blue!
Having owned my GTI for about 7 months now, and this being my 5th (one was only for a couple of months!) Polo, i decided i shoud join Club Polo! (Long overdue!)
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Club Polo track day, 14th October 2017
Everyone loves a trackday! Last year saw a lot of first timers on the track and it was a fantastic day. 

For those that don't know Blyton Park is a fantastic little course that is perfectly suited to a small car like the Polo.
This year is a little later than usual, Saturday 14th October, but hopefully the weather will keep dry for us.
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    • Rich-Index96
      Hi bud! Any of this still available? Curious about a few bits!  Cheers
    • 93VWpolo
      It’s been a few years again but I’m back 😂   So since the last update around 4 years ago I have moved from Glasgow, Scotland  to Derby, England.    I continuied to drive the polo for another year or so, fitted some g40 door cards and purchased some rose jointed steering arms and lower control arms before my alternator cracked (I’m guessing due to the solid gearbox mount shaking everything to bits) and I slammed my bonnet too hard and cracked the passenger headlight!      So so I decided it was tome to get something “reliable” and bought a Audi A3 3.2 V6 and then it was time to start stripping the polo and smoothing the engine bay.   I spent the next year sanding, filling and painting the bay in my spare time while also undersealing the underneath of the car and the inner arches   ....i then moved house again (still in Derby)  but this time I had no garage so moved the polo to a friends lockup to continue the work   After undersealing I removed the spare wheel well and the blanked it off as well as the hole in the engine bay for the heater   The rear axle was also removed while the undersealing was being done giving me time to clean and paint it and fit the newness poly bushes (changed from green to red bushings)   after that hat I remember fitted the fresh rear axle along with the gear linkage   the coilovers were cleaned and painted and I greased up the threads to prevent them from seizing Before being re fitted   i then started on the front suspension & steering components, painting the stage 2 subframe, steering arms and antorill bar before fitting them along with my new adjustable lower arms.   next it was onto the brakes.... I started by cleaning the relatively new rear drums and painting them to match the axle and then purchased some new VWII Callipers for the front as mine were needing refurbished. I painted them black along with the carriers to match everything else and then greased up the slider pins and fitted them along with the used Mintex pads I had from the last set.    Next i I fitted some new braided brake lines all round, replaced my Master cylinder with a 22.2 mm Passat one and made up some new copper lines out of Kunifer copper brake pipe to prevent corrosion as well as fitting new brake pipe retaining clips underneath the car.          
    • kiran_182
      Its for advance and retard so needs to be in place
    • JohnLJr
      I noticed there is a vacuum hose connected to the distributor and the other end is not connected to anything, there is a male connection on the carburetor? is that where it goes ? can someone help me? what does the vacuum line do for the ignition?  
    • 1vw2many
      Very sorry for your loss. Take care at this difficult time.
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