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Found 100 results

  1. I'm starting to notice my 2009 9N3 sometimes has trouble starting. It did sit for a while and is now only starting to get used but sometimes I'm turning the key and it just turns but doesn't fire but always starts on the second attempt. I've rear horror stories online from 2007/2008 and on about the 1.2 12v having timing chain slip issues and a revised kit being available however my car is a late (09 Plate) model that was clearly manufactured after this issue being known. Could it still be the case? I hear that the timing can be checked with VCDS which my mate has, should I explore that? I did also have this issue with the idle yesterday - revs were dropping very low when stopped at lights but that seems to have stopped for now. Not sure if it's related. Car only has 52K on the clock.
  2. Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on cold air induction kits for 9n3s and which ones would be good to go for? Cheers. AJ
  3. The sensor plug on my 9n3 is completely smashed. Not the wire from the pad, but the receiving plug. Can I simply splice another in? Guessing it will be tricky keeping it dry... (The loom has a split cable - one going to the ABS sensor and the other for the brake pad wear sensor). Any pointers would be great.
  4. Hi guys just a quick one has anyone ever replaced the top engine mount before if so how much of a pig are they?
  5. Hi all, I'm currently driving a 06 plate Polo with the AWY engine (1.2, 6V), and as much as I love it (it's my first car and an absolute workhorse) I'm getting tired of it's atrocious lack of power, and as all my mates are getting more powerful cars as their insurance is cheaper it's getting even more irritating. Because of this, and the fact I don't want to sell it, I've been trying to look into doing an engine swap for it, found an AYP 1.8 20VT engine with all the ancilliaries reasonably cheaply, and an 02A gearbox at a decent price too. So would those parts be compatible as I build a sleeper? or are there better pairings I should consider? Also, how much would it cost me do you think? I can get the gearbox and engine for 800 odd quid, how easy would it be to do myself? I can probably do everything but the loom, or is it going to be harder that I anticipated? Basically at a loose end here and can find precisely nothing of use online and any advice or guidance would be extremely helpful. Cheers :) Alastair
  6. Hey Guys Hope you can help me with this one, as its starting to really do my head in. Last Saturday my car died after pulling out from a junction, got it to the side of the road and tried starting it again. It was cranking over but not starting and the locks started locking and unlocking.. Thinking it was something serious I rang the RAC. RAC man came out and scanned the car, fault was to do with the engine control relay, cleared the code and then the car started fine, so drove it home. Few days later the car died again, scanned it myself and got P0688, car wouldn't start but still cranked so bought a new relay fitted it under the steering column. Car then worked fine for a few days, until yesterday when i started her up, picked the girlfriend up from work, and then parked outside our house. Ten minutes later I go out to the car to go out and the car wont even crank, absolutely nothing when i try to start the car. Like before the locks pop up and down on the turn of the key but no cranking this time. To get the car started I had to get a jump start, which allowed the car to start up fine. Scanned the car again and this time got P0685 which is a different code. Put the car on charge over night and seems to be okay for the time being, but can only be a matter of time before it lets go again. Some Google searching has suggested the J271 Relay under the bonnet. Could this be the cause? Any idea what this could be guys? Car is a Polo 9n3 Gti. Cheers in advance RamJam
  7. Here's my guide to retrofitting the official fog lights including the official wiring loom. The wiring loom can be purchased from Kufatec Polo 9N3 Loom Polo 9N Loom You will also need a new light switch with support for the front fog lights. Part number is 6Q0 941 531 C I purchased my lights of ebay. They included the fog lamps & also the new plastic covers. If you purchase 9N3 lamps you will require a HB4 bulb. If you purchase 9N lamps you will require a H3 bulb. I would assume you can install 9N lamps in a 9N3 and vice versa. but i haven't tried this! The 9n & 9n3 lamps have different connectors so if you are installing a different lamp you will require the same wiring harness as the lamp type. If there is anything you are unsure of the ask me and ill try to answer it. Unfortunately i had to remove the dashboard to install this, as there is a wire that comes from the bulkhead. For instruction on that look here: http://www.pimpowski.de/armaturenbrett_ausbauen_pimpowski.htm Once I had removed to dash you will require the grey loom. You need to take the long pin that is on its own and put that into plug G on the bulkhead. This should be a red one. To remove the connector slide the metal bar across and then unclip it. You should have to remove a bit of purple plastic from the plug to get the pin in. This pin should go into pin 6 on the connector. They are labelled on the plug but you can also use the image below for reference. Once the pin is in then replace the purple plastic, plug it back in and then slide the metal bar back across. MAKE SURE THE PIN IS IN THE SAME WAY AROUND AS THE OTHERS! Next there should be 2 big metal pins. These need to go to the fuse box. They need to go to fuse 44. Use your manual to find this fuse. You will need to remove a piece of plastic from the side of the fuse box, and then the big bit of purple plastic should slide across allowing you the enter the two pins. There is no set way round they should go in the two holes. Once they are fully inserted then push the plastic piece back and replace the piece you removed. Last job in the cabin is to take the last remaining pin and put it in pin 8 on the new light switch. Again they are numbered on the plug but use the below picture for reference. TOP TIP: I would leave the dashboard dismantled for now. Next job is to install the black loom in the engine bay. First you will need to remove the wiper arms & the black tray. You will now need to remove the bulkhead tray. This can be done by removing the silver metal circles to enable you to pull away the fabric. You will then need to remove the screws holding the tray to the car. This doesn't go all the way down to the bottom of the car.If only goes down to just behind the engine. Once that is remove you will need to remove the wiper motor. This is done by unplugging the cable coming out of the side and the just pulling out the unit. When that has been remove you should see this Pull off the black covers, then locate pin one. This should be the other side of the pin you inserted earlier. You will need to remove the green plug that is in the hole. When you have done that insert the pin on the black wiring loom fully in the hole until you are unable to pull it out. You may need to remove the plug from the other side to help you. MAKE SURE THE PIN IS PUT IN THE RIGHT WAY ROUND SO THAT WHEN YOU PLUG THE OTHER PLUG IN IT GOES INSIDE When you have done you need to route the cable down, and then use the metal ring to earth the loom at earth point 12 Once you have done that all that is left to do is trail the cable down to the fog lights, plug them in & test them. Remember the ignition needs to be switched on for them to work. When tested working, re-assemble the car. Remember i accept no responsibility for incompatibility of parts on your car & also any damage done!! Feel free to ask questions if you are stuck. Hope this helps Check out my other retrofit guide on Cruise Control Oliver
  8. Lbryant127

    Penny the low spec 9n3

    Late march I found a bargain of a polo, £990 for a 2006 with 12k on the clock just sadly classed as a d cat for driver side fender and door damage, for £75 I got replacements and painted by my dad as he owns a spray booth. After a minor issue matching the colour to the car, the car was looking good other than minor bits of lacquer peeling on the front bumper. My next thing to do was colour code the panels and change the wheels to alloys over the plastic crap. I really wanted my own colour on the wheel so once again with my dad, I mixed some blacks and gun metals for something and turned out with this, and yes I just got the alloys of the plastic ones as they were cheap and good condition. I later got badges to replace the corroded ones so the cap is over the building again. another simple thing aesthetically was the debadging on the rear which just looks cleaner. My upcoming mods are adding fog lights and the hexed grills on the front of the car with official parts as well as some heko wind deflectors.
  9. Afternoon all I have just recently purchased a 2007 9n3 GTI after owning a 6n2, the previous owner told me that he had the car remapped but cant remember the name of the garage or what map was put on it, all he said was the only option he had at the time was optimise it for standard fuel or high octane and he choose high octane, the guy suggested that it would bump up the circa to 200bhp after the remap. The issue I am currently having is the vehicle is currently fully standard apart from the remap that I am aware of, however when i drop the car into 4th gear and accelerate it feels as if it also takes a minute to realise i have put the foot down and seem likes it misfires before picking up speed, I have felt it once or twice in 3rd but it is almost everytime in 4th I feel it. Could this be related to the car being remapped or could it be something as simple as plugs? Also wondering what mods most people start off with, I have been told to do miltek exhuast, SFS oversize turbo intake pipe, forge throttle body hose, airtec fmic, forge 007 diverter valve, secondary air intake delete and to delete N valves. Is this the usual mods and if so what order do most people do them in and what are the benefits of these mods? Also any links to buy these mods + guides on doing them? Thanks
  10. polodrivercom

    Mk 7 Polo required for Volkswagen event

    Hi all I've been asked to find a Mk 6/7 Polo (2002-2009) for a Volkswagen UK event next January – also see my post in the Mk 6 page. The car required has to be a mainstream model (ie E, S, SE, Sport, 16V possibly) and has to be unmodified if at all possible. It also has to be available for three days at the start of January. If you've got such a car, post a photo or email me at rich@polodriver.com and I'll take a look and get in touch if I think the car is suitable. Cheers! Rich PoloDriver.com
  11. Sorry if I missed similar topic among FAQs, but I truly couldn't find anything like it... So, I was wondering which intercooler could be easily fitted on 9N3 GTI (not Forge or similar but OEM like Merc Sprinter ones, etc.)?
  12. Hi, I have a 2006 9N3 gti and was wondering if anyone knows the diameter of the small breather that goes on with an aftermarket air intake as mine came with a rubbish generic cone filter and badly damaged small breather, this needs replacing asap so if anyone knows the sizes or could even link me to a good air filter setup that would be mint! Thanks
  13. Hi, im new on the forum after recently picking up a 2008 1.9tdi polo sport pd100. im very happy with my car, it was a private sale and when I test drove it the abs light came on. The owner was shocked and I managed to talk him into writing me a warranty on abs just incase it wasn't the sensor. ive had the sensor replaced as the scan came up showing front passenger side fault code. The wheel bearing was also replaced at the time. The light went off for all of 6 hours. Usually the light comes on right away upon starting the car. However, if it comes on while I'm driving the speedo will dance around, then the abs will kick in, followed by the light coming on and then all returns to normal driving just with the abs fault line on. my mechanic isn't sure but he's leaning towards abs pump, even though it's warranted I don't want to replace it for no reason I'd rather get to the root of the problem. Has anyone had any experience like this? I was thinking maybe it's whatever method the sensor is using to read the speed is danges somehow although it's a new sensor? Thanks for your help.
  14. Hi all! First time poster here, I've recently picked up a 57 plate Polo and decided I wanted to change the head unit to a Pioneer DA-120. I bought the lead from Halfords to fit but the unit doesn't switch off, after a bit of research I believe it's due to can bus. I then ordered the CTSVW002.2 which is supposed to be plug and play but now the head unit doesn't power at all? Anyone had similar experience? Thanks!
  15. strelleymagpie

    RCD200 Stereo

    Just a quick question, can the RCD200 stereo play MP3 discs, or just audio cds? Have googled but found hardly anything about this model of stereo.
  16. I'm about to lower my 9n for the first time, I think i'm going to go with fk's because i've heard they're probably the best ones, what would be a sensible attractive height that wont completely break my back? They go up to 100mm on the front and 75mm on the back and i'm wondering if anyone out there can give me a good preference height that looks good and doesn't mess your ride up too bad. Thanks.
  17. GTi TURBz

    9n3 gti clutch

    Yoooo, So im changing over the gearbox soon and now looking for a new clutch, can anyone recommend good brands or companies to go to? cheers Matt
  18. Hi if anyone could help me would be appreciated im looking to do a stud conversion on my polo 9n3 gti would any one know the size of the stud i would need would it be either m12 or m14 by 1.5 or another size thanks
  19. Hi folks! Quite new here, and recently picked up quite a tidy GTI. She's going in for a stage remap on Thursday to push up the torque to something useful and the BHP up around 200. The thing is (and I had this with previous Polos) the brake pedal is quite soft compared to modern, more urgent servos. Has anyone done any minor brake enhancements that have given more of a response? It's ok to drive when you know the car but I'd still prefer a bit more of a bite than the VW gradual brakes I've experienced on all cars of this age and older.
  20. tomsPolo

    White 9n3 GTi

    Hello, I've been about on the forums for the last couple of years but never started my own post (really due to fact I've not had alot to document) but I thought I'd show my progress so far. I'll just post up all the decent photos I have over the last year of ownership. Started in the polo game in January of 2014 with a blue 9n. Little 1.2 3 pot did me well for a year; but come January 2015 it was time to upgrade Went for a drive that day and took some pictures White gets dirty pretty quickly So it was bath time (the first of many!) Small changes first: Chrome on white rear badge and a polo sticker for the window First show I managed to get to - Ultimate Dubs 2015 600 mile round trip, will try get to more shows this year Bought lower honeycomb grills and had some 'fun' fitting them. Ended up taking a hacksaw to the thing Next came Milltek catback exhaust Dewipered (also hacked this off) Looks much tidier but a glass bung is on the todo list now Summer time and she got some AP coilovers. All the way down was the only option Painted the front badge and grill and got on the outdoor stand at Scottish Car Show 2015 with The DubSide Deletes (SAI and n249) tidies up engine bay New brake time Old 288mm New 312mm discs just about fit under standard monzas Headed down to Edition38 in September(another 600 mile round trip), will definitely be going back this year! Bought milltek decat just after this but don't have any pictures. Sounds very rice New tyres - Uniroyal Rainsport 3s - couldn't fault them! Winter bath time Have recently bought OZ superturismos. 17x8 et40(I think) for £125 Badly need refurbed but will sort that out in next pay day. Still to decide on what tyres to run as 205/40/17 were rubbing pretty badly. Will post up more pictures once they're finished and back the car. Thanks for reading this far and would love to hear your thoughts and ideas for any future plans :)
  21. najmccallion

    Montreal's on 9n3 GTI

    Hi all I've got some Golf Montreal 1 alloys on my GTI, long story short I've lost a center cap and have decided to replace the large cap with a smaller one so I have exposed wheel nuts with separate covers. Im trying to find caps to go in the center of the wheel and can't find any in the right size (I believe around 67mm) Any ideas or help would be appreciated.
  22. PoloSingh

    My 9n3 build thread

    Purchased my first car in September 2016. It's a 1.2 polo 9n3 in a very basic spec. I was in two minds whether to make some changes but gave in finally. I I did some basic stuff such as LED number plate light upgrade, fitted an aux cable. I then purchased some very bad condition TT comps Theh were then refurbed an anthracite grey colour i then fitted a gti grill and removed the gti badge and plasti dipped the red stripe and front badge for the time being (will probably spray properly when I get time) also fitted some heko wind deflectors too plans for the future are Back window tints Lowering gti style rear exhaust So yeah here's my polo so far. Would welcome any suggestions and advice.
  23. Hi guys Last week I noticed a horrible smell when I sat in my 9n3 polo. I managed to track it to underneath the carpet on the front passenger footwell. I thought it was because of a water bottle I had in the car with a while so I gave the carpet a chance to dry well today I sat in my polo today only to find I got an upgrade in my car a freaking swimming POOL. I am having difficulty tracing the leak. I am able to feel that some of the insulation is wet in the front left corner and appears to be flowing down from here(circled red in photo). I thought it was perhaps the unused hood seal that I took out 3 weeks ago but the insulation behind it is bone dry. Does this type of polo have spots that are prone to leaking.
  24. Can somebody help me please! I am trying to find the 9n3 Gti cup side skirt part numbers, but I'm not having no joy! If someone know's the part numbers please let me know :) Thanks, Chaz
  25. Asif

    Polo 9n3

    Hi their guys I'm new to this just signed up just wanted to know if 18 inch alloys will fit my polo 9n3 2008 also will I be able to drop it after
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