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Found 100 results

  1. hi this is my first post on the forum so forgive me for any mistakes, I got my 9n3 1.2 in September and have had a problem where occasionally the engine cranks but does not start. RAC suggested it was a fuel pump relay problem (number 404) so I got this changed. Since then the problem has continued to happen every so often. The usual humming sound when opening the door and turning the ignition does not happen when it doesn't start. a second RAC visit told me that there is also a fuel pump primer relay (number 167) and this may be the problem. I cannot find where this is located does anyone know where it is? its starting to annoy me now as having a car that decides not to start sometimes is a pain. I know where 404 is located (below the steering wheel on the right) but there is no 167 there.
  2. Hi, I bought a 06 polo about a month ago and it only came with one key which was not a flip key and didn't have buttons open and close the car I have to manually open the car with the key. which was just a inconvenience of it looked around and found a way to just programme the key fob. so I went ahead and bought a unprogrammed and uncut flip key from rclick.co.UK in hope that I could use only the remote part of the key (here is a link to the key is bought : http://www.rclick.co.uk/product_info.php?cPath=56&products_id=1086 ). I have tried a lot of things to programme the remote to the car but nothing seems to work. any help i can get would be much appreciated . P.S I am sorry if this question has been already answered ....if it has been answered could u direct me to the thread
  3. I have a 2002 polo 9N and I have long thought that the 9N3 has nicer looking rear lights while the 9N has the prettier front lights. In my mind, the perfect polo has 9N front lights and 9N3 rear lights, the rear lights look to be the same shape, are they? Will they fit properly, is there anything different about the wiring etc? Would I have to notify my insurer of such a change? Thanks
  4. FarzKadz

    Poverty spec 1.2 budget build

    Hi all, Was looking for a first car to buy and knew i was after a vag, crawling across gumtree when i find a lovely polo up for a very good price considering it had 2 lady owners and 75k on the clock. The car was literally 5 mins away from my house so organised a viewing with the lady straight away, the reason the car was so cheap was because of bad body work, very bad! still bought the car because it had a solid engine and interior. Heres roughly what it looked like when i first got it (no pics of the dented side or boot) http:// First thing i had to do was clean up the badly scuffed and dented rear quater, this was it after the dent got pushed out http:// Managed to spray paint it which admittedly doesnt look great but MUCH better than what was there before. Got sick of looking at steelies on one side and trims on the other, so i had a quick browse online and found some oem polo wheels for 20! sure they were only 14" and badly curbed but for that price i really couldnt complain, anyway got my cousin to pick them up and bring it to my house and started attempting to refurb them myself, had a load of gloss black lying around so decided to make them black while i was at it, really happy with how this transformed the car even though the refurb itself wasnt the best. http:// http:// http:// http:// I do have plans for bigger alloys in the future, anyway, from here i took a step back and waited to get paid before spending more money on it, got bored and ended up spraying the front grills satin black, debadged the bootlid and sprayed some interior bits with the colour matched paint i had left over. Oh i also forget to mention before i got the alloys i went down to pickapart breakers and got a new bootlid for 20 to replace my dented one! http:// http:// http:// Thats the work thats been done from 23rd july to now... Future plans are: Dewiper HID and lighting upgrade all round Headunit, speaker and sub install Tints Stubby aerial Electric window conversion GTI grill Tinted lights or gti headlights
  5. Hi I am planning on buying this fog light set off ebay for my 9n3 polo. http://www.ebay.ie/itm/VW-POLO-9N3-MK5-2006-2009-SPOT-FOG-LIGHTS-LAMPS-PAIR-SET-O-S-N-S-WIRING-KIT-/401167887960?hash=item5d67782e58:g:jrMAAOSwdzVXqb~c My concern is with the wiring harness supplied and how will it be installed. I have seen some guides on the forum but they seem to have a different wiring harness than the one above. The other thing I am confused about is whether or not I need to buy a different switch for the fog lights. I currently have the switch in the 2nd photo that only has the one logo of fog light but I have seen some with 2 fog light logos for the front and back so which one do I need or are they both the same?
  6. Captain Butters

    9n3 honeycombe grills

    Hi, I bought a honeycombe grill set off eBay. The fog light grills fit but the bottom middle grill is too narrow. Has anyone else had the same issue? Also can you recommend a good fitting middle grill?
  7. Hi Guy's Has anyone ever fitted Eibach coilovers to there 9n3? they seem greatm handle really well! but the rears still seem very high!! I took the adjusters out and every speed bump I got over gives a big knock on the rear? anyone know what this could be? I have put them back in now and its gone. Also as soon as I fitted them the drivers side rear sat lower, could this be that the rear beam bushs are very worn? Thanks!!
  8. P0L0W

    9n3 mods???

    Anyone got any different mods? looking for a few bits to potch with ? Also so looking to change the speedo clocks. any idea if other models will fit, or what have anyone else got?
  9. Hi, Looking to change the wheels on my car and need a bit of help. The wheels I am wanting to get are Japan Racing JR3's but from what I have found they all 8" wide and I googled it and apparently they will work but stick out by 38mm. Can anyone who knows more about this than me help me out a bit please or maybe suggest some alternatives which are the same style? (I would like silver wheels and can't find silver ones in this style and price other than these) I also have plans to get coilovers and go lower but not really low (if this is going to affect anything). Thanks in advance to any helpers!
  10. Hey guys, Can anyone help me regarding which seats will fit straight into my 9n3 with no modifications? I have found some Seat Leon FR Mk2 seats which I really like but obviously don't want to buy if they won't fit! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Hello, I've bought a 9n3 2009 1.2 recently its fully stock and i want to get into moding it, to start off i want to lower the car since it looks like a rabbit right now. should i go ahead with lowered springs or buy a set of coilovers. i looked at the JOM's and the eibach springs dont really know what to go for and what would be better. Also if i do get the springs i dont want to go too low to still keep it practical. Any opinions or advice would help since im new to all of this, just passed my driving recently, thanks. cheers.
  12. Hi Guy's I have brought the full set of powerflex bushes for my 9n3 GTI apart from the rear beam bushes because I cant measure them accurately. There are two sizes available 69mm and 72.5mm does anyone know the size I should be ordering? Thanks,
  13. Alright Guys! I'm Looking to get my Polo remapped in the next month or so. Just wondering what are peoples recommendation for where to get it done. I'm in the South East but willing to travel a bit for the best results. Also do I/should I have any other mods done before? Just thinking Exhaust(cat back) and DV at the moment. Should I get an after market air filter or will the OEM one be fine?
  14. Chinndog89

    Newbie to the 9n3 crew

    Good evening/morning my fellow polo owners I'm Stu also known as Chinny but occasionally chinndog i live in Worcester west mids I own a black gti 9n3 i am 26 (Yes a little old to own a polo) but it years ago I had a fabia vrs basically the same chassis so I thought I would have a 1.8t this time as I wanted a toy i am a massive dub head anything vw I love! I'm up for meeting members out and about, I'm very chatty sometimes can be annoying but oh well so yeah that's my piece have fun kids peace out
  15. Hi guys and gals welcome to my progress thread of my little toy i got the car on the 16th of March 2016 (don't know why you needed to know that but hey ho) she is my little smiles per gallon she started out as this Which then my mate did a few photos of her so I got bored of the silver badges so I ordered myself some black and red badges along with some hid's aswell i have also done other bits to her which I haven't really taken pictures Also fitted my boost and volts gauge the other day (excuse how blurry the pic is) So this is how she stands at the moment I need to get other bits done but she makes me smile thanks for reading chinndog89 To be continued............
  16. Hi, Relatively new to Polos. Just spotted heater style appliance under my pd100? What is it? 0/S next to the sill. cheers, in advance.
  17. Hi guys, This is my first post since joining so please excuse any mistakes I'm looking to fit 16" Montreal II's to my 9N3 once they've had a refurb and was also thinking about lowering to make it sit better. Basically I want to lower it, but not for 'megalows'. The reason I don't want to go really low is that the roads around here are made more of speed humps than anything else! and that I still want it to be practical with passengers etc. I originally thought 35-40mm all round on just lowering springs, but the more and more I read coilovers seems to be everyone's preference? I know the standard shocks will only perform to a certain level with lowering springs, and coilovers makes sense in that regard but are they worth it for only a subtle amount... What's the lowest you can go on standard shocks? Also, if I do go with either route, I would still like it to remain somewhat comfortable, not jarring. Any advice would be appreciated, many thanks!
  18. i'll try to cut a long story short here.. Basically i've bought a 56 plate polo 1.2. 77000 miles, full service history and 2 keys. Got it really cheap because i knew the owner and from what vw told him the car was pretty much a goner. I knew that the main problem with the car was it was misfiring on cylinder 3. After reading up on forums i seen that the valve seats etc would have to get machined. Since then I've sourced someone to do it and got that pretty much covered, apart from that i have the brakes and exhaust to do. I think at the same time i'll service it and change the timing change. However the main problem is that I looked under the bonnet tonight to realise that vw has removed anything that they claimed to the last owner was "broken" So tonight i've opened the bonnet to see pipes and whatever else running to no where that i've got no idea about.. I've took photos of the engine bay so if anyone could guide me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. My only other option is if someone offered me a decent amount for the car id quite happily let them take it! here are the photos of the engine bay
  19. I have just bought a 2008 Polo 9N3 1.4 (BUD). The car has 31,000 miles on the clock but the timing belt has never been changed as far as I know. In the service book which came with the car, it states that the timing belt change interval is 80,000 miles. The Volkswagen dealer confirmed this too when I questioned them. Please can someone advise if Volkswagen's own specified interval is reliable? Thank you in advance
  20. Hi Everyone, Could you tell me what kind of alloys these are? I know they're nothing special and I need lows but I need to get a year's no claims before I can dream of it! Want to get the details to get some VW centre caps (if they even are VW)
  21. Long story shot I've bought a polo s 9n3 today and it is equipped with central locking yet I am unable to use the key fob supplied with it to unlock the car. The key is the one button key so I am wondering if this key is unable to unlock it or if maybe it's just something simple like a dead battery. Any help is deeply appreciated, thanks.
  22. MarkVW

    Bagged 9n3

    Heres my Bagged Polo 9n3 Such scene Many Points Wow
  23. teej96

    Teej's Summer Blue 9n3

    Hi guys, been here snooping around for a couple of months and I just thought I'd make a build thread of my 9n3. It will be slow progress at the moment as I'm still at college and only have a part time job, but it should pick up when I leave and start working full time in a couple of months. I got it back in early February as my first car and I love it. I can't wait until I start getting to work on it and get it how I want it. I'm going Saturday to see about getting the bad scratches done and the bumper strips and wing mirrors colour coded, then I think next will either be fog lights and full GTI grill or GTI headlights and LED tail lights.
  24. Hi everyone, I have just got a 2006 9n3 but I don't seem to have a boot light but I used to have a 6n and that did. I'm really confused as to why the newer model by nearly 10 years doesn't seem to have one. Perhaps I'm being silly and have overlooked a plug for a bulb or something, if anyone could tell/show in a picture me how their 9n3 boot is lit it would be great. Thanks clubpolo
  25. Very much of a newby with posting topics on here, been on here a while but always kept quite. I've just bought myself a polo 9n3 gti and unsure on what size wheels to go for? I understand there's a lot to take into consideration and its like asking how long is a piece of string! But what wheels & (sizes/offsets) have people had on there's that fit pretty well?! Wheels wise I'm after some BBS CH, not sure what sizes these are available in but seen a couple of 9n & 9n3's with them on?! Help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Cia.
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