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Found 100 results

  1. As the title suggests my 9n3 gti windows both stopped working a while back and i want to get them fixed before i sell the car. I've checked all the window fuses, bought a new drivers switch and even had the father-in-law (who's an electrician) to have a look but still cant get them working. Anyone have any ideas or possibly a wiring diagram for this? I'm really reluctant to take it into VW and pay the £68+VAT they want just to diagnose it. Cheers
  2. Hi what will i need to change and do to change my existing rcd 200 to an aftermarket stereo, will this adapter just plug and play or is there any wiring to do http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/151018180106?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT thats the adapter
  3. Hello all, Haven't bin on here a while just wondering if anyone has done a conversion in the above title.(9N3 gti) with changing the gearbox from 5speed to a 6speed gearbox. I am seriously thinking of doing this conversion if nothing major is needed. am i right to believe that the gearbox mount is slighty different? calling to the polo gti gurus. many thanks in advice. hope someone can help.
  4. Hi there, This is my first post on the forms. I am having a problem with my power steering on my polo 9n3 2008, 1.4 TDI. I got into my car tonight and the light was on my dash. I had no powering steering what so ever. I got a friend to plug in a diagnosis machine and the the machine said electrical fault (can't remember the actual wording of the fault code) Has anyone had this problem or having any input to help me solve the problem
  5. mithunpure

    My Polo 9N3 Black ! What do you think?

    Hello guys, Here's my first post and this is my car: Let me know what you guys think and any suggestions would be appreciated! :) Thanks
  6. Evening all! Finally scraped together enough pennies to treat myself... Here's my new pride and joy...2007 9n3 GTI Low mileage, well looked after example sitting nicely on a set of KW Variant 1's, what more could you ask for?! Grinned like a cheshire cat for the 150 mile drive home, even for a standard spec car, its still a pleasure to drive, massive amounts of smiles per gallon. Few bits that I want to change, just to add that personal(ish) touch, honeycomb lower grilles will be first on the list. Definitely not regretting the buy one bit, can't wait to get out in her more! All comments and suggestions welcome, I'm new to the VW and Polo scene.
  7. Hi, Simple question. Looking at getting some suspension off the 9N3 GTI this month to bolt onto my 03 9n. Can anyone confirm to me that the standard GTI set up (shocks and springs) would fit straight into my car? any potential problems? Many thanks :)
  8. Olly9N3

    Olly's 9N3 TDI

    Hi everyone! Upgraded my car on Saturday from a Corsa 1.0 (work of the devil!) to a 1.4TDI for my daily commute from Hull to York! Planning on some quick progress with this so watch this space! Going for purple on black, just waiting for some matt purple plasti dip to arrive to do various parts of the car with! The day I got her: Needed a good clean inside and out so I did that and the fitted a GTi grill Took her for a quick spin! Don't worry, yesterday I took the GTi off and replaced it with something a bit more suiting! GTi lowers are in the post too! Also debadged the rear and dewipered too! I can confirm that you do not need to disconnect the washer jet in the engine bay, no water comes out at all with what I did, 3 zip tyres a bit of tape! The rear looks a ton better now! That's about it for now! Stuff on their way/will soon be ordered are: FK Highsport Coilovers - 2 weeks delivery time Team Heko wind deflectors New n/s fog light New map reading light Few purple goodies Plasti Dip Pressed plates Not sure what wheels to go for though! Any help would be appreciated! Quite like porsche twists but I'd prefer something with the 5x100 PCD so I don't need adapters. Will update when there's something worth updating about!
  9. Hitchesbehating

    9N3 GTI parts on a 9N?

    Hi, Just wanted to know if anyone knows which parts from the 9N3 Polo GTI fit on the Polo 9N. I gather that the suspension fits on a 9N, I was wondering what other parts I could put on a 9N from the GTI. Thanks :)
  10. Olly9N3

    Polo 9N3 1.4TDI Cambelt Change

    Hi, I'll be buying a 2009 9N3 Polo with 53k on the clock this weekend, If I don't see a cambelt change on the service history, when should this be done? I managed to get quite a bit of money off and it's a beaut so it's worth it. How much would I be looking at for a new cambelt and water pump? Thanks.
  11. Hi all. Sorry if this topic has been visited already - I can't find anything useful using the search, by all means point me in the right direction. I have a 2006 Polo 1.9 TDi Sport 130. Backbox is just starting to blow very slightly on full chat so looking at replacing it with what I had originally planned to test out anyway.. This may possibly be a silly question I realise, but has anyone fitted a standard Polo 9N3 GTi exhaust to a 1.9 TDi? Besides the GTi rear valance, is the fitment even possible? Cat-back part only of course. Maybe cutting and welding part of the pipe to fix a change in diameter worst case? Being just the back box I'm not after any performance gains, purely aesthetics as I think the GTi looks a lot neater from the rear. Thanks for any advice, Craig
  12. gtipanda

    Matte Black + White 9n3 polo GTI.

    Hey there, I'm new and this is my first ever post! I recently bought a 1.8T 9n3 polo GTI. Silver: First thing i did was get a Revo stage 1 remap and a new set of tyres. Straight to fitting my Alpine head unit, Vibe speakers and Sub + Amp in the boot. Carbon Wrapped Dashboard. Then did a few visual mods: Sprayed the alloys matte black. Carbon Fibre Wrapped Wing mirrors, window pane + badges. Matte Black bonnet + roof + grill. Honey Comb grill. Improved Window tint Carbon Spoiler New Eibach pro-kit performance springs image sharing Then decided to get a full Matte White Wrap: picture upload sites And thats about it for now! Thanks :) Chris.
  13. dgreeed

    pd100 polo 9n3 (DGR)

    hey, I have been on ClubPolo for a while now and and been driving polos since I first passed my test. after doing a few mods on my first car I decided to move on to something with a bit more power. As I plan to make some big changes to to my car I thought I would start a build thread for it to keep track of my progress. This is the car when I bought it. its a pd100 1.9tdi, drove to newcastle from my hometown of leicester to get this. Needed a few bits of work but the price was worth it.
  14. Hi, So I bought this little polo around a year ago (I know, it's taken a while) for £4500 with just 20k miles on it. Great little 1.4 which had been barely used by an elderly couple (At least I know it hasn't been ragged out) Few dinks here and there and some severely curbed wheels... I saw the dinks after I had bought the car... I know I should have checked properly but I had been waiting for a black 3dr manual polo SE 1.4 to come up in my area and I couldn't say no when I saw how low the miles were! Anyway nothing a good detail couldn't sort out! So here's what I'd like to do to it: Minor: Glossy Black B Pillars Left Wing Mirror (Indicator has been smashed off by a passing car -_-) Pressed Plates Wheel Tracking Debadge Tax Disc Holder Tailored Car Mats (The old ones were from the garage with their company name on it looks awful!) Stubby Aerial Black Badges (Front & Back) LED Number Plate Lights Ozram Nightbreakers GTI Honeycomb Grills GTI Headlights Bushes (It makes an awful squeaky noise when I go over bumps) Major Window Tints (4% Rear and 70% Fronts) Bluemotion Rear Valance Bluemotion Front Splitter GTI Side Skirts H&R Coilovers Lenso BSX 17" Black/White Centers Full Detail Recently went to Ultimate Dubs and was really inspired by all the dubs so I wanted to get cracking on my car as soon as payday came :) Should be getting this list done over the summer so watch this space :) PS Ignore how dirty the car is please... I have to drive down a track to work :(
  15. hello fellow VW owners, I am looking for some advice on how to remove the headlight unit from my 9n3 as i'm looking to install the FK daylight headlight unit soon. (Haven't purchased it yet). As I have never done this before I don't want to make a mess of things and am in need of some good advice . thanks! Mtmax
  16. Hello fellow VW owners, I have recently purchased a lower grill set for my polo 9n3 but I'm having difficulties with installation. i can't seem to get the original fittings out. My polo came with fog lights and I don't want to damage them whilst I remove the original grills. Can anyone help me with this matter please. thanks, MTMax
  17. Hi, apologies if I post this in the wrong area as I am still fairly new here! I have a 1.2 57 Plate VW Polo which has done just over 25,000 miles. Its fuel consumption has been annoying me for some time and I only now have the time to deal with it. Full tank on it won't give me any more than 230ish miles which for a 1.2 seems pretty low? I've seen forums with people complaining that they only get 300+ miles out of it. Tank is 42 litres and costs around £50 to fill it up in Glasgow. I've tried driving like a granny and it has absolutely no effect whatsoever, gives the same miles as me having foot to the floor 24/7. Car doesnt even carry about excess weight, took the spare wheel out aswell (whether it could have made a difference I don't know). I agree that in city driving/start-stop mpg would be low but this low? Anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this? I read somewhere that with 1.2's the lamda sensor seemed to be a common problem? Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  18. paulio252

    9N3 Rear Badge Size

    Hi! First post so go easy on me! I debadged the rear VW badge in the hope to fit a gloss black one, however, the one i bought was a lot smaller! Can anyone measure their rear badge and advise me as to which badges will fit ie Golf mk5, Touran etc Thanks!
  19. Hi There, and first I'd like to thank your forum (and others) for helping myself and my dad fit both parking sensors and cruise control to my polo and diagnose all manner of faults/tweaks on it. The fault on my polo is intermittent, and almost always follows a day of heavy rain, basically the steering light illuminates (wile driving or manuvering) and the power steering becomes heavy. Once this is triggered the next time the car starts the power steering may not start at all, and by switching it on and off a few times it'll eventually engage (with or without light and heavy steering). Our local VW garage identified it (with my persistence it was water ingress) that the connections of the pump and loom have water ingress and have had corrosion. Price to replace both the pump and the loom at about £1140 fitted! £1140 is a fair bit more than I'd like to spend, and I believe between my dad and I we have the skills to fix this ourselves, or at the least buy the parts for a local garage to fit for a lot less! The technical bits: I have a VCDS system and the fault is diagnosed (and agreed by the VW garage) as a short to ground, although currently its reset I believe it was on the reference voltage, when it reappears I'll post the exact fault. The controller is identified as: 6R0423156A Questions: 1.If I was to buy a replacement, can it be of a slightly different part number ie.6Q0423156? If so is this a direct drop in replacement or does it need some complex calibration? Suggested replacement parts: New: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRW-POWER-STEERING-PUMP-6R0423156-6Q0423156-VW-POLO-LUPO-IBIZA-SKODA-FABIA-NEW-/200973776369?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2ecaf875f1 Different Part no:http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-POLO-1-2-ELECTRIC-POWER-STEERING-PUMP-6Q0423156M-6Q1423051AD-6Q2423051R-/251360198249?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3a863c3e69 2. The garage was adamant that both the loom and the pump needed replacing, I can't personally see why the loom should fail (its just wires isnt it?) and might just need some tape to check its all sealed against water, to be honest the pump itself might still be ok and just need better water protection, what do you think? 3. Are there any service manuals/forum guides on the best way to access and replace the pump? Sorry for the long post and I hope its all in the right place, thanks in advance for the help.
  20. Hi Guys I'm thinking about purchasing a set of Mk4 Amber Tail Lights to replace the stock tail lights on my Mk7 Polo and i was wondering what wiring changes would be needed to be made and if the bulb holder would need to be replaced as well, thank you.
  21. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221327627161?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Manual Wing Mirror with Indicator Drivers Side (Right) The plastic that goes on the inside of the car is included but has been strained and has a crack, it isn't necessary (simply use the cover already in the car). Shown in pictures
  22. LordMandelson

    2006 9n3 Radio Help

    Hi there, I'm just looking for a bit of help with a 9n3 I have recently acquired. I am a big fan of the 'original' look and ideally want to leave the original head unit in (RCD 200 6Q0035152E) and the stock speakers aren't to shabby! But I want to fit the active sub I have sitting about and also look for anyway a 3.5mm aux can be fitted to the unit. I am not a whizz when it comes to the electronics on cars, but am keen and willing to learn! If anyone can help me with this, provide pictures on what to expect when I pull out the head unit, has any wiring diagrams, or any experience of fitting similar components to a standard head unit - your help would be greatly appreciated! Dan.
  23. campbell2332

    what to look out for

    well i want a polo again and i really like the look of the 9n3's now only two spec types have caught my the 1.6 petrol sport or the 1.9 tdi sport i just wanted some advice on what to look out for which would be considered walk away bit of info on the cars the diesel has 96000 miles the petrol has 80000 diesel has had 2 owners same on the petrol side i believe they both have full service history so guys any advice? tom
  24. Hi all, I've just bought a 9n3 2007 1.2 S, which appeared to drive great on the test drive, but tonight after buying it seems very lumpy on idle. It's fine when cruising normally, however I've noticed the following; It hesitates when accelerating, before deciding to accelerate a few seconds later Doesn't move off well from stand still in 1st The worst issue is at stand still, with either my foot on the brake or handbrake on, the car is juddering quite a lot - almost like a misfire. I know the 3 cylinder engines aren't the quietest, but I can't believe this is the normal behavior for a relatively new engine with low miles. It shakes through the cabin, and the pedals. Way too much to tolerate if sitting in traffic. Not sure if this is telling me anything, but when turning the key to the first ignition switch point, all the dash warning lights go out except Battery, Engine management, EPC & Brake. Not sure if the EPC and engine management should stay on at this point? The idle sits at around 800rpm, no hunting etc... I need to act quite quickly to get this resolved as it's a new purchase, any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  25. I'm putting some bits on my 9n, like gti sides votex front valance and some other bits and pieces. I would like to put a 9n3 GTi spoiler on. BUT! I'm not sure how they sit as the lights on the 9n are on the top of the tailgate, and on the 9n3 are on the spoiler I would like some knowledge if anyone has ever done this for a build thread or something similiar as it would be a huge help! or do I have to put the full tailgate on?
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