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Found 39 results

  1. Shebz

    VW Polo r-line 2014 help!!!

    I own a vw polo r line 2014 petrol 1.2, i want to install hid lights but don't know if the lights are different to normal polo's. Also, where could i get a replacement splitter.
  2. hey polo peeps!! I've fitted 6n2 GTI hubs onto my 6n2 1.4 8v and now the wheels are toed in massively ! the hole for the track rod end to go into is 10mm closer to the steering rack than the 1.4 hubs and I've now been 2 weeks without my only car trying to figure it out. so far the only solution myself and the mechanic at the garage doing it while I'm at work have is to put threads further up the track rod and chop the ends off to make it fit but surely there's something were missing ? some part that needs changing???? I'm at a loss and I want my car back from what shouldve been a 20 minute job ? anybhelo appreciated- we've checked ball joints, track rod ends, checking wishbones soon but everything seems to be the same !!!
  3. After some advice really the bottom end has gone on my g40 so I’m just curious of what options I have as to which replacements I can put on.i could quite easily Just replace the 2 knakard pistons but it’s going to be a major task to find them.so I’m looking at just putting a different bottom end on just instead.so if anyone can help please let me know thanks.
  4. My car has some rust under the black plastic that is glued to the car, does anyone know how to get the plastic bits off and back on so I can remove and fix the rust? Any tips on getting rid of the rust would be great too - it's only surface rust thank you.
  5. Hi everyone, Little background story.. when I was 17 I hastily bought a terribly painted purple breadvan, drove it 4 hours solid home and brought it to Lancashire. I sold it a long time ago and recently on my 21st birthday found out it was for sale so bought it back! (Slight downgrade from the abarth but the sentiment this car his is unbelievable). Now to cut it short, the car was a stead and never once let me down. I towed the car back to the garage, it’s been off the road almost 3 years, and was apparently in “dry storage” however, there was litres of liquid under the back seats, rust and damp everywhere and a lovely infestation of maggots in the firewall. Regardless, I put an old knackered mk1 fez battery up, hooked it up to a jumper and first go started up, although it was running on 3 cylinders. I then put a new dizzy cap on (correct and correct firing order), new plugs , battery and changed cylinder 4 HT lead as it wasn’t sparking hence the 3 cylinders. The problem is the car now won’t start and the plugs are getting seriously wet, it just comes gushing through, after drying the plugs many times and trying to run it solely on ether still no joy! (I forgot to mention, 4 gallons of old fuel it started up on. Have since drained and refueled as well as cranked the crap out). I was just wondering if this is a common problem or anyone has had the same? Any help massively appreciated! The car has covered 171k. Thanks!
  6. Hello have 1993 coupe Cl 1.3 Cat spi running rough, nightmare to start from cold just cuts out, have changed plugs, leads rotor arm, cap fuel filter, cleaned out fuel pump, did put new distributor on but back to standard one back on, runs okish when hot apart from revs go up and down from 500 to 1200, and has bit of flat spot when revving, any ideas what it could be driving me mad, could it be the timing and what’s correct procedure to set it have heard different ways due to it been spi and not multi point injection thanks
  7. Hi guys, Can anyone help with a troublesome EML fault reader says Cylinder 2 misfire *intermittent* and multiple cylinder misfire *intermittent* I have changed the following: Spark plugs, HT leads and coil pack Fuel filter air filters (while I was in there might as well) Checked: run cleaner through system, and buzzed all ignition bits. compression test with the results being 125psi for cylinders no#1,2,4 and 175psi for no#3. checked camshaft for wear, which looked and felt smooth and tidy. the main issue is refusal to start when cold, I have to press accelerator to get her going, and at idle the engine management light flashes and goes solid if I do not start moving (sporting the above faults). I've hit a wall so far, any insight would be appreciated :)
  8. My polo has been making this grinding noise at idle and at a slightly higher revs
  9. So I replaced my exhaust valve ground it back in properly then built everything back up to correct torque, timed up to correct marks the spun the engine by hand 2 revolutions then did another 2 just to make sure nothing catched, there was a lot of compression at one point where it felt like the valves had touched but they weren't, so I went to start the car, it was turning over fine and was firing as it back fired through the intake manifold but wouldn't start, I'm just after help as to what could stop it from starting? I've been told If they're hydraulic tappets that they need to be charged as the head was tilted on its side for two days and lost the oil thanks in advance
  10. Hi guys. First ever post..and I mean first ever. Never posted on any other page asking for help so this is new to me. I've looked all over google, YouTube, this page and other forums and my gf's polo has at this point...beat me! Fitted all the wires for a amp running a sub, leaving the stock speakers alone. I know the amp works, as does the sub and stereo. Here's the problem. The stereo has its own little diagram showing both the (pins?) connectors and which connectors hold which wires. One holds the front and back speakers, the other is the battery, ground, remote etc. The wires on the diagram don't match the stock wiring in her polo. 1 to 8, 8 and 7 are thick brown and thicker red so I know they are ground and battery. This matches the stereo diamgram. Past that though (1 to 6) I'm unsure and I've heard all sorts of stories of people blowing electrics and causing big problems I can't afford to fix. Can ANYONE point me in the direction of a colour diagram of the wire set up or/and a listing of which standard wires refer to which operation. I think one will be constant power? Maybe the brown and red? (Stereo turns on without the ignition no problem, always has done and it's a after market stereo that's worked fine in there for ages). There's 2 more wires than on the diagram and not all the wires are in the same place as they are on the diagram. NOW, she's not bothered if the stereo light dims with the dash control so I'm not too worried about the lumi wire, all we need to know is how to get the damn amp on when the stereo is turned on. Remote wire is already to be attached, I just need to know which are safe to TRY and which are a no no and obviously a diagram or someone KNOWING would be so much safer for her baby. Sorry for the long post. Just wanted to give as much info as I could and I didn't want to waste people's time. I can supply pictures, the set up, everything. Just need someone's time. Thanks you bunch of chatty legends
  11. Afternoon all I have just recently purchased a 2007 9n3 GTI after owning a 6n2, the previous owner told me that he had the car remapped but cant remember the name of the garage or what map was put on it, all he said was the only option he had at the time was optimise it for standard fuel or high octane and he choose high octane, the guy suggested that it would bump up the circa to 200bhp after the remap. The issue I am currently having is the vehicle is currently fully standard apart from the remap that I am aware of, however when i drop the car into 4th gear and accelerate it feels as if it also takes a minute to realise i have put the foot down and seem likes it misfires before picking up speed, I have felt it once or twice in 3rd but it is almost everytime in 4th I feel it. Could this be related to the car being remapped or could it be something as simple as plugs? Also wondering what mods most people start off with, I have been told to do miltek exhuast, SFS oversize turbo intake pipe, forge throttle body hose, airtec fmic, forge 007 diverter valve, secondary air intake delete and to delete N valves. Is this the usual mods and if so what order do most people do them in and what are the benefits of these mods? Also any links to buy these mods + guides on doing them? Thanks
  12. Having a really hard time trying to find wheels that will go with my Mk2f, was just wondering if you could show me what wheels you have or recommend some?
  13. kieran collanz

    Best cam for gt mk2f

    Hey Im looking for a cam for my gt what sort of lift can I go to and can I use standard pulley... Also where to purchase one ?. I've already got a polo ace 8k chip fitted and a 421 any other mods any one can think of would be appreciated. Peace
  14. Hey guys, I have a volkswagen polo 9n here and my question is, I was about to buy new alloys when I realised they were 9j on the rear and 8j on the front, now ive done some research and a lot of people say its fully possible once the arches are rolled, some people are saying its not possible whatsoever and some people are saying its easily possible without the arches rolled and i'm a little lost, has anyone got any advice or does anyone have a similar situation that can help me out?
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